Hurricane Harvey battered the Gulf Coast over the weekend, landing in Rockport, TX on Friday as a Category 4 storm before turning northeast towards Houston (see photos). Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm - After making landfall with 130 mph winds - but still caused severe flooding with five reported deaths and at least 30 people missing. The storm - the first major hurricane to make landfall in the US since 2005 (see full list) - left over 200,000 without power and dropped up to 40 inches of rain in some places. With flooding expected to extend for several days, new FEMA director Brock Long sent almost a thousand search-and-rescue personnel to Texas, saying Harvey may be the "worst [natural] disaster" in state history. Hurricane season lasts through November - learn how hurricanes form here and stay on top of developing storms with the National Hurricane Center's real-time map

Amazon/Whole Foods.
Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods gets finalized today, and the online giant is wasting no time in putting its mark on the chain's 470 stores. Right off the bat shoppers will see prices drop on grocery staples - bananas, eggs, milk, fish - as Amazon looks to expand the reach of both companies to middle-income consumers. Additionally - and possibly the real reason CEO Jeff Bezos moved into food retail - Amazon Prime will be tightly integrated into Whole Foods' point of sale system, meaning Prime members will see extra savings and customers will be able to pick-up and return Amazon packages at many locations. On the internet side, Whole Foods brand goods will be  available through Amazon's grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh. No more "Whole Paycheck". 

Uber's board of directors voted Sunday to name former Expedia head Dara Khosrowshahi as CEO, replacing founder and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick who was ousted in June after revelations about Uber's culture of sexual harassment surfaced. In  Khosrowshahi, Uber found an executive who led Expedia to consistent profits in the face of industry disruptors like AirBNB. The move is notable as Khosrowshahi will not only guide the global ride hailing company - whose second quarter revenue increased by 17% over the previous quarter to $1.75 billion - but will attempt to rehab the image of the poster child for systemic sexual harassment in Silicon Valley firms. 
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Science & Technology.

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Astrophysicists in a tizzy, gravity waves from neutron star collisions potentially detected (More) | Would be biggest confirmation of Einstein's theory to date (More)

Business & Markets.

US farmers plant record low wheat amid global glut (More)
World bankers meet in Jackson Hole, WY; Fed Chair Janet Yellen speech devoid of rate details (More)
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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

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Politics & World Affairs.

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Black Hawk helicopter crashes off Yemen coast, one missing (More)
Photos of the most beautiful stained glass in the world.

78% of US workers live paycheck-to-paycheck - including 1 in 10 who make above $100k.

Instagram-friendly blue wine is finally coming to the US. 

Satire Who said it - UFC champ Conor McGregor or a pretentious barista? (McSweeney's).

Dog becomes internet hero after carrying a bag of food through Hurricane Harvey

Nerd out: The top new board games from Gen Con 2017.

Beat on: The Great Gatsby mansion is up for sale.

It's raining diamonds on planet Neptune.

Reykjavik becomes first city to launch commercial drone delivery.

Historybook: Oldest city in the US established - St. Augustine, Florida (1565); English explorer Henry Hudson discovers & explores Delaware Bay (1609); Italy declares war against Germany (1916); Emmett Till lynched (1955); Martin Luther King Jr. delivers "I have a dream speech" at March on Washington (1963); Prince Charles & Princess Diana divorce (1996); 1440 Daily Digest Est. (2017).
-Henry Hudson on discovering Hudson Bay
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