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Federal Probe in Texas

The Justice Department will review the response by local police to last week's mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, according to reports over the weekend. The move comes amid mounting questions over the decision to not fully engage the attacker at the scene, allowing him to remain barricaded inside a pair of classrooms for more than an hour. See a timeline here.


Local officials have faced intense criticism over contradictory details and a lack of clarity surrounding the timeline of the day. Sources say officers were present outside the classrooms by 11:35 am; however, the suspect was not killed until 12:50 pm when a tactical Border Patrol unit breached the first room. During the intervening 75 minutes, reports suggest officers were told not to engage despite multiple calls by students to 911 from inside the classrooms during that time.


Local police have also faced scrutiny following videos posted to social media showing frantic parents being restrained outside the school. 


Nineteen students and two teachers were killed in the attack. The husband of one of the adult victims suffered a heart attack and died Thursday.


Separately, investigators have not yet uncovered a motive for the shooting but say the gunman left a number of potential warning signs online.  

Exascale Era Arrives

The US is once again home to the world's top supercomputer, with Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Frontier facility ranked No. 1 in the semiannual list of the world's 500 most powerful systems. Japan's Fugaku system had held the top spot for the past two years.  


Beyond leading the list, the Frontier system was qualified as the first true exascale computing platform, capable of performing a billion billion operations per second (see overview, w/video). Among other applications, the massive computing power is expected to unlock new insights into complex systems ranging from climate to molecular-level medicine, urban modeling, and more. The computing power is also believed to be comparable to that of the human brain.


While the US holds five of the top 10 spots—including the world's fastest company-owned system, housed at Nvidia—China accounts for more than a third of the top 500. 

Brooklyn Church Heist

A century-old artifact worth an estimated $2M was stolen from the St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York, officials revealed over the weekend. Thieves made off with the parish's tabernacle—an altar centerpiece used in the rite of Communion—which was made of solid 18-karat gold and adorned with jewels.


The church was founded in the late 19th-century, with the sacramental container donated in 1890 (see photos). One of the most expensive tabernacles in the country, the piece had its own electronic security system and was enclosed in one-inch thick steel plates when not in use. Officials said the building was undergoing construction at the time, and a power saw was reportedly used to break through the casing.


The burglars also knocked the head off the statue of an angel, while making off with security footage. Authorities have not identified any suspects as of this morning. 

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Creatures of the Nose

Off Leash | Alexandra Horowitz. (Podcast) With hundreds of millions of olfactory cells, a dog's nose is its window to the world. Canine cognition expert Alexandra Horowitz unpacks what we can learn about the sense of smell from studying our four-legged friends. (Listen)

Flesh, Blood, and Bronze

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