Harvey Aftermath.
Tropical Storm Harvey continued to batter the Houston region on Monday, pushing cumulative rain totals to over 30 inches, with 15 to 25 more inches expected in some areas (measured by NASA). Severe flooding pushed the death toll to ten, with officials estimating 30,000 will need emergency shelter and up to 450,000 will seek federal aid as the area recovers. Harvey is making a detour - bouncing back out to the gulf before turning northeast and sliding up the Texas coast towards Louisiana. Looking back, storm forecasting was very accurate - and gave plenty of time for evacuation - placing Houston mayor Sylvester Turner under fire for his decision to not order evacuations. 

North Korea/Japan.
North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan, forcing Tokyo to warn citizens to take shelter on Monday. The missile - which traveled over the country's northern-most island of Hokkaido - broke apart in the Pacific ocean, roughly 1,180 km east of Japan. The incident comes two days after Pyongyang tested three missiles in succession - all of which fell into the sea west of Japan. South Korea confirmed the missile hit a maximum altitude of 341 miles above ground, meaning it literally flew over Japan - country's are generally recognized to control the airspace up to 62 miles, which is the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space. Even though the launch didn't violate Japan's airspace, the move is still a dramatic escalation of provocations by North Korea.

Trump Tower, Moscow.
Emails between Felix Sater- a business associate of the Trump family - and Michael Cohen - the President's personal lawyer - detailed a 2015 proposal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Cohen acknowledged that he worked on the proposal between September 2015 and January 2016 - reaching out to Russian President Vladimir Putin's representatives (though he never heard back) - before the plan was abandoned. Cohen discussed the proposal before the House Intelligence Committee in June, saying there was no relation between the plans and the Donald J. Trump for President campaign. The emails did not indicate any involvement in the deal by President Trump. 

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Science & Technology.

CAR-T therapy induces remission of chemo-resistant lymphoma, first time seen (More)
Feds seize smallpox vaccine from unlicensed stem cell shop in CA (More
First brain images of how eating releases endorphins in brain - nutritious drink beats pizza (More

Business & Markets.

Gilead to buy cancer immunotherapy firm Kite Pharma for $12B (More)
Fake news organizations no longer allowed to advertise on Facebook (More)
Elon Musk raises $27M for Neuralink, aims to connect your brain directly to a computer (More

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Taylor Swift breaks Adele's record for most viewed video in 24-hours (More) | Kim Kardashian not happy about 'diss' video (More
Matthew Stafford signs $135M deal, becomes highest-paid player in NFL history (More
Showtime faces lawsuit over Mayweather-McGregor streaming woes (More

Politics & World Affairs.

Divers find remains of all 10 sailors from USS McCain collision (More)
Hajj pilgrimage begins in Saudi Arabia (More
German nurse suspected of murdering 86 patients (More

My Weekend at the Falwells’ South Beach Flophouse. 

Politico Magazine | Brandon Ambrosino. What began as a look at internal disagreements at Liberty University - the largest evangelical university in the world - over Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr.'s public support for President Trump ended at a seedy Miami hostel with a posted sign saying "NO RELIGION". The headline pops, but the real story is the deeper look at the university's business model - from land dealings to its online courses.

What Actually Happened the Night Van Gogh Cut off His Own Ear. 

Brain Pickings | Maria Popova. On December 30th, 1888 Vincent Van Gogh sliced off his right ear and gave it to a woman at a brothel; seventeen months later, he shot himself in the chest with a revolver and died. Since then, biographers and pop culture have inaccurately portrayed the circumstances leading up to the events of his tragic death. But Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh’s closest friend and mentor, wrote of the events leading up to Van Gogh’s suicide in his intimate journals. The journals are a first hand account of madness, downfall, and most importantly, genius.
Pew Research: American Muslims are religious, but majority are open to multiple interpretations of Islam.

Over 25% of kindergarten enrollment was Hispanic last year (data from US Census).

CoCo: The streetwear obsessed 6-year-old with 200k Instagram followers.

How AI can become biased against women and minorities.

Hurricane Harvey dropped so much rain the weather service added new colors to its maps.

30 books to check out if you liked Game of Thrones and need more Hodor in your life.

U.S. Department of Agriculture's interactive map of food deserts

Rolling Stone walks through the Easter eggs in Taylor Swift's new Look What You Made Me Do video.

Schnozberries: See the teaser for ‘Super Troopers 2’.

Australia is using drones to prevent shark attacks. 

Historybook: HBD John Locke (1632); Shay's Rebellion in Springfield, Mass (1786); 3rd Olympic Games open in St. Louis (1904); HBD John McCain (1936); HBD Michael Jackson (1958); The Beatles' last public concert (Candlestick Park, SF) (1966); HBD + RIP Ingrid Bergman (1915, 1982) Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in La. (2005); RIP Gene Wilder (2016).
-Michael Jackson
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