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Good morning. It's Monday, June 6, and we're covering a step toward easing the baby formula crisis, a step forward for the Chinese space program, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].



Abbott Restarts in Sturgis

Abbott Nutrition restarted production of some types of baby formula at its plant in Sturgis, Michigan, over the weekend, a step many hope will help ease a nationwide shortage. The company said it would begin with EleCare, a product meant for infants with digestive issues.


Abbott, which also produces Similac, accounts for more than 40% of the US baby formula market. The Sturgis plant was voluntarily shut down in February after a number of infants were diagnosed with bacterial infections after consuming formula made at the facility. Two infants ultimately died from infections, though the company has said testing at the plant did not establish a direct link with the cases. Production is restarting following approval from the Food and Drug Administration per guidelines from a May agreement.  


The Sturgis shutdown exacerbated existing pandemic-related supply chain issues, with out-of-stock rates hitting 74% by the end of May. See an overview of the shortage here.

Tiangong Nears Completion

A crew of three Chinese astronauts arrived at the country's nearly complete Tiangong space station yesterday. As the third crewed mission to arrive at the station's core module, the trio will spend six months in space and oversee the arrival and assembly of the station's final two modules.


The orbital facility is regarded as China's answer to the International Space Station, of which China is not a member. The ISS program consists of 15 member countries—including Russia—but US law prohibits bilateral cooperation with China on space efforts. Once completed, the Tiangong station will be roughly 20% the size of the ISS.


The station is one of the crown jewels of China's rapidly advancing space program. In the past two years, the country has completed a satellite-based navigation system, uncrewed missions to Mars and the moon, and more.

Monkeypox Spreads

At least 24 cases of monkeypox across 11 states have been identified, US health officials said over the weekend, with more than 400 potential contacts under investigation. Two strains are said to be circulating in the country. Officials say the risk to public health remains low, and a widespread epidemic is unlikely.


The spread comes amid a broader global outbreak, with more than 900 cases reported in almost 30 countries (see map). It marks the largest known spread of the virus outside of Central and Western Africa, where it is endemic. Officials say the current outbreak was likely seeded at two European raves, with a high number of cases being reported by gay and bisexual men.


The rare infectious disease is typically transmitted to humans via interaction with monkeys and rodents, and human-to-human transmission is low. Learn more about monkeypox here.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> Platinum Jubilee wraps as 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II makes appearance on Buckingham Palace balcony (More)


> "Top Gun: Maverick" hauls in $86M in second weekend, becomes Tom Cruise's top-grossing domestic film with $291M so far (More) | Original "Gerber Baby" Ann Turner Cook dies at 95 (More) | Alec John Such, founding member of Bon Jovi, dies at 70 (More)


> Rafael Nadal wins his 14th French Open and 22nd Grand Slam, extending men's record for most ever (More) | Wales tops Ukraine 1-0 to end Ukraine's 2022 men's World Cup qualification hopes; Wales qualifies for first time in 64 years (More)

Science & Technology

> Apple kicks off annual developer conference; expected announcements include iOS 16, new MacBooks, and plans for VR-supported FaceTime (More)


> Engineers develop nanofibers capable of impersonating human muscles; material may be used in robotics and medical applications (More)


> Researchers discover new treatment for drug-resistant malaria; the compound effectively causes malaria-causing parasites to self-destruct without harming host cells (More)

Business & Markets

> US stock markets fall Friday (S&P 500 -1.6%, Dow -1.1%, Nasdaq -2.5%) as indices close down for the week (More)


> Tesla shares drop 9% after reports CEO Elon Musk plans for potential hiring freeze and workforce reduction (More) | Musk appears to reverse course in later tweet (More)


> Microsoft promises it will not fight potential employee unionization efforts; decision announced via blog post by CEO Brad Smith (More)

Politics & World Affairs

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> Russia renews missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, claiming to target military supplies provided by the West (More) | See updates on the war here (More)


> Tropical Storm Alex becomes the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season after causing flash floods in Florida over the weekend; system is headed out to open waters (More)


> Three killed, at least 11 injured in shooting late Saturday in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; officials say multiple gunmen were involved, suspects have not been located (More) | Texas fugitive killed by police, identified as suspect in the murder of a family of five following his escape from a prison bus in May (More)

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