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Need To Know.
Chinese Tariffs to Begin Today.
Nearly $34 billion in US tariffs on Chinese imports take effect today, following months of planning and threats made between the two countries. The administration says the tariffs punish China for IP theft and underhanded dealings with US technology companies - China denies wrongdoing and says it will immediately respond with retaliatory tariffs. The US tariffs slap an effective 25% tax on a wide-range of Chinese imports, mostly focused on technology products. Chinese counter-tariffs would reportedly focus on the US agricultural and auto sectors. Critics say many of the tariffs hit goods that American manufacturers use to make final parts (like steel and aluminum), or indirectly harm supply chains (like auto part suppliers) by making the final products less competitive. Analysts expect fears of an escalating trade war to cause upheaval in international markets.

The US exported $170B in goods and services to China in 2016, importing $479B.

Pruitt Resigns.
Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt announced his resignation effective today, a move confirmed by President Trump via Twitter. The departure comes amid ongoing criticism surrounding lavish spending, ethics violations, and an allegedly toxic atmosphere within the Agency's senior ranks. In one case in particular, a senior aide was reportedly fired after she questioned a directive to retroactively delete events from Pruitt's calendar - a potentially illegal act. Prior to joining the administration Pruitt was the Oklahoma attorney general, where he spent time suing the EPA (paywall) over what he viewed as unduly burdensome regulations. Pruitt will be temporarily replaced by EPA Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler while the administration identifies a candidate to lead the Agency.

Thai Diver Dies During Rescue.
In a story that continues to grip onlookers worldwide, a Thai diver died after running out of oxygen while bringing supplies to a youth soccer team trapped in a flooded cave system in Northern Thailand. The death of the former Thai Navy diver underscores the danger of trying to extract the group from the caves, where some flooded passageways are too narrow for scuba gear (diagram here). The diver had in fact been supplying oxygen to the group themselves - oxygen levels in the area where the group is trapped have dropped from a normal 21% to about 15%. The group has been trapped underground for nearly two weeks after flash floods submerged the entrance to the extensive cave system. 

In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

World Cup quarterfinals begin today with France v Uruguay and Belgium v Brazil; see preview and predictions (More)
Ed Schultz, longtime broadcaster and former MSNBC host, dies at 64 (More)
Singer Chris Brown arrested in Florida following a concert on felony battery warrant stemming from April 2017 incident (More)

Science & Technology.

Protein discovered in Sea of Galilee turns out to be new kind of light-absorbing molecule that helps algae and bacteria convert sunlight into chemical energy (More)
New embryo extraction method may allow scientists to use in vitro fertilization to save the northern white rhino, the world's most endangered species (More)
Scientists demonstrate secure, stable transfer of quantum information using diamonds with precisely implanted defects (More)

Business & Markets.

US workers leaving their employers at fastest rate since the internet bubble in 2000, receiving bigger paychecks (More, paywall)
Global & US mergers and acquisitions volume hits all-time high for first half of the year (More) | China outpaces US for total venture capital investment in Q2 (More)
Boeing acquires controlling stake in commercial arm of Brazilian planemaker Embraer in $4.75B joint venture (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Trump narrows pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to three, plans to announce choice Monday evening (More) | Meet the 3 candidates (More)
Indictment says employee of NSO Group, maker of powerful malware that allows law enforcement and governments to crack smartphones, tried to sell stolen programs for $50M (More)
Reports say US Army begins dismissing dozens of immigrant Army reservists and recruits (More)
Weekend Reads.

Paisley Park, Prince’s Lonely Palace. 

The New Yorker | Amanda Petrusich. Paisley Park is the palace Prince once dreamed of. Later in his life, he made his dreams come true by actually building it. The 65,000-square-foot recording mansion was a place where he could forget about the outside world while creating music in his personal utopia - and it now stands empty. (Read)

Wives And Children Of ISIS. 

The New York Times | Ben Hubbard. Sarah Ibrahim had almost no say in uprooting her family and moving to Syria when her husband joined ISIS. With more than 2,000 other women and children who have associated with ISIS, she waits now in a destitute detention camp - with no one eager to come to their aid. (Read)

The Birth Of The Brady Rule. 

The Marshall Project | Thomas L. Dybdahl. In 1958, John Brady needed $35,000 - and he needed it fast. He decided to hatch a plan with a friend, but instead of cash, the plan left them with two murder charges. The gut-wrenching story behind the creation of the revolutionary Brady rule - which requires the prosecution to release all exculpatory evidence. (Read)

His Brother’s Keeper.  

The Atlantic | Luke Mullins. T.J. Smith is the chief spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department - a very difficult job. Baltimore is now the deadliest big city in America, and on July 2, 2017, Smith realized his family wasn’t any exception to the violence running rampant throughout the city. (Read)
Stuck in the blistering heat wave? Here are the 7 best summer frozen desserts.

Americans playing more games and socializing less than ever.

The 25 best excursions to do on trips around the world (via TripAdvisor).  

...And this space station will offer luxury hotel rooms in outer space for a cool $9.5M

MIT's new robot can climb stairs covered with obstacles (w/video). 

A slight preference for having boys still persists in the US

...And a by a 2-to-1 margin, people say boys are easier to raise than girls

...Ask NBA star Steph Curry - he and his wife just welcomed a new baby boy, to go along with their two daughters

You can now take work naps in high-tech pods.

Clickbait: Lions eat rhino poachers on South African game reserve

Historybook: HBD Frida Kahlo (1907); First MLB All-Star Game held (1933); HBD George W. Bush (1946); Althea Gibson becomes 1st African American to win Wimbledon (1957); RIP Louis Armstrong (1971).
"Musicians don't retire - they stop when there's no more music in them."
- Louis Armstrong

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