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Royal Baby #3.
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, entered the hospital in the beginning stages of labor early this morning. It will be the third for the Duchess and her husband, Prince William, following George (born in 2013) and Charlotte (2015). Traditionally, the gender of royal babies is not revealed until after birth, with the announcement presented on a gilded easel outside Buckingham Palace. The new royal baby will be fifth in the line of succession to the British throne after Prince Charles, Prince William, George, and Charlotte - even if the new baby is a boy he will not jump Charlotte, due to a 2013 law that stopped younger brothers from jumping older sisters in line to the throne. Prince Harry will be bumped to sixth in the line of succession. 

Oddsmakers have Alice and Arthur as the favorites names for the new baby. 

Romney Hits Speed Bump.
Mitt Romney's senate campaign took a step backward over the weekend after he failed to secure his party's nomination at the Utah state Republican convention. Romney was actually edged out - after two rounds of balloting that whittled an initial field of twelve down to two - by three-term state representative Mike Kennedy, 51% to 49%. The two will now face off in a June 26 primary to replace outgoing senator Orrin Hatch, who caps a nearly 42-year Senate career this term. It's worth noting that the Romney campaign had already secured enough signatures to get him on the primary ballot regardless of the convention, but if he had gotten 60% of the vote, he would have gone straight to the general election in November. The Romney camp actually blamed the setback on the signatures, claiming backlash against signature gathering helped Romney's opponents (delegates don't like it because it undermines the power of the convention). 

Kabul Blast Kills 57.
A suicide bomb killed at least 57 and injured nearly 120 people in an attack in Afghanistan's capital and largest city. The blast, whose victims included 21 women and 5 children, went off outside a voter registration center where people were waiting to register for October's nationwide elections. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack within hours of the blast - the attack hit an area of western Kabul populated by the country's Shia Muslim minority, a frequent target of the militant Sunni terrorist group. The violence worsens dysfunction around the elections, which were originally planned for 2016 before being postponed twice. The country already suffers from significant voter fraud - with 23 million people listed on voter rolls, despite there being less than 15 million citizens of voting age. 

See a good background read on the Islamic State in Afghanistan here
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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

World-famous Swedish DJ Avicii dies at 28 (More) | Verne Troyer, known for portraying Mini-Me in Austin Powers movies, dies at 49 (More)
Oakland A's pitcher Sean Manaea throws first no-hitter against Red Sox in 25 years (More)
Smallville actress Allison Mack arrested in sex trafficking case (More)

Science & Technology.

New animal study connects brain's smell center with fear response and breathing patterns, gives insight into why meditation can help control moods and emotions (More)
> Workers cleaning Cold War-era uranium plant in Ohio to deploy autonomous radiation-measuring robot (More)
Study shows that older adults taking synthetic antioxidant see reversal of blood vessel aging by equivalent of 15-20 years (More)

Business & Markets.

Justice Department opens antitrust investigation into potential coordination between Verizon, AT&T, and others to prevent consumers from switching service providers (More)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) orders emergency inspection of Boeing 737 jet engines following Southwest tragedy (More)
Companies hiring record amount of teens amidst historic labor shortage (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Democratic National Committee sues Russia, Trump campaign, and Wikileaks over conspiracy to interfere with 2016 election (More)
Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote on Secretary of State nominee and current CIA director Mike Pompeo, larger full floor vote looms this week (More)
4 dead in shooting at Tennessee Waffle House, suspect at large after customer wrestles assault rifle away from shooter (More)
The next chapter in the Harry Potter saga hits Broadway.

Earth Day was yesterday, but people seem to be losing interest

See which states pay their politicians the most and least

After one year staring down Charging Bull, Fearless Girl moves to the NYSE

Nabi Tajima, The world's oldest person, passes away at 117 years old

The Army is using 3D printing to build octopus-like soft robots.

With scarce talent, AI researchers are making more than $1M, even at non-profits. (paywall)

...Or you can make $70k out of college with a degree in marijuana studies.

Beautiful photos of the most colorful places on Earth.

Clickbait: 12-year-old steals credit card and goes to Bali after fighting with parents

Historybook: William Shakespeare born, dies (1564, 1616); HBD Shirley Temple (1928); Rhythm Club fire in Mississippi kills 209 (1940); RIP Cesar Chavez (1993); First YouTube video published (2005).

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