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Good morning. It's Saturday, Jan. 27, and in this weekend edition, we're covering a ruling by the United Nations' top court on the conflict in Gaza, the end to one of the most successful missions in NASA history, and much more. First time reading? Sign up here.


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One Big Headline

Court Issues Gaza Ruling

The International Court of Justice instructed Israel yesterday to limit casualties and increase humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, a highly anticipated ruling that stopped short of ordering a complete cease-fire. The case was brought by South Africa, which accuses Israel of committing acts of genocide against Palestinians in the territory. 


The outcome of the decision is twofold: Israel must report back to the court on measures taken to implement the order within one month, and the court may continue to consider South Africa's claims of genocide—which it did not directly refute—in the future. See pages 22 to 24 of the ruling here.


The court, which is part of the United Nations, has no enforcement mechanism, though all member countries are expected to abide by its rulings. The genocide convention has its roots in World War II, after which international leaders felt existing legal frameworks inadequately addressed atrocities seen during the fighting, including the Holocaust. 


See updates on the war in Gaza here.

Quick Hits

Trump ordered to pay $83.3M in defamation lawsuit. 

A jury delivered the penalty in a civil suit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll against former President Donald Trump, accusing him of making comments damaging to her reputation after she alleged he sexually abused her in the 1990s. Lawyers for Carroll had asked the jury for at least $24M. 


NASA's Mars Ingenuity mission ends

The groundbreaking effort marked the first aerial exploration of the red planet, with the Ingenuity helicopter being deployed from the larger Perseverance rover mission, which reached the Martian surface in 2020. The craft performed 72 flights over three years, covering 14 times more distance than planned. 


King Charles III enters hospital for planned procedure.

The newly crowned king will undergo corrective surgery for an enlarged prostate, according to royal officials. The operation comes one week after Catherine, the Princess of Wales, underwent an unspecified abdominal surgery. 


Kenyan court blocks Haitian support effort.

The country's High Court said the government does not have the authority to deploy police officers outside Kenyan borders, throwing into question the status of a multinational effort to help Haiti, which has been rocked by gang violence. See an overview of challenges in Haiti here.


NFL conference championships in Baltimore, San Francisco.

The two teams playing in Super Bowl LVIII will be determined tomorrow, with the Baltimore Ravens (13-4) hosting the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs (11-6) (3 pm ET, CBS) and the Detroit Lions (12-5) traveling to play the San Francisco 49ers (12-5) (6:30 pm ET, FOX). The Super Bowl will take place Feb. 11 in Las Vegas. 


Twenty-five governors sign letter backing Texas in border fight.

The show of support comes as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has challenged the Biden administration over the use of barbed wire to deter migrants from crossing the US-Mexico border. The fencing is part of Texas' $11B Operation Lone Star, which employs a variety of methods to stem migrant flows. 

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NFL star Travis Kelce teams up with breakfast company Kodiak to donate 25,000 hot meals to Kansas City children and their families. (More)


Texas second grader uses allowance funds to make 100 supply bags for homeless residents. (More


Pennsylvania woman crochets hundreds of scarves each winter, leaves them around town for people to stay warm. (More)


Teen with cerebral palsy wins first place in bodybuilding competition. (More


Man honored for saving woman from alligator-infested pond after car crash. (More)

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Today, we're sharing a story from reader Matthew S. in Arizona.


"When I was a little boy, my grandfather, who has since passed, had the biggest heart you could possibly imagine. We were walking on the sidewalk in San Francisco one morning, and he noticed a young man on the verge of tears standing there all alone ... it turned out the man had just lost his mom to cancer, and didn’t know where else to go and grieve. My grandfather obviously consoled him and ended up giving him a huge hug. It was the first time I had ever seen the kind of relief I saw on that poor guy’s face. I don’t think anyone had been there for him the whole time his mother was dying, and he obviously did not have anyone else."


"There’s nothing like a few kind words and a hug from someone who cares that can transform the darkest moments into the most beautiful ones. Always remember that when you see someone having a tough day."


I think we’re living in a world full of more lonely people than ever before in history. I don’t have a solution for society, but sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to just listen to them and let them let go of all that stuff they’ve been building in their heart for a long time."


What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us here.



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> Japanese eatery has a 43-year-long waitlist for its "extreme" beef croquets



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> NASA shares image of penguin- and egg-shaped galaxy.

> UPS driver snaps photos with dogs he meets.

> Why do people have different tastes in music?



> Exploring MTV's iconic neon astronaut channel identifier and its fascination with the Moonman.  



Deep in the rainforest, baby tamarinds race to escape deadly ocelots

> Meet the man who can run the world's fastest backward mile.

> ... and the 16-year-old aspiring model living in Mumbai's slums


Long Read 

> The story of "Bum" Farto, a Florida fire-chief-turned-drug-dealer who vanished.

> An illustrative guide to the full moons of 2024.

> The couple who fell in love and survived Auschwitz.


Most Read of the Week: Baby names at risk of going extinct in 2024.


Historybook: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born (1756); British author Lewis Carroll born (1832); Auschwitz concentration camp is liberated (1945); Paris Peace Accords brings end to Vietnam War (1973); Andre the Giant dies (1993); American author JD Salinger dies (2010).

"It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

- Lewis Carroll

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