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US Pulls Out of Iran Nuclear Deal.
President Trump announced yesterday that the US would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, a multilateral deal that lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for limiting their nuclear program. The 2015 deal lifted sanctions imposed by a number of countries - China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and the European Union also signed the deal - and the decision only affects US-related sanctions, which primarily target the financial and energy sectors. The key element in both nuclear power and nuclear weapons is uranium-235, or 'enriched' uranium. Nuclear power usually requires about 3-5% enrichment - nuclear weapons require 80%-95% enrichment. While Iran has historically said its two uranium mines, processing facility, and three enrichment sites were for peaceful purposes, critics maintained that the country operated a clandestine weapons-grade enrichment program. The deal focused on removing Iran's higher enrichment capabilities. 

France, Germany, and Britain have said they are committed to remaining in the deal. 

Senate Set to Grill CIA Nominee.
President Trump's pick to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, Gina Haspel, will face a confirmation hearing today before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Unlike her predecessor, current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who was a US House representative from Kansas prior to assuming the role, Haspel is a career intelligence professional with over 33 years at the Agency. Critics say her experience is also her weakness - she reportedly briefly led a clandestine detention facility in Thailand where suspected terrorists were allegedly tortured for information. Haspel had considered withdrawing her nomination within the past week over the reports before President Trump encouraged her to continue.

If confirmed Haspel would become the first female director of the CIA. 

Cannes Film Festival.
The 71st Cannes Film Festival kicked off yesterday in Cannes, France, previewing international films and documentaries from around the world - usually before they become available to viewers - and awards the prestigious Palme d'Or for best film (see past winners). Among notable entries, 
Spike Lee has his first showing since 1991 with BlacKkKlansman, the story of a black police officer who went undercover in the KKK in the late 1970s. Lars Von Trier - who was almost banned from the festival for 2011 comments about Hitler - returns with The House That Jack Built, a psychological thriller about a serial killer with Uma Thurman and Matt Damon. The festival will close with the ill-fated The Man Who Killed Don Quixote - production on the film began almost 20 years ago starring a young Johnny Depp, and has been stalled by floods, insurance and financing issues, lawsuits, and the death of two actors. As if that wasn't enough, director Terry Gilliam suffered a minor stroke earlier this week, preventing him from attending the opening night. The festival runs until the 19th - you can see a full lineup here
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In The Know.

Politics & World Affairs.

New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in North Korea to finalize summit between Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (More)
Mike Pence's brother, Greg, wins republican primary for IN-06 House seat (More) | Takeaways from first big primary day in 2018 (More
World Health Organization declares new Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, at least two cases confirmed and 21 suspected cases observed (More)

Business & Markets.

6.5M US job openings match the number of unemployed, the highest number of openings since December 2000 (More)
5 more executives depart Nike in wake of workplace harassment scandal, stock down 1% (More)
Japanese drugmaker Takeda to buy Dublin-based drugmaker Shire for $62B, Japan's largest buyout ever (More)

Science & Technology.

Exposure to air pollution causes genetic changes in rat brains - as opposed to just causing sickness - that can lead to cancer, other illnesses (More) |  What is epigenetics? (More)
Uber rolls out vision for on-demand air taxis, says pilot program is possible as early as 2020 (More)
Google holds 2018 I/O developers conference, see everything announced here (More)

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors both win Western Conference Semifinal matchups; advance to face each other in Western Conference Finals (More)
CMT Music Award nominations released; Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood top list of nods with 4 apiece (More)  
Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton throws a no-hitter against Blue Jays, becomes just the 2nd Canadian to achieve the feat (More)
Study says life gets better and people get happier after 50.

Forbes releases its list of 2018's most powerful people

It's An Illusion: Netflix releases trailer for season 5 of Arrested Development.

Videographer edits century-old film to give a dynamic view of New York City in the early 1900's.

Elon Musk attends 2018 Met Gala with musician Grimes (they're an item). 

Americans left 212 million vacation days on the table in 2017, equal to $62.2B in lost benefits

Ugh Millennials: More than a million of you become moms each year.

A cockroach crawled into a woman's ear - it took nine days to get it out.

The longest cruise in the world visits 59 countries over 245 days and costs $93,000.

Clickbait: Russell Crowe funds a koala chlamydia clinic, names it after John Oliver.

Historybook: HBD Billy Joel (1949); L. Ron Hubbard, creator of Scientology, publishes Dianetics (1950); HBD Ghostface Killah (1970); Impeachment proceedings begin against President Nixon (1974); RIP Lena Horne (2010).

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