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Judge Rules DACA Must Continue.
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program - also known as DACA - must stay in place and the US must continue accepting new applications for the time being, a federal judge ruled yesterday evening. The judge, a George W. Bush nominee in the Federal District Court for Washington DC, determined that the Justice Department's rationale for ending the program due to it being unlawful was "virtually unexplained" (read decision here). However, the decision was stayed for 90 days to allow the administration to further explain its reasoning. The program, established by the Obama administration in 2012, deferred deportation of certain undocumented immigrants known as "dreamers" - mainly children and young adults who were under 16 years old when they entered and had been in the US continuously since 2007, without committing a crime. Under the program, roughly 800,000 people have been awarded work permits. It was the third decision by a federal judge in recent months ordering the program to stay in place, but the first requiring the government to continue accepting applications. 

In related news, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the administration's ban on travel from several Muslim-majority countries today. 

NFL Cheerleaders Offer to Settle Case for $1.
A lawyer representing two NFL cheerleaders who filed claims against the league for gender discrimination offered a surprising proposal yesterday - dropping all claims in exchange for $1 and a four-hour "good faith" meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The plaintiffs, former New Orleans Saints cheerleader Bailey Davis and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware, had both filed discrimination claims - Davis says she was fired for posting a photo of herself in a bathing suit on a private social media account, while Ware says she was treated unfairly for her religious beliefs and in particular her decision to remain a virgin. The NFL has long been criticized for inconsistent and overly restrictive rules on the social activities of cheerleaders while at the same time (paywall) using their physical appearance to drive publicity. As part of the proposed settlement, the league would also have to create a consistent set of rules governing the cheer squads of all teams. 

Facebook Unveils New Privacy Rules.
For the first time, Facebook revealed guidelines detailing specifically what type of content will be banned from the social media platform. The roughly 25-page document - which you can read here - provides clarity on what constitutes hate speech, criminal activity, and more. The move comes on the heels of heavy criticism over the company's leak of massive troves of user data to third party app developers, though the plan to go public with the guidelines had been in the works since September. The platform faces a tough problem with only about 7,500 content moderators for nearly 2 billion users. The platform typically relies on users to report disturbing content which is then reviewed by moderators (artificial intelligence isn't up to the task quite yet). 

Content moderation for social media has been described as the worst job in technology, with workers staring at dregs of human depravity all day.  

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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Rapper Meek Mill is out of prison on bail following public outcry and ordered release by Pennsylvania Supreme Court (More)  
Bob Dorough, beloved children's composer of Schoolhouse Rock! music, dies at 94 (More)
Commission on College Basketball, led by Condoleezza Rice, to announce this morning its recommendations for possible changes to the sport following 2017 FBI corruption investigation (More)

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Science & Technology.

Scientists develop chemical treatment for neuropathy - a condition where hypersensitive skin leads to chronic pain - that causes responsible nerve cells to retract from skin, leading to pain relief (More)
Amazon partners with GM, Volvo piloting program to deter package theft, couriers would leave packages in the trunk of your car (More)
Cheap 3D printing technology makes flat plastic objects that fold into predetermined shapes when heated (More)

Business & Markets.

US markets (S&P, Dow, Nasdaq) fall 1.3-1.7% as 10-year Treasury yield reaches 3% for first time since 2014 (More)
Caterpillar sales rose 31% beating expectations, but stock drops 6% after CFO states Q1 profits "will be the high watermark for the year" (More)
Consumer confidence rebounds, new home sales increase - signaling strength in US economy (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Senate Veteran Affairs Committee postpones confirmation hearing as Trump opens door to withdrawing nomination of Ronny Jackson after allegations of leading hostile work environment as White House physician (More)
2020 Census will allow respondents to identify as same-sex couples for first time (More)
16 killed by semi-nomadic horsemen outside church in Nigeria as conflict between herders and farmers over land rights escalates (More)
This photographer spent a decade tracking down the exact location of reggae vinyl record covers.

From Tide pods to Kylo Ren, see the best memes of 2018 (so far). 

Google search data on food gives insights into cultural trends.

In medical first, US veteran who survived blast in Afghanistan receives genitalia transplant

Two kids are sailing a toy boat around the world while tracking its journey online

This troop of homeless Girl Scouts crushed their cookie sales goal

David Copperfield forced to reveal secret of famous illusion during lawsuit.

After winning eight Emmys in 2017, Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale is back for season two

Watch Toronto hockey fans belt the national anthem in solidarity after deadly van attack.

Clickbait: UK schools remove analog clocks as students struggle to read time

Historybook: Workers break ground on Suez Canal (1859); HBD Ella Fitzgerald (1917); US declares war on Spain to begin Spanish-American War (1898); HBD Al Pacino (1940).

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