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Need To Know.
IM Pei Dies.
Renowned architect IM Pei passed away yesterday at the age of 102, according to family members. The famed modernist designer, creator of the iconic glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris (see best works), was known for incorporating expansive networks of steel and glass into his structures. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard School of Design, Pei spent his early years fighting against the then-common Beaux-Arts style of architecture, which favored classical Greco-Roman buildings and gained popularity in the US through the 1930s. His big break came when he was selected as chief architect to construct the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston in 1964, one year after the president's assassination. Pei went on to design nearly 90 major works during his career, winning the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, the Pritzker Prize (known as the Nobel Prize of architecture), and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Read about one of Pei's biggest setbacks, Boston's John Hancock Tower, which saw 500-pound windows pop out during construction. 
Fortune 500.
Fortune Magazine released its list of Fortune 500 companies yesterday, the 65th edition of its annual ranking of America's most valuable companies. The list - which ranks companies by annual revenue - represents nearly two-thirds of US GDP while accounting for nearly $22.6T in market value (up $1T from 2018) and 28.7 million employees worldwide (up 500,000 from 2018). Walmart stayed on top of the list for the seventh year in a row with $514B in revenue, beating second-ranked Exxon Mobil by $224B. Rounding out the top five were Apple ($265B), Berkshire Hathaway ($248B), and Amazon ($232B). Apple was the most profitable of the group, netting $59.5B. This year’s group also had the highest number of female CEOs in its history, though the 33 female chief executives still represented a paltry 6.6% of the total group. Explore the list with this interactive map of each company’s footprint.  

Separately, a Wall Street Journal analysis estimated the median salary of S&P 500 CEOs at $12.8M (and two made salaries of $1).
Theresa May Plans Her Exit.
British Prime Minister Theresa May committed to setting a timetable to resign in early June, following a final attempt to pass her package guiding the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. The so-called Brexit package would oversee how taxes, trade, travel, and more operate between the country and the EU following a split. May had previously offered to step down at a to-be-determined date in order to get the package approved by Parliament to no avail - May's package, negotiated over the course of two years since the UK populace voted to leave the EU in 2016, has failed repeatedly. May herself took over when former PM David Cameron resigned after 52% of voters supported the so-called Brexit in a 2016 national referendum (see timeline). Previously May said she would resign if her plan was approved, but the announcement now means she intends to step down regardless of how the final vote turns out. 

The UK now has until October 31st to pass a package, or face a "no-deal" Brexit.  
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Brooks Koepka shoots course record 63, leads PGA Championship by one shot (More) | See full Round 1 results (More)
> The Big Bang Theory series finale aired last night after 12 seasons, 279 episodes (More) | The numbers behind the longest running American multi-cam sitcom ever (More)
> The Preakness Stakes, the second leg of horse racing's Triple Crown, set for tomorrow night; won't include Kentucky Derby's controversial winner Country House (More)

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Science & Technology.
> Chinese moon rover finds that soil composition suggests a past meteor strike that created a nearly 50-mile-wide crater (More)
> Europol, FBI arrest alleged head of cybercrime ring that attempted to steal $100M across 44,000 computers (More)
> Scientists create synthetic E. coli bacteria by building up the genome from scratch, “recoded” to remove errors and duplications found in nature (More)
Business & Markets.
> JPMorgan, Citi, Barclays among banks fined €1.2B for rigging foreign exchange prices (More)
> Earnings Season: Walmart exceeds Wall Street expectations, US e-commerce revenues up 37% (More) | Pinterest reports loss larger than expected in first earnings report, shares down ~16% in after-hours (More)
> Goldman Sachs makes largest acquisition in 20 years, paying $750M for boutique wealth management firm (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.
> New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces 2020 presidential bid, becomes 23rd major Democratic candidate (More) | See full list from both parties (More)
> Missouri Senate passes ban on abortions after 8 weeks of pregnancy; comes hours after Alabama governor signed a near-total ban into law (More)
> President Trump rolls out new immigration plan that would shift the award of green cards from family-based to skills-based allotments (More)
An incredible new release.
Ever heard of Casper? They're the direct-to-consumer mattress company that has the world going crazy. Famous for their obsessive engineering of mattresses, pillows, bedding, and furniture in their world-renowned Casper Labs, the Casper brand has been crowned with accolades for days (and nights!), including TIME Magazine's Best Inventions.

And today, we have a very VERY exciting announcement. We're working with Casper and Casper Labs to release their latest-and-greatest new invention, the Hybrid Collection. The designers and engineers behind Casper’s original mattress collection put springs to the test, and constructed a combination of premium materials for the perfect balance of resilient support and luxurious comfort. And it's all designed, engineered, and assembled in-house in the US for elite quality.

Choose between the Casper Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid for a crazzzy good night's sleep over both springs and foam to give you an ideal balance. No more need to count sheep, just lay down and let the comfort take control. Get your risk-free 100 night trial of the Casper Hybrid Collection now.*
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Weekend Reads.
Don’t Use My Family for Your True Crime Stories.
CrimeReads | Lilly Dancyger. The true crime genre has exploded, following in the footsteps of Serial and Making a Murderer, but its rise comes at the expense of families that must relive the horror of the past. (Read)
The Affordable Housing Crisis, Explained.
Curbed | Staff. Breaking down the policy, demographic, and market forces that have conspired to push what used to be reasonably-priced neighborhoods outside the reach of the majority of Americans. (Read)
Suffering Unseen.
National Geographic | Natasha Daly. Wildlife tourism - where travelers pose with exotic animals - is gaining popularity around the world. What those filtered Instagram photos don’t capture are the miserable conditions and treatments the animals endure when not on display. (Read)

Editor's Note: If you like this, check out this expose on one man's crusade to save endangered tigers in Laos (paywall).
Celebrity prayer candles are now a thing.

The SAT exam will start assigning students “adversity scores”.

The key to being more productive might be walking

California cafe unveils $75 cup of coffee.

A bird's eye view of the world's best beaches.

Historic photos from 100 years ago in America, just as WWI was ending

These cows are feeling themselves after getting stylish blowouts.

Fans are really unhappy with Game of Thrones
Clickbait: Family finds $35,000 gold nugget while walking dog named Lucky
Historybook: Aristides is 1st winner of Kentucky Derby (1875); Brown v Board of Education decision (1954); HBD boxer Sugar Ray Leonard (1956); 1st same-sex marriages performed in US (2004); RIP singer Donna Summer (2012).
"Success is attaining your dream while helping others to benefit from that dream materializing."
- Sugar Ray Leonard
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