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Need To Know.
Hong Kong Protests Intensify.
Protests in Hong Kong reignited today as demonstrators rallied against a proposed extradition bill that would allow anyone accused of a crime in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory to be sent to mainland China to face trial. Police used tear gas and water cannons on the crowds as demonstrators passed police barricades surrounding the legislative chamber (see photos). The protests forced legislators to reschedule debate on the bill, backed by Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam, to an unspecified date in the future. The demonstrations follow a massive gathering over the weekend, at which organizers estimated over 1 million of the territory's 7.4 million residents attended. Hong Kong has operated under a "one country, two systems" framework since leaving British rule in 1997, but many say China has increasingly tried to exert its influence, and the new law would erode civil liberties and put virtually anyone the ruling Communist Party deems a threat in danger of being sent to the mainland. 
US Women Dominate.
The US women's national soccer team opened the defense of its 2015 World Cup title in dominating fashion, beating a young Thailand team by a score of 13-0. The US led 3-0 at the break, scoring 10 goals to close out the game while allowing only two shots on goal - compared to 39 by the US (see stats). Star forward Alex Morgan scored a record-tying 5 goals in a victory that broke a number of other World Cup records, including the most goals scored in a game and largest margin of victory, passing Germany's 11-0 rout of Argentina in 2007. The US women entered the tournament as favorites to win the Cup and next face Chile on Sunday (12pm ET, Fox) in Paris. The Thai women's national team was ranked 34th in the world and receives relatively low investment from the country, leading some critics to question whether the US ran up the score

Watch a supercut of all 13 goals here.
Study Predicts Marine Life Decline.
The world's oceans could lose up to one-sixth of its marine life by the year 2100 if waters continue to warm at current rates, according to estimates released yesterday. The study, which averaged six state-of-the-art ocean ecosystem computer models, found a decrease in marine biomass of 17% under high global greenhouse gas emissions scenarios and of 5% under the lowest emission scenario (read abstract). In general, an increase of one degree Celsius in surface air temperature decreased total ocean life by 5% by the end of the century. In addition to warmer waters, the chemistry of the world's oceans change as atmospheric carbon dioxide is absorbed - scientists estimate waters have become 30% more acidic on average over the past 200 years. Notably, plankton and bacteria - the main building blocks of the marine food chain - were found to be more resilient to warming waters than larger organisms. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Lionel Messi ($127M over last 12 months) is world's highest-paid athlete according to Forbes Magazine; fellow soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo ($109M), Neymar ($105M) round out top 3 (More)
> New reports say 2008 fire at Universal Studios destroyed 500,000 original masters including iconic recordings from Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Tom Petty, Snoop Dogg, and more (More)
> Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces reversal of prior decision to host Oscars in early February in 2021, 2022; citing challenges of competing with sporting events (More)
Science & Technology.
> Hackers breach system of Customs and Border Protection subcontractor, access over 100,000 photos of travelers and vehicle license plates taken while entering and exiting the US (More)
> Scientists convert type A blood into universal donor blood, type O, using human gut bacteria (More)
> Researchers estimate over 570 seed-bearing plant species have disappeared worldwide since 1750, over 500x quicker than before the Industrial Revolution (More)
Business & Markets.
> Famed venture capitalist Mary Meeker releases annual state of the internet report, one of the most highly anticipated reports in business and tech (More)
> 10 US states sue to halt the $26B T-Mobile/Sprint merger citing consumer prices will increase from reduced competition (More)
> Private equity giant Apollo to acquire Shutterfly & Snapfish to create larger player in online photo services (More) | Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Visa top 2019 list of world’s most valuable corporate brands (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> US Catholic bishops convene national meeting amid sex-abuse crisis, float independent third-party to review abuse allegations (More)
> Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) signs bill requiring chemical castration for sex offenders who targeted children under 13 years of age as condition for parole; becomes 7th state to authorize the punishment for sex offenses (More)
> 26 wounded as Houthi rebels hit Abha airport in Saudi Arabia airport missile fired from Yemen (More)
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