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Russia to Depart ISS

Russian space agency Roscosmos announced yesterday it will pull out of the International Space Station after 2024, saying it would instead pivot to the development of its own orbital space station.


The news comes after NASA and Roscosmos struck a deal earlier this month for US and Russian astronauts to continue riding in spacecraft from each other’s agencies. ISS operations are interdependent—Russia is responsible for maintaining the facility's orbital trajectory while the US leads responsibility for the power supply—and it is not clear how the space station will continue running without Russia.


The ISS has been in orbit since 1998 and is a joint partnership between space agencies in Russia, the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. NASA plans to continue operation of the current ISS through 2030 when the US will switch to private space stations. See background on the space station here.

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Senate Eyes CHIPS

A bipartisan bill to support the US semiconductor industry and boost the country's economic competitiveness in high-tech sectors cleared a procedural hurdle in the Senate yesterday by a vote of 64-32.


Referred to as CHIPS-plus, the roughly $280B bill is an expansion of a more narrow effort to focus on domestic microchip manufacturing. The issue came into focus over the past two years amid a supply chain crunch coupled with aggressive investment in the industry by other nations. Much of the global supply is controlled by one company—Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC—which produces more than half of the global supply and more than 90% of the most advanced chips. 


On top of roughly $52B for chip manufacturing, the bill bolsters research efforts at the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and more. Explore provisions here


The bill is expected to clear the Senate as early as today before heading to the House for approval.

St. Louis Deluge

Record rainfall drenched the greater St. Louis area early Tuesday, with flash floods leading to one death and displacing dozens of residents from their homes. 


Heavy thunderstorms stalled over a thin band of eastern Missouri, dropping over an inch of rain per hour. The rainfall sailed past the previous daily record of around 6.8 inches recorded in 1915, with over 10 inches falling in less than half a day. Much of downtown St. Louis was temporarily closed Tuesday, including major highways and the Gateway Arch. The deluge ended a prolonged period of drought in the metropolitan area, with hard, dry surfaces unable to absorb excess precipitation. 


The downfall stopped in the afternoon, though more precipitation is expected over the next two days. See images from across the region here


Separately, a heat wave is expected to bring triple-digit temperatures to parts of the Pacific Northwest beginning today.

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Business & Markets

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Politics & World Affairs

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> Officials find body in Lake Mead amid record low water levels, the third such discovery since May; no official comment on identity or cause of death as of this writing (More)



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