Midwest Shootings, Tropical Storm, and a 79-Year-Old Champion Powerlifter 1440 Weekend Edition

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Good morning. It's Saturday, June 4, and in this weekend edition, we're covering continued gun violence in the US while New York passes gun-control legislation, a growing tropical storm, and much more. Have feedback? We'd love to hear it. Let us know at [email protected]

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US Shootings Continue 

Separate shootings at a church and funeral in the Midwest are the latest in a string of gun violence across the US. A man shot and killed two women, and then himself, in a parking lot outside of the Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa, Thursday night. In a different incident, two people were shot and injured during a funeral at Graceland Cemetery in Racine, Wisconsin.


Thursday's shootings came a day after five people were killed, including the attacker, after a gunman opened fire at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, medical facility. In the last three weeks, mass shootings killed 21 people, including children, at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school and 10 people in Buffalo, New York. See a list of the worst mass shootings in the US here


Separately, the New York state Legislature passed a gun-control package consisting of 10 bills. The measures include raising the age to 21 to buy or own semiautomatic rifles, which is expected to face legal challenges. The package also requires handguns to come equipped with microstamping technology to help law enforcement trace bullets to particular firearms. The package heads to Gov. Kathy Hochul's (D) desk for signing.



Rubles are now official currency in Ukraine's Kherson region.

The southern port city of Kherson was the first major Ukrainian city Russian forces had captured since the start of the invasion. Russian passports are also being offered to residents in Kherson as well as the Zaporizhzhia region.


Tropical storm warnings issued for southern Florida.

Heavy rains and winds of 39 mph or greater are expected across parts of Florida, Cuba, and the Bahamas into the weekend. The weather system could develop into the first storm of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season.


McCormick concedes to Oz in Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary.

Businessman David McCormick officially conceded Friday to Dr. Mehmet Oz in what has been a hotly contested Republican Senate primary, with a recount underway and McCormick still falling short. Oz, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, will face Democratic nominee and current Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in November. 


US employers added 390,000 jobs in May.

The figure is the 17th straight monthly gain and higher than the 328,000 jobs analysts had expected. Average hourly earnings grew 0.3% on a monthly basis and rose 5.2% year-over-year, down from 5.5% in April. Unemployment held at 3.6%. 


Turkey's inflation rate hit 73.5% in May.

The rate is the highest in 24 years in the country of 84 million people. The most affected sectors are transportation and food, where yearly costs increased about 107% and 92%, respectively.  


Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro indicted for contempt.

A federal grand jury charged Navarro with two counts of contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena from a House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 storming of the US Capitol. Navarro faces a maximum of two years in jail. 

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Today, we're sharing a story from reader Kristin L. in Panama City, Florida.


"A lady stopped me in the grocery store this week to compliment my outfit. It made me feel good, because I struggle with my self-worth and esteem. But I try every day to make sure I look and dress nice for work. So when I stopped by the grocery at the end of my day, and she stopped me, it made my week!" 


Find more stories of kindness here. 

What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us.



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Best of the Week: When baby foxes get ahold of the GoPro.

Historybook: Inventor Sylvan Goldman introduces world's first shopping carts at Humpty Dumpty grocery stores in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1937); The British complete the "Miracle of Dunkirk" by evacuating over 300,000 allied troops from France (1940); HBD actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie (1975); Singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen releases "Born in the USA" (1984). 


"All people have is hope. That's what brings the next day and whatever that day may bring... A hope grounded in the real world of living, friendship, work, family."

- Bruce Springsteen

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