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Need To Know.
Barr Contempt Charge Dropped.
The House Judiciary Committee announced yesterday it would place contempt charges against Attorney General William Barr on hold after the Justice Department said it would share selected documents related to the recently-closed probe into Russian election meddling. Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D, NY-13) has keyed in on potential obstruction of justice by President Trump during the nearly two-year-long probe - Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not make a conclusion about such charges in the formal report, neither clearing the President nor supporting charges against him. Barr initially declined a subpoena from the Committee seeking documents underlying the report, leading to the threat of a contempt charge. The news comes as the Committee opened hearings into the findings of the Mueller report - including testimony from former White House counsel to Richard Nixon. 

The full House will still hold a vote today authorizing the Committee to bring contempt charges on its own at a later date.
Kevin Durant Injured (Again).
Team officials say Golden State Warriors star forward Kevin Durant likely suffered a torn Achilles tendon in last night's 106-105 over the Toronto Raptors in Game 5 of the NBA finals. Notably, the former league MVP and 10-time All Star had not played in a game since injuring his calf on May 8th, and began yesterday as a game-time decision. A torn Achilles is viewed as one of the worst injuries an NBA player can sustain, often with a year-long recovery period after which performance often notably declines. Durant's injury (see video) left team coaches and executives wondering if he had rushed back too soon - the Warriors had faced elimination, down 3-1 before winning last night. Warriors general manager Bob Myers fought back tears during a post-game press conference.

The series heads back to the West Coast for Game 6 (9pm ET, ABC) with the Raptors leading 3-2.
Kim Jong Nam.
The deceased half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was an informant for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to an explosive Wall Street Journal report (paywall) yesterday. Kim Jong Nam, the older sibling of Kim Jong Un, was exiled from the country in 2003, ostensibly for embarrassing the ruling family when he tried to visit Tokyo Disneyland using a false passport. He died under mysterious circumstances in 2017 in a Malaysian airport - two women were arrested and charged for surreptitiously using VX nerve agent to assassinate him (see video of the attack). The reports suggested that Nam met with agents multiple times after departing the country, and was likely in touch with intelligence agencies from multiple countries. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Microsoft unveils next-generation Xbox gaming console, codenamed Project Scarlett; will support 8k graphics (More)
> Ex-NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II found guilty of rape and indecent exposure; jury still deadlocked on six additional felony charges (More)
> Bushwick Bill, founding member of pioneering rap group Geto Boys, dies at 52 (More)
Science & Technology.
> Experimental immunotherapy shown to delay onset of Type I diabetes by an average of two years; first time a drug has prevented or delayed the disease (More)
> Astronomers discover 1,200-mile-wide mass underneath Moon’s South Pole; believed to be metal deposit from ancient asteroid impact (More)
> Study shows night owls are able to shift their internal circadian rhythms without loss of performance or health (More)
Business & Markets.
> Cloud software giant Salesforce to acquire big-data analytics firm Tableau for $15B+ in all-stock deal (More)
> Opioid manufacturer Insys files for bankruptcy after $225M kick-back scheme settlement reached with Justice Department (More)
> Retailer Hudson Bay - owner of Saks, Lord & Taylor - receives offer from shareholders to take company private (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> 95 reported dead in massacre in West African country of Mali; follows an alleged March attack by the Dogon ethnic militia that killed 157 ethnic Peuhl villagers (More)
> Vatican rejects concept of gender fluidity, transgenderism in official Catholic education documents (More)
> Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) named head of Citizenship and Immigration Services; faces tough path to Senate confirmation, having led efforts to oust Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in the past (More)
In Depth.
Why HBO's "Chernobyl" Gets Nuclear So Wrong.
Forbes | Michael Shellenberger. HBO's acclaimed mini-series about the Chernobyl disaster has been heaped with praise, though some of its creative liberties have had unintended consequences. Through sensationalizing the effects of radiation sickness, the show- which set out to highlight a failing political system - may be inducing fresh panic over nuclear energy. (Read)
Meet the Money Whisperer to the Super-Rich NBA Elite.
New York Times | Devin Gordon. When managing NBA players' money, it's best to have strict rules - that's why Joe McLean makes his clients agree to keep 60% of every dollar that comes in. With players like Klay Thompson lining up to sign $200 million contracts with him this off-season, it's clear that the approach is working. (Read, paywall)
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Helicopter crash lands on top of a Midtown Manhattan building.

Where populations are booming (and shrinking) across the globe

Updating the great American road trip across all 50 states.

...and the best islands in America to visit this summer.

How to deal with your terrible neighbors (nicely). 

Not washing your clothes might be the next big thing in fashion

London building to debut first 360-degree infinity pool.

Clickbait: Dobby from Harry Potter gets creepy on home security footage.
Historybook: HBD politician and suffragist Jeannette Rankin (1880); JFK sends in National Guard to integrate University of Alabama (1963); Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington are first two women to become Generals in US Army (1970); RIP film star John Wayne (1979); RIP actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee (2014).
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