Highland Park, Particle Accelerators, and the Tour de France Everything you need to know for today in five minutes.

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Highland Park Shooting Fallout 

The gunman who shot into a crowd killing seven people and injuring more than 40 during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, has been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder, officials announced yesterday. He allegedly had been planning the attack for several weeks and wore women’s clothing to disguise his identity. 


The 21-year-old shooter climbed a fire escape ladder and fired more than 70 rounds with a legally purchased high-powered rifle from the roof of a building. He then fled the scene and went to his mother’s house to take her car. He was taken into custody hours later in nearby Lake Forest after a brief police chase. A second gun was found in his car following his arrest.


Details on the victims started to emerge yesterday, with the victims ranging in age from 35 to 88.


Highland Park police said they previously seized 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword from the suspect in 2019, after the suspect threatened to "kill everyone." See photos from the day here.

Large Hadron Collider

The world's most powerful particle accelerator resumed experiments yesterday, following a three-year hiatus during which researchers upgraded the system to achieve unprecedented energies. 


The Large Hadron Collider, based near Geneva, Switzerland, is the centerpiece of the world's biggest particle physics lab (read more). Its underground 17-mile-long tubes accelerate charged particles, typically protons, to close to the speed of light—before smashing them together or with other atoms or particles. The resulting collisions effectively break apart the particles into their constituent parts, known as quarks and gluons, and provide a brief moment in time for scientists to study exotic forms of matter and the forces that hold them together. 


Recent upgrades will allow scientists to both create stronger collisions and collect more data during each experiment. Among other potential discoveries, researchers hope to observe the long-hypothesized axion, which may underlie the universe's mysterious dark matter.

UK Officials Resign

Two of the UK's most senior officials, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, resigned yesterday, saying they no longer have confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's leadership. Sunak and Javid were tasked with two of the biggest issues facing Britain—the rising cost of living and the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. See their resignation letters here and here.


Their departures follow a series of government scandals under Johnson's watch, including social gatherings held during the COVID-19 lockdowns and most recently sexual misconduct allegations against a senior lawmaker, whom Johnson previously promoted despite reportedly knowing about the allegations. Last month, Johnson narrowly survived a no-confidence vote triggered by his own Conservative party, but observers say dissatisfaction with his leadership has continued.


Resignations from other Conservative party members followed suit yesterday, including Bim Afolami, who quit as the party's vice chairman on live TV

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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> San Jose Sharks' Mike Grier becomes first Black general manager in NHL history (More) | Demaryius Thomas, former NFL star who was found dead at his home in 2021 at age 33, had stage 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy (More) | Read CTE explainer (More)


> Bradford Freeman, World War II veteran and last surviving member of "Band of Brothers" company, dies at 97 (More)


> Rihanna's net worth tops $1.4B per Forbes estimate, making her America's youngest self-made female billionaire (More)

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Science & Technology

> Fields Medal awarded to four mathematicians, including Ukrainian professor Maryna Viazovska, the second woman to win the prestigious math prize (More) | See background on the work of each winner (More)


> US health officials say the omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants comprise 70% of new COVID-19 cases in the country, up from 1% at the start of May (More) | What to know about the variants (More) | See current US COVID-19 stats (More)


> Astronomers discover star with the fastest orbital period around a black hole; the star S4716 orbits Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, at almost 5,000 miles per second (More)

Business & Markets

> US stock markets mixed (S&P 500 +0.2%, Dow -0.4%, Nasdaq +1.8%) but tech stocks close higher; oil prices drop below $100 per barrel for first time since May (More)


> Euro currency falls to 20-year low versus the US dollar, nearing parity (More)


> Technology and media executives arrive in Idaho for annual Sun Valley conference (More)

Politics & World Affairs

> NATO's 30 ambassadors sign accession protocols for Sweden and Finland to join the alliance; each member country's parliament must ratify the protocols as next steps (More) | Russia shells Ukraine's eastern city of Sloviansk (More) | See updates on the war (More)


> Italy declares state of emergency in five northern regions surrounding the Po River amid the country's worst drought in 70 years (More) | Search resumes for missing hikers after an avalanche in northern Italy kills at least seven people (More)


> New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signs gun regulation measures into law, including a ban on 0.50 caliber rifles and the use of microstamping technology (More) | Medal of Honor awarded to four Army veterans for service in the Vietnam War (More)



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"Musicians don't retire—they stop when there's no more music in them."

- Louis Armstrong

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