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Need To Know.
2018 Oscars.
The 90th annual Academy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, the first Oscars since a wave of sexual assault allegations washed over Hollywood. The Shape of Water - a romantic science fiction story directed by Guillermo del Toro - was the big winner, walking away with Best Picture, Best Director, and three other awards. Frances McDormand took home Best Actress for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Gary Oldman won Best Actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour (see all winners). Host Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time in addressing the #MeToo movement - you can watch his opening monologue here and see the best fashion from the red carpet here

Vatican Sex Abuse Charges.
Papal adviser George Pell begins a preliminary hearing on multiple charges of sexual misconduct in his home country of Australia. Pell, a Cardinal in the Catholic Church, served as the Vatican treasurer and is the highest-ranking Catholic official to face such charges. Pell helped establish the Catholic Church's first formal system to handle child sex abuse claims in 1997, and was appointed by Pope Francis in 2012 to an 8-member committee on church reform (see timeline). The charges are being called 'historical' - and may relate to allegations made against Pell by two women in the 1970s, one of whom reportedly passed away. A magistrate will hear the prosecution's case before deciding if there is enough evidence to go to trial. 

Italy Undecided After Election.

Italian voters failed to reach consensus on which party should lead parliament, according to exit polling from yesterday's national election. Public backlash against North African immigrants and an economy that continues to stagnant dominated a tumultuous election campaign. Voters had an odd set of choices, with the center-right coalition being led by scandal-plagued former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi trying to fend off the emerging populist and anti-establishment Five Star Movement, which was created in 2009 by comedian Beppe Grillo. No party won a majority in either the Italian House or Senate - and the final results may not be available for up to a week - however early polls show that the Five Star Movement will be the single party with the most votes (Berlusconi's is a coalition of three parties), and it will hold significant leverage in any final coalition government that is formed. 
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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Sir Roger Bannister, first person to run a sub 4-minute mile, dies at 88 (More)
College basketball conference tournaments underway as several teams already punched tickets to March Madness (More)
Black Panther continues dominance in passing $500M at box office (More)

Science & Technology.

Scientists discover new 'supercolony' of 1.5M penguins in Antarctica (More)
Scientists make first observation of quantum particle called 'skyrmion' theorized 40 years ago, can give insight into how stars work (More)
EU to unveil tax on digital tech giants that taxes based on where users are located, not where company is headquartered (More)

Business & Markets.

Europe’s second-largest insurer, AXA, to buy Bermuda-based insurer XL Group for $15B (More)
Siemens to IPO healthcare unit Healthineers at projected $38B value, to be one of the largest European stock listings in years (More)
Toyota to invest $3B in new business with focus on developing software for autonomous driving (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Man fires gun, commits suicide in front of White House (More)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party cuts deal with Social Democrats to form coalition government after months of impasse (More)
West Virginia teachers strike enters second week after state Senate reduces proposed pay raise from 5% to 4% (More)
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Shaquem Griffin, a one-handed linebacker, dominates at the NFL combine

Food that can communicate with you is on its way

Check out China's new hypersonic plane that could get from Beijing to NYC in two hours

How artist Vincent Bal turns shadows into unexpected art (via Tumblr). 

Prince Harry's wedding will include 1200 regular folks.

A new species of the indestructible 'water bear' was found in a Japanese parking lot.

Clickbait: United replaces worker bonuses with lottery for $100k and a Mercedes

Historybook: 5 Americans shot by British troops in Boston Massacre (1770); Joseph Stalin dies (1953); RIP Patsy Cline (1963); HBD Joel Osteen (1963); Hugo Chavez dies (2013).

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