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Need To Know.
Trump Signals Tariffs. 
President Trump announced stiff tariffs of up to 10% on aluminum and 25% on steel imports yesterday, effectively placing a heavy tax on foreign metals coming into the US. The move would fulfill a long-standing campaign promise to attempt to revive the struggling industries - jobs in steel manufacturing have fallen from 135,000 to 84,000 since 2000 (though increasing productivity contributed to the decline). Supporters lauded the announcement as evening the playing field with countries who artificially support their industries - notably China - though the tariffs would greatly impact allies like Canada, who represents 16% of steel imports, Brazil (13%), South Korea (10%), and Mexico (9%). While China accounts for over 50% of global steel and aluminum production, it represents less than 2% of imports to the US. Markets dropped 1-2% on the news over fears of retaliatory measures damaging international trade. 

2018 Oscars on Sunday.
Awards season comes to an end this weekend with the 90th annual Academy Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles, CA. The Oscars (where the name came from) honor the best in American film each year - to be eligible films must have been released during the previous calendar year (sorry, Black Panther). The competition for the top prize of Best Picture is tough - nominees include Jordan Peele's widely acclaimed Get Out, Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water, and Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird - each of whom were also nominated for Best Director. The Vegas favorite for the award is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri at 20/23 odds - though the race is close. Check out the full list of nominees across all 24 award categories here, along with your printable ballot here

Also, take a look at the elaborate set being prepared for the show. 

Largest-Ever Family Tree Reveals Secrets.

Researchers released a construction of the largest family tree put together, spanning 11 generations and including 13.2 million people. The ancestry chart was put together by data scientists at the New York Genome Center (see a good interview with the lead researcher here), who used big data techniques to analyze the birth and death rates across thousands of combinations of dates, locations, and environmental factors. Most notably the study called into question prevailing thought around what has the most impact on how long you live - the researchers found that heredity explained only about 16% of longevity, with the rest being determined by where and when people lived. 
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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

> Bruce Margolis, longtime Fox TV executive and producer, dies at 64 (More)
Weinstein Co. bought by female-led investor group for $500M (More)
NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly announces his oral cancer has returned (More)

Science & Technology.

Improved trafficking of cellular proteins in brain can help reduce plaque buildup, an underlying cause of Alzheimer's and dementia (More)
Uber launches Uber Health, allows med centers to assign rides to patients from central dashboard (More)
Beneficial skin bacteria, staphylococcus epidermidis, produces toxin that kills certain types of skin cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone (More)

Business & Markets.

US jobless claims falls to lowest level since 1969 (More)
> Shares of WPP - World's largest advertising agency - fall 10%+ as brands continue shift from TV & print ads to digital (More)
Wells Fargo to undergo Justice Department investigation regarding "inappropriate referrals or recommendations" in wealth management unit (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims Russia has developed nuclear-powered cruise missile capable of delivering nuclear weapons, evading detection systems (More) | Officials believe system is still in R&D phase (More)
Georgia lawmakers pass bill excluding tax exemption on jet fuel, effectively punishing Delta for cutting ties with NRA (More)
Senate puts gun reform on back burner, moves to banking reform legislation (More)
Weekend Reads.

"They Got The Wrong Envelope!"

Hollywood Reporter | Scott Feinberg. In advance of Sunday's Oscars, nearly 30 insiders reveal an oral history of the most epic mix up in award show history - and relive the 23 seconds that La La Land beat Moonlight for Best Picture. (Read)

We Need New Ways of Treating Depression. 

Vox | Johann Hari. Experts are beginning to question the long-standing dogma around depression anxiety - that it's just faulty brain chemistry. What if it is brain chemistry, but driven by factors like our social settings and environment? (Read)

RIP Facebook Live. 

CJR | Pete Brown. A data-heavy look at the downward spiral of Facebook Live after the company subsidies ended - Zuck had guaranteed companies payment to help get the service off the ground - and what it says about Facebook's future. (Read)

Predictive Policing in New Orleans. 

The Verge | Ali Winston. Palantir Technologies - a software company bringing big data to policing and counter-terrorism - has been conducting a large-scale predictive policing program in New Orleans so secret even the city council wasn't aware of it. (Read)
What's inside this year's Oscars $100k swag bag - from luxury vacations to pepper spray.

Winners of the 2018 National Geographic Traveller photo competition.  

The "forgetting curve" explains why learning is hard.

The US now buys more stretchy pants than blue jeans

On his birthday, 13 life lessons from Dr. Seuss

A 4G wireless network is finally coming...to the moon.

The national average for weddings topped $33k last year (data via The Knot).

Jay-Z dethrones Diddy at top of hip-hop's wealthiest artists in 2018

Psychedelic art pieces grown in petri dishes.

Clickbait: Vancouver police looking for voluntary drinkers to aid in sobriety test training.

Historybook: HBD Dr. Seuss (1904); Mikhail Gorbachev born (1931); HBD Jon Bon Jovi (1962); Wilt Chamberlain sets all-time NBA record with 100 points in a single game (1962).
"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."
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