Potential Serial Killer in Tampa.
Officials believe a serial killer may be on the loose in the Seminole Heights community of Tampa, FL, after a third person was killed in less than ten days in the neighborhood. The killings seem to be random - the victims include two black males in their 20s and a white female in her 30s - but each were ambushed and killed with a handgun. The third victim, Anthony Naiboa, was shot only 100 yards from where officers were conducting foot patrols. The FBI - who defines serial murder as the killing of more than two victims in separate events - estimates that 1% of the country's 15,000 annual homicides are linked to serial killers, meaning there are 25 to 50 active at any given time (see data sets on serial homicide here). 

Impact of Police Body Cams Questioned.
The results of the largest and most rigorous study of the effect of police body cameras on the behavior of law enforcement surprised pretty much everyone involved, finding the cameras had little to no effect. A one-and-a-half year study carried out as Washington, DC, rolled out body cameras on nearly 2,600 police members found no statistical impact on behavior, either in police use of force or citizen complaints. Though there have been some high-profile instances of cameras catching some officers planting evidence, little research existed on the net effect of cameras on behavior. You can see the full study here

Japan's Ruling Party Wins Big.

The Liberal Democratic Party reportedly won a nearly two-thirds majority in Japan's parliamentary elections, held yesterday. The party is led by Japan's current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe - who called a 'snap' election one year ahead of schedule - and was on pace to pick up about 300 out of 465 seats in Japan's lower house. The results provide Abe a mandate to pursue a controversial measure - the country's post-WWII constitution calls for the renunciation of war, which Abe would prioritize amending to legitimize its military. The change would be a marked shift from Japan's pacifist stance. Final election results are delayed until today due to a typhoon that hit the country over the weekend.   

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Culture, Entertainment & Sports.

> Houston Astros defeat Yankees 4-0 in Game 7, advance to World Series against LA Dodgers (More)
> Justin Timberlake tapped for Super Bowl LII halftime show (More)
> Bill O'Reilly settled sexual harassment lawsuit for $32 million (More)

Science & Technology.

Photons exhibit behavior similar to superconducting electrons (More) | Superconductivity 101 (More)
AT&T restores 60% cell coverage to Puerto Rico using Alphabet X's Project Loon wi-fi hot air balloons (More)
Tesla to open factory in Shanghai, will still pay 25% tariff to import to China (More)

Business & Markets.

GE earnings disappoint, "unacceptable" per new CEO John Flaherty; restructuring to include exit of $20B in assets and $1B expense reduction (More)
Former Microsoft CEO and world's wealthiest individual Bill Gates to donate $1.7B to US public schools (More)
Japan's SoftBank planning second Vision fund for technology investing, eyeing $200B (More) | $100B Vision Fund's investors & investments to date (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Spain imposes direct rule on Catalonia, region's leader may move ahead with unilateral independence declaration (More)
Police arrest 3 men who shot at protesters after white supremacist Richard Spencer speaks at University of Florida (More)
NAACP elects new president, will change tax status from 501(c)3 to 501(c)4 to become more political (More)
The US is retreating from religion - by 2030 nearly a third will have no preference.

A tale of catfishing where the woman actually ends up with model in the photo

A presidential condolence letter that caused controversy - from Abe Lincoln (NYT paywall).

To test whether fear of spiders and snakes is innate, scientists scared the crap out of babies

Living near a forest is linked to better brain health.

The Blue Planet II trailer will blow your mind

See the winners of Nikon's microphotography contest.

Surveys say dads spend more on sons than mothers do on daughters.

Clickbait: Facebook mistranslates Arabic "good morning" for "hurt them", Palestinian man gets arrested.

Historybook: Brutus commits suicide (42 BCE); 1st National Women's Rights Convention (1850); HBD Johnny Carson (1925); HBD Pele (1940); Suicide bomb kills 243 US personnel in Beirut (1983).
-Johnny Carson

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