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Good morning. It's Friday, May 27, and we're covering new details on the timeline in Tuesday's mass school shooting in Texas, new charges against actor Kevin Spacey, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].

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Texas Shooting Timeline

Texas officials released an updated timeline of Tuesday's mass shooting at an elementary school outside San Antonio, saying the gunman was inside the school for more than an hour. The updates come amid scrutiny of the police response during the standoff in which 19 children and two adults were killed. 


Officials said the attacker arrived at the scene around 11:30 am local time, crashing his vehicle into a ditch. Contrary to previous reports, he did not encounter an armed school security officer and entered the school unobstructed after 12 minutes outside the facility.


The first responding officers exchanged gunfire, but did not pursue the suspect into the building. The standoff reportedly ended around 12:45 pm after a tactical Border Patrol unit arrived on the scene and stormed the classroom in which the shooter had barricaded himself. 


Videos posted to social media show police preventing frantic parents from entering the building, though it is unclear at what point the gunman opened fire inside the classroom.


The gunman's motive remains under investigation. See our previous write-ups on the attack here and here.


Separately, a bill establishing domestic terrorism-focused offices within federal law enforcement agencies failed in the Senate, by a vote of 47-47. Critics argued such activity was already covered under existing provisions.

First Quarter Contraction

The US economy shrank at a 1.5% annualized rate in the first three months of the year, according to new data released yesterday. The figure is a write-down from a previous estimate of 1.4% and is the first quarterly decline in the gross domestic product (see 101) since the onset of the pandemic in the first half of 2020. 


The drop was caused in part by downward revisions to private inventory investments, as warehouses and stores were slower to stock their goods, and residential investments, which include constructing and remodeling homes. A wider trade deficit was also a factor, as the US spent more on imports than it made from exports. Consumer spending grew at a 3.1% annualized rate, helping to offset the decline. 


Analysts expect the US economy to rebound in the second quarter, though there are uncertainties in the outlook, including the effects of the Federal Reserve's expected interest rate hikes to curb inflation. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the economy will grow 3.1% in 2022.

Kevin Spacey Charged

Actor Kevin Spacey has been charged in the UK with four counts of sexual assault against three men and one count of “causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent,” officials announced yesterday. The alleged incidents occurred in London between 2005-08 and in Gloucestershire in 2013. The sexual assault charges each come with a maximum 10-year sentence, and the fifth charge comes with a maximum of life imprisonment.


The Oscar- and Tony-winning actor has been battling allegations since 2017 when actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of assaulting the then-14-year-old in the 1980s. The actor is currently in New York City facing a civil suit filed by Rapp on assault and battery charges. Spacey, known for “House of Cards” and “American Beauty,” also faced several allegations of inappropriate behavior when he ran London’s Old Vic Theatre between 2004-15.


Charges would not formally apply until Spacey enters England or Wales. It is not clear whether the UK will seek extradition.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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> Ray Liotta, Emmy-winning actor known for "Field of Dreams" and "Goodfellas," dies at 67 while shooting a film in the Dominican Republic (More) | Depeche Mode founding member Andy Fletcher dies at 60 (More)


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Science & Technology

> Research suggests signature whistle calls unique to each individual bottlenose dolphin—which function akin to names while communicating—are determined by local ocean environment and dolphin population (More)


> First genomic analysis of Pompeii victims reveals Sardinian heritage, suggesting greater diversity on the Italian peninsula at the time than previously believed (More)


> Study reveals how the human brain links memories together, suggests a common HIV drug may help reverse memory decline during middle age (More)

Business & Markets

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> Tech giant Broadcom to acquire cloud computing firm VMware for $61B (More)


> US weekly home supply increased by 9% over last year as sellers enter market amid all-time high housing prices (More)

Politics & World Affairs

> Russian forces close to encircling the eastern Ukrainian cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, reports say (More) | Russia says the West must lift sanctions before Ukrainian grain exports may resume from its seaports (More)


> Eight of the 10 largest US cities saw population decline during the first year of the pandemic, with only Phoenix and San Antonio registering gains (More)


> Appeals court rules former President Donald Trump, as well as son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, must testify in New York state probe into Trump Organization business practices (More)



Honoring the Unknowns

LionHeart Films | Staff. This Memorial Day weekend, see the history of Arlington National Cemetery's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. (Watch)

The Kids Are Not OK

Atlantic | Thomas Kane. School closures during the pandemic exacted a steep price on America's schoolchildren. Educators desperately need a plan to reverse the losses. (Read, paywall)

The Hunt for New Physics

Nature | Elizabeth Gibney. The world's biggest particle accelerator is firing back up—here's what scientists hope to find. (Read)



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