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Need To Know.
Macron Woos Trump.
French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Washington DC yesterday ahead of meetings with President Trump to discuss preserving the multi-lateral Iran nuclear deal. The Obama-era deal, which is an agreement between Iran and six others (US, China, France, Russia, UK, and Germany), requires Iran to greatly reduce or eliminate its various stockpiles of uranium - material key to the development of both nuclear weapons and nuclear power (see 101). Trump had previously set a 120 window for European allies to revise the deal that placed constraints on Iran's ballistic missile development or the US would pull out. While some progress has been made, it does not appear a deal will be struck in time for a May 12th deadline. German chancellor Angela Merkel arrives on Friday with a similar agenda

The visit will include the first official state dinner of the Trump administration - see historic photos of past state dinners here

DNA Discovery.
Scientists reported the discovery of a new DNA structure inside human cells yesterday. The new shape, which resembles a sort of twisted knot with a hook, had been observed in artificial experiments outside human cells, and scientists were unsure whether it actually existed inside the human body. There are trillions of DNA strands in the human body, and each DNA strand, which encodes nearly all the information about our bodies and how they work, has billions of so-called base pairs (what is DNA?). The vast majority assume the iconic double helix - the discovery suggests certain small bits of DNA strands may have other shapes. Scientists are unsure what the purpose of the new structure is, but believe it may play an important role in how DNA replicates. 

Van Plows Down Toronto Sidewalk, Kills Nine.
A man drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto yesterday, killing at least 10 and injuring 15. The driver - identified as 25-year-old Alex Minassian of Richmond Hill, a Toronto suburb - sped away from the scene before being arrested several blocks away. Police have yet to determine whether the incident was a deliberate attack, though witnesses said the van appeared to be travelling 60-70 mph down the sidewalk for more than a mile, and seemed to be intentionally trying to hit pedestrians. Officials said there was no evidence suggesting a larger connection to a national security threat. 

The suspect was heard asking police to shoot him during a standoff (see video here). 

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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Bill Cosby sexual assault retrial closing arguments set for today as Cosby declines to take the stand in defense (More)
Sony Pictures announces major TV and film production deal with NBA star Steph Curry; will focus on faith and family-friendly content (More)
Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, introduce new baby boy to world; name expected to be announced in coming days (More)

Science & Technology.

> Evolutionary adaptation 20,000 years ago increased mammary duct size and tooth structure in humans to provide more vitamin D and fat to infants during breastfeeding (More)
Research group sets new efficiency record for organic solar cells at 15%, makes cheap and flexible solar cells close to cost-competitive with current solar technology (More)
Sources say Amazon is working on in-home robots that can navigate room to room like driverless cars (More)

Business & Markets.

Ad sales soar 24% to $26.6B, but so do costs leading to decreased operating margins for Q1 Alphabet (Google) earnings (More)
Sears CEO offers proposal to buy the struggling retailers' Kenmore brand, real estate & others assets (More)
Southwest cancels 3% of flights as engine checks continue following last week's tragedy (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Nashville shooting suspect, who killed 4 at a TN Waffle House, in custody after 24-hour manhunt (More)
Airstrike in Yemen led by Saudi-led coalition kills 20 in a wedding party (More)
Flint mom-turned-activist wins Goldman Environmental Prize for role in uncovering city's 2014-2015 water crisis (More
In Depth.

Fake It Till You Make It. 

The Guardian | Symeon Brown. What happens when you combine the self-obsession of Instagram influencers with predatory financial practices? You get people like Elijah Oyefeso, who masquerade as successful traders while making money from recruiting young people from poor communities to join their pyramid schemes

The Man Who Brought Down Lance Armstrong. 

The Atlantic | Matt Hart. Floyd Landis was the first Tour de France champion to be stripped of a title because of a failed drug test. During bouts of alcoholism and drug abuse in the following years, Landis managed to pen an email to the CEO of USA Cycling that would for change his life and the lives of his former teammates
Two Instagram bots with fake accounts and millions of followers are in a nasty feud, both accusing the other of not being real

...And the final note on Instagram, animal influencers are now launching lucrative careers.

Amid strikes, 78% of Americans support teacher raises.

Trump's re-election numbers are pretty similar to Obama and Clinton's at the same point in their terms

The best places to retire in America (and Canada).

Check out the richest person from each state

An incredible video from NASA of the Lagoon Nebula - 4,000 light years away. 

This Colorado man survived bear attack and shark attack in the same year.

Young giraffe escapes from Indiana zoo

Clickbait: Man sentenced to 50 years for stealing $1.2M worth of fajitas

Historybook: HBD US Library of Congress (1800); Easter Rising begins (1916); Hubble Space Telescope is launched (1990); HBD Barbra Streisand (1942); RIP Estee Lauder (2004).

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