Amazon Takes Bids for its Second HQ.
The world's largest online retailer received 238 bids from cities vying to become the home of Amazon's second headquarters, as details trickled out after last Thursday's deadline. The company said it received bids from 54 states or locales across North America to host what amounts to a massive economic boon, bringing an estimated $5B in direct investment from Amazon and 50,000 jobs over 15 years for the winning bid. Those numbers do not include indirect investment or jobs - Seattle, which is home to Amazon's first headquarters, has seen nearly 100,000 new jobs in the past 7 years alone. Check out the pitch videos from major US cities here. A decision is expected sometime in 2018, with construction beginning in 2019. 

History vs Heart in the World Series.
The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros face off in the World Series starting tonight in LA (8PM ET on FOX). While the Dodgers enter as Vegas favorites, Houston comes in as the emotional favorite after the city was devastated by Hurricane Harvey in early September. Both teams were 100 game winners in the regular season, and while the Dodgers won their last title 29 years ago, Houston has never won a World Series. LA has home field advantage, where fans can expect record heat for the first two games before the series heads back to Texas.

ISIS Driven from Phillipines Stronghold.
The Philippine government declared an end to the months-long effort to rid the southern city of Marawi of ISIS-affiliated militants. The insurgents are part of the Abu Sayyaf group - which seeks an independent state for the country's Muslim population on the country's Mindanao islands - who ransacked the city of 200,000 in late May. Analysts have long identified Southeast Asia - including Indonesia and Thailand - as a growing hotbed for ISIS activity, as domestic insurgents look for support and foreign fighters flee the Middle East. The announcement came on the same day that US Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, arrived in the country

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Culture, Entertainment & Sports.

> ESPN cancels Barstool Sports show after one episode following offensive remarks toward women on Bartsool's website (More)
> David Letterman receives Mark Twain prize for American Humor (More)
> NYC Attorney General opens civil rights investigation into Weinstein Co. over sexual harassment charges (More)

Science & Technology.

> Iranian researcher sentenced to death for "collaboration with a hostile government", may have been for refusal to spy (More)
> Engineers develop highly transparent solar cells with 5% efficiency, can be applied to windows (More)
> New tech reconstructs what the brain is seeing by using artificial intelligence to decode MRI scans (More)

Business & Markets.

> Cisco to acquire workforce collaboration tool provider BroadSoft for $1.9B in shift from hardware to cloud-based services (More)
> Hasbro warns Toys "R" Us bankruptcy will soften holiday toy sales, shares fall 8% (More)
> MBA applications decline for 3rd consecutive year; UWisconsin potentially shuttering program following in footsteps of Wake Forest & UIowa (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

> Trump says tax breaks on 401(k) retirement plans won't be used to pay for broader tax cuts (More)
> White House to allow refugees from all countries, with quota reduced from 110k to 45k (More)
> US puts nuclear bombers back on round the clock ready-to-fly posture, first time since Cold War (More)

Are We Ready for Intimacy With Robots?

Wired | Alex Mar. Hiroshi Ishi­guro builds androids - in principle for academic purposes, but his real vision is understanding the nature of a connection. One day we will be able to make a robot that truly moves and acts like a human, but will we be able to reproduce the innate feeling of intimacy?

The Boomtown That Shouldn’t Exist. 

Politico | Michael Grunwald. Advertised in the sixties as a Floridian paradise with no winters or state income tax, Cape Coral was basically a patch of swampland that hucksters sold to gullible Midwesterners eager to believe the fairy tale. But as Cape Coral turned into the largest city in the country's fastest-growing metropolitan area, it turns out both the hucksters and the suckers were right. 
Medicaid enrollment is going down, but Medicaid spending is going up (data from Kaiser Family Foundation). 

Doggos: All the good dogs at the 2017 Tompkins Square Halloween parade.

The Rolling Stone photo issue, with the magazine's best rock & roll photography throughout the years.

Two men set time record for climbing Yosemite's El Capitan in 2 hrs and 19 mins.

National Geographic ranks (and maps) the top 25 happiest places to live in the US.

Robots: Female androids in Asia now have human hairstylists.

Your memories are less accurate than you think.

Don't fear - Google Maps is here to help you find the scariest places in your vicinity.

Clickbait: Amazon customers surprised to receive 65 pounds of marijuana they did not order.

Historybook: ‘Black Thursday’ stock market crash, Dow down 12.8% (1929); United Nations founded (1945); RIP Jackie Robinson (1972); RIP Rosa Parks (2005).
-Rosa Parks
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