New Therapy Reverses Rare Skin Disease.
An 'extraordinary' experimental procedure using genetically engineered cells successfully reversed a patient's lethal skin condition, researchers reported on Wednesday. The patient, a 7-year-old, had a genetic condition known as junctional epidermolysis bullosa (JEB) - an extremely rare but painful disease that causes the skin to rub off even with minor touching. JEB is one of the most severe forms of epidermolysis bullosa, which affects about 1 in 20. With traditional approaches not working, doctors inserted normal versions of the mutated gene responsible for the condition into samples of the patient's skin cells. Large area skin layers were grown from the samples - almost 80% of the patient's skin was able to be replaced. The procedure was carried out in October 2015 - doctors studied how the transplant held up for two years before publishing the results (see paper).

Senate to Unveil Tax Bill Today.
Senate Republicans will release their tax plan today with a few major differences from the House version. The plan will reportedly eliminate deductions for state and local taxes - which 'costs' the federal government nearly $100B each year. About two dozen House Republicans insist on keeping the deduction for property taxes up to $10,000. Overall, the Senate tax plan can't increase the budget deficit by more than $1.5T according to its budget rules. 
The House may vote on its tax bill as early as next week, and once the Senate passes a bill, any differences will be reconciled in the conference committee (see 101). Separately, the Congressional Budget Office said the House bill would add $1.7T to the deficit over ten years.

More Kevin Spacey Victims Come Forward.
Accusations of sexual misconduct continue to mount against Kevin Spacey, with a former Boston news anchor accusing Spacey of assaulting her then-18-year-old son in a Nantucket restaurant last year. As the number of allegations against Spacey rose to 14, director Ridley Scott decided to edit Spacey out of the upcoming film All The Money in the World - set to release on December 22nd - re-shooting scenes with Christopher Plummer. Separately, actor Terry Crews filed a police report with the LAPD over alleged groping by a Hollywood executive a month ago. See the growing list of men accused of sexual misconduct since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.
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Culture, Entertainment & Sports.

> Lin-Manuel Miranda to reprise Hamilton title role in Puerto Rico in 2019 (More)
> Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatens to sue NFL over its decision to renew commissioner Roger Goodell's contract (More
> Eater's annual list of America's 38 essential restaurants released; The Grey in Savannah tops list (More)

Science & Technology.

> Study finds that 77% of Wikipedia is written by 1% of eligible editors (More)
> Wounds heal better in daytime than at night, driven by cellular protein with its own internal clock (More)
> Swiss engineers design infant pajamas with woven optical fibers, emits light to cure jaundice (More)

Business & Markets.

> U.S. antitrust regulators signal to AT&T it may have to divest CNN cable network to buy Time Warner  (More)
> Cryptocurrency Bitcoin's looming Segwit2x fork averted; increases ~10% intraday (More) | Current cryptocurrency prices and valuations (More
> Twenty-First Century Fox beats Wall Street expectations due to higher cable revenues (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

> Paradise Papers reveal at least 12 US colleges grow endowments via offshore accounts, include 4 of top 10 by endowment size (More)
> Dept. of Homeland Security nominee, Kirstjen Nielsen, says border security should be prioritized over 'sea-to-sea' physical wall (More)
> US implements reversal of Obama Cuba policy, tightens trade and visitation to country (More)

Brenda Tracy's Fight Against College Football's Rape Culture. 

The Ringer | Jordan Ritter Conn. Brenda Tracy was 24 years old when she became the victim of a horrific assault that forever changed her life. Now, 16 years later, Tracy is leading the effort to end sexual violence, through her Set the Expectation campaign, in the hyper-masculine world of high-level college football

The Parennials Are Here. 

New York Times | Bruce Feiler. Warning, this might make you feel old: over eighty percent of babies born each year now have millennial parents. And millennial parents, or “parennials,” say they don’t feel old enough to be parents yet. But despite their lack of preparation, parennials are making some bold changes in the world of parenting. Take a quick peek into the Parennial household: one without religion and gender roles - a place where grandparents are being replaced by Google (paywall).
You can measure it a bunch of different ways, but mass shootings are increasing and becoming more deadly.

In Japan, you can hire fake family members and friends on-demand.

Robert Downey Jr.'s home in the Hamptons is very crazy in a very cool way.

Barack Obama reported for jury duty - but was dismissed.

Facebook says to shield you from revenge porn, it needs your naked photos

Doggos: How to photograph your dogs to make them look human.  
Dr. Phil, Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Seacrest lead the World's highest paid TV hosts.

The latest episode of Humans of New York is a moving and powerful look at forgiveness (via Facebook). 

Clickbait: Jean-Claude Van Damme and the Green Power Ranger almost throw down over decades-long beef

Historybook: Napoleon Bonaparte leads coup, becomes French dictator (1799); Teddy Roosevelt travels to Panama in first foreign trip by a US President (1906); Saddam Hussein declares holy war against Iran (1980); Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989).
-Napoleon Bonaparte
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