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Retailers Pull Back Gun Offerings.
Both Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods announced modifications to their offerings of assault-style weapons and accessories in response to the latest school shooting in Parkland, FL, that killed 17. The CEO of Dick's - the nation's largest sporting goods company - announced in an open letter that the company would ban all assault-style weapons from its stores. Such weapons had been banned from its main chain, Dick's Sporting Goods, after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, but was still selling them at its 35 Field & Stream locations. Walmart joined Dick's in announcing that it would raise the age limit for gun and ammo purchases from 18 to 21 - current federal law is 18 for rifles and shotguns. Walmart stopped selling assault-style weapons and accessories in 2015. Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz did buy a gun at Dick's, but it wasn't the weapon used in the attack. 

There are approximately 56,000 gun retailers in the US, most of them small businesses. 

1 in 14 Women Smoke While Pregnant.
Nearly 7.2% of women reported smoking cigarettes at some point during their pregnancy, according to a report released yesterday by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data shined an unwelcome light on West Virginia, where over 25% of expectant mothers reported smoking (see data by state) - by ethnicity, Native American women reported the highest rate (16.7%). Smoking while pregnant can cause brain defects and miscarriage as it interferes with the placenta, which produces food and oxygen for the baby - and states with higher infant mortality roughly correlate with higher rates of smoking while pregnant. 

US Olympic Committee Chief Resigns.
Scott Blackmun, head of the US Olympic Committee, resigned yesterday, citing ongoing health issues stemming from his battle with prostate cancer. Blackmun, who received praise for guiding Los Angeles' successful bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics, had been heavily criticized for the inaction of US Olympics in shocking sex abuse scandal that rocked USA Gymnastics, in which team doctor Larry Nassar molested over 260 young gymnasts over multiple decades. The decision also comes just days after the US wrapped its worst Olympic performance in nearly two decades. Separately, gymnasts Jordyn Wieber, Jamie Dantzscher, and Jeanette Antolin testified on Capitol Hill as legislators attempt to establish a timeline of the abuse. 

In related news, Russia's Olympic membership was restored despite having two more athletes test positive for doping. 

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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

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Science & Technology.

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Business & Markets.

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Politics & World Affairs.

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In Depth.

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Articles of Confederation are adopted by Continental Congress (1781); HBD Ralph Ellison (1913); HBD Ron Howard (1954); HBD Peace Corps (1961); HBD Justin Bieber (1994).
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