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Need To Know.
Second Storm Heads Towards East Coast.
With at least 300,000 people still without power after a weekend Nor'easter, residents from Pennsylvania to Maine are bracing for a second storm expected to roll into the region late today. The weekend storm left nine dead, initially knocked out power to almost 2 million, caused flooding in southern coastal states, and dumped up to three feet of snow in some areas (see photos). Both are Nor'easters - storms driven by cold and dry Arctic air coming down from Canada that meet warm and moist air travelling up the coast from the Gulf, creating a powerful mix capable of dumping precipitation from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast. Tuesday's storm is expected to drop up to 18 inches of snow - the National Weather Service issued a severe winter storm watch lasting through Wednesday.

On an interesting note, the weekend storm uncovered a Revolutionary-era shipwreck on a Maine beach.

Pushback on Tariffs.

Top congressional Republicans broke with the Trump administration, coming out against tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum. President Trump said he was considering tariffs of 25% for steel imports and 10% for aluminum imports last week. House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-01) said he was worried that a trade war - if other countries retaliated with their own tariffs on other goods like beef or planes - may erase economic gains from the recent tax reform package. The administration has defended its authority to levy the tariffs, saying the deteriorating domestic industries were a national security issue - though Congress could preempt a tariff through legislation. President Trump also signaled he'd be open to modifying the tariff for Mexico and Canada depending on their willingness to deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement (or NAFTA), which is being renegotiated. 

Yellow Fever in Brazil.
Brazil is racing to stay ahead of what could be one of the largest outbreaks of Yellow Fever in decades, attempting to vaccinate nearly 23 million people to keep the virus out of its major cities. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention raised its travel alert after a number of foreign travelers died from contracting the virus (see where Yellow Fever lives). The virus, which normally infects a few hundred people per year, primarily spreading from mosquitoes to farmers and loggers in the Amazon basin - but in 2016, the virus began spreading towards the country's eastern mega-cities through monkeys. About 86% of Brazil's 200 million people live in the country's urban areas - roughly 20% of those live in slums, or favelas. Officials fear if the outbreak spreads to the slums, death rates - which normally hover around 5%  - could skyrocket. 
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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Founder of Tower Records, Russ Solomon, dies at 92  (More)
JAY-Z and Beyonce announce plans to tour together this summer (More)
Disney taps Jimmy Pitaro as new president of ESPN (More)

Science & Technology.

Synthesia - a disorder where people see colors in response to sound - may result from hyperconnected neurons in the brain (freewall) (More)
Study finds bright lights before bed throws off biological clock of young children, whose pupils let in more light than adults (More)
Scientists find potential chemical pathway for how the basic building blocks of life formed in space (More)

Business & Markets.

Nordstrom rejects $8.4B take-private offer from founding family, a 2% discount current stock price (More)
US Government orders national security review of Singapore-based Broadcom's $117B billion bid for chipmaker Qualcomm (More)
Amazon in talks with JPMorgan & other banks to offer Amazon-branded checking account to reduce banking fees (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un meets with South Korean officials in person, first time since taking over country in 2011 (More)
Moderate Senate Democrats likely to join GOP in rolling back provisions of Dodd-Frank financial reform, mostly focused on small and medium-sized banks (More)
Longest-serving member of Congress, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) to retire April 1st amid health issues, Governor to name interim replacement (More)
In Depth.

New Mexico’s Sad Bet on Space Exploration. 

The Atlantic | Ingrid Burrington. Welcome to Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. The premier flight will be taken by Virgin Galactic, as both the spaceport and the spaceflight have the same home in New Mexico. But there are still some rather big issues - like how the spaceport has been launch-ready for eight years, but no one has taken off.

A Sitdown With Solange. 

Billboard | Doreen St. Felix. The 31-year-old R&B star, coming off her chart-topping 2017 release A Seat At The Table, talks motherhood, music, and her current plans. Focusing on performance art installations around the globe, Solange explains what she means when she says she's "not interested in entertainment" at the moment.
A deep-dive look at social media use in 2018 (new data from Pew).

Sunday's show drew the smallest US television ratings for an Academy Awards.

...And someone was arrested for stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscar trophy

Being promoted doubles odds of women getting divorced (according to research).

Baby becomes a meme after trying first pizza slice

Ugh Millennials: Are more likely to be scammed than their grandparents.

This baby bird lived 127 million years ago and was the size of your pinky.

Meet Shuhu, the world's first digital supermodel.

Photos that capture the complexity inside everyday gadgets.

HBD Michelangelo (1475); Davy Crockett & 186 others are killed at the Battle of the Alamo (1836); HBD Shaquille O’Neal (1972); RIP Georgia O’Keeffe (1986).
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"I never worry about the problem. I worry about the solution."
- Shaquille O'Neal

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