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Texas Shooting Aftermath

Details on the mass shooting at a Texas elementary continued to emerge yesterday, with officials saying all 21 victims—19 children and two adults—were all part of the same classroom in which the gunman had barricaded himself. At least 17 more people were injured from the attack, officials said. See the list of victims known so far here.


The 18-year-old suspect reportedly warned about his plans in the hour leading up to the attack, later posting he had killed his grandmother and was heading to the elementary. The shooter, a student at the town's high school, used an AR-15 style semiautomatic rifle, which was one of two rifles he legally bought shortly after his birthday and just days before the attack. A motive still hasn't been determined.


A team of federal and local law enforcement officers killed the suspect. Other officers on the scene were unable to do so after the shooter barricaded himself; they turned to breaking windows to help other teachers and students escape.


The killings have reignited debates over gun control legislation, though Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said yesterday he would not immediately bring a bill to the floor for a vote. A prayer vigil for the victims was held last night.


See a list of the deadliest US school shootings since Columbine here.

Nuclear Talks Hit Snag

President Joe Biden is keeping Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on a list of foreign terrorist organizations, according to officials. The decision could complicate international efforts to restore a 2015 deal meant to restrict Iran's nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. Lifting the IRGC's 2019 terrorist designation (see background) has been a precondition for Iran to return to talks with global leaders, who have been working on reviving the deal for over a year amid rising tensions between Arab nations and Iran-allied groups. 


The US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal (see 101) in 2018 after former President Donald Trump said he would reimpose sanctions on Iran's oil sector, claiming the deal wasn't enough to curtail Iran's nuclear program. Since then, Iran has begun escalating its nuclear activities. 


The US envoy for Iran told lawmakers yesterday the chances of renewing a deal were tenuous as the Biden administration attempts another shot at brokering an agreement.

Quantum Jump

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time the ability to teleport quantum information across points in a network not physically connected to each other, according to research released yesterday. The advance marks a key step forward in the development of a scalable quantum internet. 


The technology relies on a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement, which effectively links the state of separate particles—for example, which way a particle is spinning—into a collective super-state (go deeper). Typically, quantum information can be passed through fiber optic cables via light particles, a method that incurs a significant loss as the light bounces around inside the cable.


Because there is no physical medium when particles become entangled, the method allows information to be passed without loss—critical for future networks involving thousands of quantum computers. The experiment successfully demonstrated the technique across three separate nodes.


Want to learn more about quantum computing? Start here.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> Josh Duggar, star of TLC's reality show "19 Kids and Counting," sentenced to 12.5 years in prison on child pornography charges (More)


> "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" final episode airs today (NBC, 3 pm local) after 19 seasons and more than 3,200 episodes (More) | Broadway shows pulled in $845M in 2021-22; down 54% from prepandemic high of $1.8B in 2018-19 (More)


> UK government approves $5.3B sale of Chelsea Football Club to group led by Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly (More)

Science & Technology

Aerial laser mapping reveals the remains of pre-Hispanic settlements in the Amazon basin; evidence resolves debate over whether the region could support ancient large-scale communities (More)


> High-resolution X-ray scans suggest a 390-million-year-old fish-like fossil was one of the earliest ancestors of four-limbed animals; specimen was discovered in 1890 but could not be placed in the evolutionary tree (More)


> Study links type 2 diabetes with accelerated brain aging; patients with progressive forms of the disease saw a 26% quicker decline on average (More)

Business & Markets

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> US stock markets up (S&P 500 +1.0%, Dow +0.6%, Nasdaq +1.5%) after Federal Reserve meeting minutes show rates could be increased more quickly (More)


> Shares of Twitter up 5% in after-hours trading after Elon Musk increases personal equity commitment to $33.5B in proposed acquisition (More) | Founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey steps down from Twitter’s board (More)


> Department store Sears to close another 70 US stores (More)

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Politics & World Affairs

> Ukraine charges five Russian soldiers, three mercenaries in the killings of Olga Sukhenko, mayor of a village outside Kyiv, and her family in March (More) | See updates on the war (More)


> Watchdog report concludes UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and aides repeatedly flouted COVID-19 lockdown measures in 2020-21 to host social gatherings (More) | See current US COVID-19 stats (More)


> Pennsylvania to begin recount of hotly contested GOP Senate primary, with Dr. Mehmet Oz leading by 902 votes; counties must start review no later than June 1 (More)



Meet Your Biological Age

WSJ | Betsy Morris. Your chronological age likely doesn't reflect the wear and tear your body experiences at the cellular level, and how managing stress may increase your healthy life span. (Read)

Power at a Distance

IEEE Spectrum | Paul Jaffe. More than a century after envisioned by Nikola Tesla, innovative tech companies have demonstrated the ability to safely beam large amounts of power through the open air. (Read)



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German man breaks world record for the biggest wave ever surfed.


Oreo and Ritz collaborate to create the ultimate sweet and salty treat.


Google Maps has made it possible to travel back in time.


Baseball fans break world record for most people in banana costumes.


The best burgers in America’s college towns.


Nine things to know about the last queen of Hawaii.


An unburnable edition of "The Handmaid's Tale" goes up for auction.


The island where 10% of residents are colorblind.


Sharkcano eruption as seen from space.


Clickbait: When you travel to Australia and need a fake ID. 


Historybook: Dow Jones Industrial Average begins with 12 stocks (1896); Actor John Wayne born (1907); Legendary jazz musician Miles Davis born (1926); First American woman in space, Sally Ride, born (1951); HBD musician Lauryn Hill (1975).


"Young girls need to see role models in whatever careers they may choose, just so they can picture themselves doing those jobs someday. You can’t be what you can’t see."

- Sally Ride

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