College Basketball Kicks Off.
The 2017-2018 college basketball season gets underway today, with the AP Poll top 10 chock full of traditional powers, headlined by Duke, Michigan State, Arizona, Kansas, and Kentucky (see rest). Vegas largely agrees, with Duke favored to win the national championship at 5/1, followed by Michigan State (11/2), Arizona (8/1), Kentucky (10/1), and North Carolina (12/1). You don't have to wait long to see some of the best games of the season with the top four teams in the country playing in the Champions Classic, as Michigan State faces Duke and Kentucky takes on Kansas next Tuesday. Check out the top 50 games here, and the top 18 candidates for National Player of the Year. 

Louis C.K. Accused of Sexual Misconduct.
Five women accused popular comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct in separate incidents that date back to 2002. While the allegations are the latest in a wave that began with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, they are not new - a 2012 Gawker 'blind item' alluded to the accusations without specifically naming C.K., and high-profile comedian Tig Notaro, raised the issue directly this summer. The accusations did not seem to land until they were raised again amid the current wave of harassment allegations. HBO dropped the comedian from its upcoming 'Night of Too Many Stars' special and will take down his recent stand-up appearances from its streaming content. 

Trump Drops Putin Meeting While In Vietnam.
President Trump - in Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit - dropped a possible tag-up with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the White House saying there was "no formal meeting" scheduled - though a sideline chat may be possible. The decision puts to rest speculation that a state-level meeting would occur amid increasing attention on potential Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The conference itself focuses on trade with southeast Asian countries, US economic activity with the region amounts to over $215B each year
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Culture, Entertainment & Sports.

> Twitter pauses official verification - which confirms authenticity of well-known users - after white supremacist Jason Kessler receives badge (More
> Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez, who committed suicide while serving prison sentence for murder, suffered from most severe case of CTE in person his age (More)
> Seattle Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman goes down for season with torn Achilles tendon (More)

Science & Technology.

> Yale scientists find an ultralow calorie diet can reverse type II diabetes in animals (More)
> Lack of success beyond Higgs boson at Large Hadron Collider in Europe forces scale down of next big accelerator project in Japan (More)
> All Cholera outbreaks from past 50 years evolved from strains originating in Asia, study finds (More)

Business & Markets.

> Equifax reports lower profits, misses revenue guidance, as customers reluctant to do business; shares down 24% since breach announcement (More)
> Uber CEO during first public comments since taking helm: IPO targeted in 2019 (More)
> News Corp (Wall St Journal, Dow Jones) beats Wall Street expectations on strong real estate revenues (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

> Stock market drops on news that Senate tax bill would delay cuts to 2019 (More)
> AL senate candidate Roy Moore accused of sexual encounter with underage girl in 1979 (More) | Senate leader McConnell says Moore should step aside if true 2 (More)
> House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte (R, VA-6) to resign in 2018, ends 25 year run (More)

Healing Soldiers. 

National Geographic | Caroline Alexander. A two-part series on how soldiers cope with the physiological and psychological symptoms of bomb blasts. Part one is a haunting look at veteran's using mask art to express trauma; Part two is a look at the science behind what happens when the brain is hit with an explosive shockwave. (Part One) | (Part Two)

The End of War. 

Esquire | Mark Warren. From Sept 2015. The story of C.J. Chivers, regarded by many to be the best war reporter in his generation, and why he had to come home after 14 long, bloody years. (Read)

The Fighter. 

New York Times | CJ Chivers. From Dec 2016. And as an example of Chivers' work - the story of Sam Siatta, a veteran with PTSD arrested for a crime he can't remember (paywall). (Read)

Why I Took Off My POW/MIA Bracelet After 44 Years. 

NextAvenue | Joan M. Burda. From Nov 2016. In 1972, Burda bought a charity bracelet engraved with the name of Capt. Charles Bifolchi - beginning a four-decade relationship with a man she never met. (Read)

Whose Fault Was Dunkirk? 

Longreads | Lynne Olson. For years, historians have blamed King Leopold of Belgium. But did they fall for Allied propaganda? (Read)
What the future of veterans in America looks like

The most popular Thanksgiving foods in all 50 states mapped.

People's perception of their local economy is improving, but still say their incomes lag behind.

During 2015-2016, 3.9 million students with federal student loan debt dropped out of college.

Pitchfork goes all in on the decades-in-the-making release of Hüsker Dü's album.

This AI bot that messes with email scammers is brilliant.

The ultimate stamp of approval, Oprah announces her favorite things for 2017.

....Notably swoveralls (Yes, sweatpant overalls) did not make the list.

An Atlantic reporter travels to a closed off toxic city 250 miles north of the polar circle - where 177,000 people live.

Clickbait: Man fakes death to help police catch wife in murder-for-hire plot

Historybook: Martin Luther born (1483); HBD US Marine Corps (1775); Motorcycle is invented (1885); Sesame Street debuts (1969).
-Douglas MacArthur
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