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Paris Knife Attack.
A man killed one and injured four others in a knife attack in Paris' Opéra district over the weekend. Witnesses said the attacker entered the plaza in front of the Palais Garnier, home of the Paris Opera, before he began attacking passersby seemingly at random. The man, a 20-year-old French citizen, had reportedly been on a government watch list of potential national security threats. Police said he was originally born in Chechnya - a pocket of ethnic Muslims governed by Russia located in the volatile-but-strategically-important North Caucasus region (see 101). Chechnya has produced a number of terrorist threats (as labeled by larger nations), but normally in the form of its separatist struggle for independence from Russia. In this case, a video left behind suggests the attack was aligned with the Islamic State, which took credit shortly after the stabbings. 

US Embassy in Jerusalem Opens.
The American Embassy in Israel officially opened today in Jerusalem after being moved from its previous location in Tel Aviv. The move is the culmination of a decision made by President Trump last December, at the same time that the US officially recognized the city as the capital of Israel. The decision is symbolic but politically contentious - a number of protests erupted when the decision was announced - while Israel has control over the whole city, Palestine claims East Jerusalem as its capital (see background). As a result (and largely to avoid the perception of picking sides), many countries only recognize Israel's sovereignty over West Jerusalem and locate their embassies in Tel Aviv. The US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, will split time between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in order to continue hosting guests whose countries oppose the move. 

A US law actually required the move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - US presidents have been waiving the requirement every six months since 1995. 

New Fissures Open in Hawaii.
A new fissure opened in Hawaii's Puna District over the weekend, bringing the total number of fissures to 18 since the island's Kilauea volcano began erupting on May 3rd. Fissures are large vents that open in the ground to release pent up gas and lava, though they usually aren't explosive - the most recent fissure in Hawaii stretches nearly a quarter-mile long (see photos). The U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said that observation of the new fissure increases the likelihood of a ballistic explosion from the volcano's crater - the risk of explosive activity actually increases as the lava level at the crater drops. If the lava level drops below groundwater level, an influx of water could create a steam-driven explosion as it comes in contact with magma (see diagram). 

See video of Kīlauea's crater here

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Politics & World Affairs.

Single family carries out suicide attacks at three churches in Indonesia, killing at least 7 and injuring 41 (More)
Iraq holds first parliamentary elections since announcing defeat of ISIS in 2017 (More)
China launches its first home-grown aircraft carrier (More)

Business & Markets.

US Postal Service sees 1.4% revenue growth, loses $1.3B in latest quarter (More)
US commits to working with China to assist smartphone maker ZTE after US sanctions halted its operations last week (More)
US consumer sentiment holds steady in May, 8 in 10 Americans predict Fed will raise rates in 2018 (More)

Science & Technology.

Machine learning algorithm recreates video of moving discs by reading neural signals in rat brains (More)
SpaceX launches new "Block 5" version of its Falcon 9 rocket, with final booster design that will allow reuse within 24 hours (More)
Researchers identify underlying molecular mechanism that switches gender of baby turtles from female to male at lower temperatures (More)

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Dwane Casey fired by Toronto Raptors two days after winning NBA Coach of the Year (More) | Boston Celtics dominate Cleveland Cavs in Game 1 of Eastern Conference Finals (More)
American pastor, Bishop Michael Curry, to give address at Royal Wedding (More)
Avengers: Infinity War nabs $200M in debut weekend in China; passes $1.6B in global box office and becomes 5th all-time highest grossing film (More)
Social Security Administration releases 2017's top 10 baby names.

National Police Week 2018 kicks off in Washington DC

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The most honest city in America is...

Over 200 million people watched Israel's Netta win Eurovision 2018

...And viewers' life satisfaction rose according to their country's performance

The most loved brands in America for 2018.

USA Today analyzes over 3,500 Russian-bought Facebook ads

New Kansas law prohibits cops from getting busy with people in custody.  

Clickbait: Burned-out husk of fire ravaged Silicon Valley home sells for $938,000

Historybook: Jamestown is settled as first permanent English colony in the Americas (1607); Lewis and Clark begin their western expedition (1804); HDB Cate Blanchett (1969); 1st US space station, Skylab, is launched (1973); RIP Frank Sinatra (1998).

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