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Need To Know.
Happy Birthday (Eve), America.
Congratulations, America - tomorrow marks the 243rd commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. The Congress actually voted to separate from Great Britain two days earlier, and some argue that the US didn't really become a country until we began operating under the Constitution in 1789. Since that first 4th of July the country has changed tremendously - from 13 colonies to 50 states, from 2.5 million to 325 million people, from under $1 billion in inflation-adjusted GDP (the measurement of a country's annual output) to over $19.4 trillion, and more. Advances in public health have cut the child mortality rate from over 45% to under 1%, and our citizens live 35 years longer on average (though minority rates still lag behind). We've built over 2.6 million miles of paved roads and over 5,000 airports. In 1800, 95% of the population lived in rural areas - now over 80% live in urban areas, and demographics have shifted, with minorities representing close to 30% of the population. So grab a hot dog and your drink of choice - here's to the next 243 years. 

...And we heard you're throwing yourself quite the birthday bash, complete with tanks
US Women in World Cup Final.
The US women's national soccer team advanced to the finals of the 2019 World Cup yesterday, surviving against England by a score of 2-1 yesterday. It will be the team's fifth appearance in the World Cup final, having won in 1991, 1998, and 2015, and gives the chance to win their first back-to-back titles. The team won with star Megan Rapinoe sitting out due to a sore hamstring - Christen Press took Rapinoe's place, scoring the first goal of the match in the 9th minute. Alex Morgan added a second goal in minute 31 - performing a not-so-subtle troll of the English crowd during the celebration - and goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher stopped a critical penalty kick in 84th minute. The US will face the winner of the Netherlands-Sweden match today, with the final set for this Sunday (11am ET, Fox). Watch a 90-second recap of the match highlights here

On the men's side, the US faces Jamaica in the Gold Cup semifinal today (9:30pm ET) and Brazil beat Argentina 2-0 in the semifinals of the Copa América championship. 
House Sues Over Trump Taxes.
House Democrats filed a lawsuit against the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service yesterday, escalating efforts to obtain President Trump’s recent tax returns. Led by the Ways and Means Committee, the top tax-writing body in the House, the suit comes after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS chief Charles Rettig refused a subpoena for the documents issued months ago. House Democrats pointed to a 1924 law passed in the wake of the Teapot Dome Scandal (what is that?) that allows access to personal tax records as a basis for the move. Supporters also say the larger issue is the power of the congressional subpoena - the White House has denied a number of subpoenas, saying requests should be limited to “legitimate” legislative functions, namely writing new laws. Congress meanwhile insists its ability to compel information is broader and is essential to its oversight function. The court battle is expected to take months, if not years, to resolve. 

Read the full legal complaint here.
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Nike pulls release of 'Betsy Ross' American flag shoes after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick reportedly expressed concerns over use of the flag (More) | Arizona governor removes tax incentives for Nike following the brand's decision (More)
> Lee Iacocca, former Ford and Chrysler executive and auto industry legend famous for the Ford Mustang, dies at age 94 (More)
Seven arrested for allegedly vandalizing Chicago's famous Cloud Gate, better known as The Bean; the iconic sculpture was defaced with graffiti Monday evening (More)
Science & Technology.
> In groundbreaking result, researchers combine CRISPR with antiretroviral therapy to eliminate the HIV virus in living mice (More) | Go Deeper: How the gene-editing tool works (More)
> Scientists track arctic fox as it treks over 2,000 miles in 76 days, from Norway to Canada; surprising results provide insight into potential migration patterns as arctic warms (More)
> In first demonstration of brain-to-brain network with more than two people, new system allows three people to interact using only their minds (More
Business & Markets.
> International Monetary Fund Chief Christine Lagarde nominated to become first female President of the European Central Bank (More)
> Anheuser-Busch InBev seeks to raise ~$10B in Hong Kong for Asia-Pacific business unit (More)
> Tesla delivers record 95k cars in Q2, shares surge 7% in after-hours trading (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Trump administration drops citizenship question from 2020 census after Supreme Court rejects rationale for its inclusion (More)
> Election 2020: Reports say Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper’s campaign is “in shambles”, aides try to convince him to drop out and run for Senate (More) | Trump, Republican National Committee raise whopping $105M in second quarter (More)
> Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher found not guilty of murder in highly-publicized war crimes trial (More) | Go Deeper: What Gallagher stood accused of (More)
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The Fourth of July in 9 graphs.

Read Frederick Douglass’ iconic “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?

...And a letter from John Adams to his wife on the eve of signing the Declaration of Independence.

Which cities have the best 4th of July fireworks.

11 perfect podcasts to listen to on America's birthday (paywall, NYT). 

Worth Knowing: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died hours apart - on the Fourth of July.

The quintessential American fiction, as rated by the rest of the world.

Different Gallup polls combine for 10 things you need to know about America.

Clickbait: The 50 best strange-but-true facts about the US
Historybook: Battle of Gettysburg ends on Pickett’s Charge (1863); HBD Tom Cruise (1962); Jackie Robinson is first African American inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame (1962); RIP musician Jim Morrison (1971); HBD actress Olivia Munn (1980)
"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."
- Jackie Robinson
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