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Need To Know.
US-North Korea Meeting Set for June 12th.
The US announced yesterday that a historic meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place on June 12th in Singapore. The potential meeting had been in the works since early March when Trump said he would accept an invitation to meet should one be extended by North Korea. After spending much of 2017 testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, North Korea has made an abrupt diplomatic pivot in 2018 - joining South Korea for the Olympics, arranging for a meeting between Kim and South Korean president Moon Jae-in, and more recently releasing three US prisoners. The talks are expected to focus on denuclearization of the North - the North has nuclear weapons and experts believe they are close to developing a robust delivery system. In return some believe the North will ask the US to remove its nearly 23,000 troops from the Korean peninsula, while others think Kim simply seeks normalized relations with the US. 

Meanwhile, the South's Moon Jae-in is riding a nearly unprecedented wave of popularity. 

Hawaii Volcano at Risk of Explosion.
Scientists said that Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could blow its top sometime within the next week after observing significant amounts of steam billowing from the fissures that first emerged last week. The United States Geological Service issued a warning that the volcano could turn explosive - potentially sending "ballistic rocks" hurtling up to five miles in the air. Kilauea, which is a shield volcano, began pushing molten lava into streets and yards last Friday after days of seismic activity. Now, as the lava recedes it may come into contact with cool groundwater, creating pressurized steam that builds up underground (see diagram). A similar explosion happened at the Kilauea site in 1924 and lasted for a couple weeks. 

White House Holds AI Meeting.
The White House announced the launch of a new task force dedicated to expanding the federal government's investments in artificial intelligence. The announcement came during a White House meeting with top tech executives from companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google to discuss how to realize the potential economic benefits of AI - various studies suggest full realization of AI could double US GDP by 2035, increase labor productivity by 40%, and create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. However it will also destroy an estimated 1.8 million jobs, and experts say the new jobs will require dramatically different skills. The task force will work to identify programs that would retrain workers. 
While the terms artificial intelligence and automation have been used interchangeably, AI usually refers to computation that simulates human thinking, while automation more generally refers to preprogrammed tasks - some estimates project that up to 47% of US jobs are at risk due to automation over the next 20 years. 
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In The Know.

Politics & World Affairs.

Three-month-long sting operation reportedly involving senior aide to ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi nets 5 of the most wanted ISIS leaders in Syria (More)
Democrats on House Intelligence Committee release over 3,500 Russia-linked Facebook ads dated between 2015-2017, traces out strategy to influence public opinion (More)
Malaysia elects 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister (More)

Business & Markets.

Online advertising now larger than TV - advertisers spent $88B in 2017, up 21% over last year (More)
Life insurer Axa Equitable shares up 1.7% on first day of trading after raising $2.75B, largest US IPO of the year (More) | No-fee trading app RobinHood raises $363M at $5.6B valuation (More)
Apple & Goldman Sachs partnering to create new consumer credit card (More)

Science & Technology.

Researchers show that they can control home voice assistants like Alexa and Siri with audio signals that humans can't hear (More)
Federal Communications Commission sets date to end Net Neutrality for June 11th, will allow service providers to offer different pricing and speeds for different sites (More) | Net Neutrality 101 (More)
Researchers develop cheap and effective method to solve one of chemistry's most difficult problems - separating "left-handed" and "right-handed" molecules, known as chirality - will greatly improve safety of new drugs (More)

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

R. Kelly removed from Spotify playlist as part of new policy against hateful conduct (More)  
Bloomberg Philanthropies announces $43M funding for art programs in seven cities (More)
Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia claims innocence in recently surfaced 1996 sexual assault indictment (More)
Weekend Reads.

General Steve. 

BuzzFeed | Aram Roston. Stephen Toumajan, an American citizen, has made a career out of military service, but only part of it has been for the US. Toumajan is now a major general for the United Arab Emirates - a country accused of war crimes in Yemen's bloody civil war. (Read)

Principles for Success. 

Principles.com  | Ray Dalio. Drawn from his 2017 bestseller, Dalio - who is one of the best hedge fund managers in the world - shares his principles for success in 8 easy-to-digest animated shorts. Lots to chew on and applicable far beyond the business world. (Watch)

Children of the Opioid Epidemic. 

New York Times | Jennifer Egan. Estimates suggest that nearly 90% of pregnancies among women abusing prescription opioids are unexpected. A poignant look at the second-generation effects of the nation's drug crisis. (Read, paywall)

Congress Is Nudging NASA to Look for Aliens. 

The Atlantic | Marina Koren. SETI - the government-funded search for extraterrestrial life - ended in 1993. But now Congress has proposed legislation that would fund researchers looking for  "technosignatures" - is the search back on? (Read)
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