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Stolen Iranian Nuclear Plans Revealed.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed a massive archive of stolen Iranian nuclear plans yesterday, accusing the country of continuing to pursue nuclear weapons. The reveal comes just days before a May 12th deadline for President Trump to make a decision on whether to stay in, leave, or push for a modification to the 2015 deal curtailing Iran's nuclear program (see 101). The files - which according to Netanyahu amount to over 100,000 paper files, blueprints, and CDs - were stashed in an Iranian warehouse. Israeli intelligence became aware of the stash in 2016 and conducted a one-day raid last January to recover the data. While the files themselves seem authentic, experts are unsure whether any new information is contained - Iran's nuclear ambitions were well-known and no evidence was presented showing that Iran violated the nuclear agreement that took effect in early 2016 (though it may be contained in the remaining material). You can see video of the presentation here

It is unclear how agents smuggled half a ton of material out of the country in secret. 

Top Vatican Official Faces Sex Abuse Charges.
Vatican Official George Pell will face multiple charges of sexual assault after an Australian magistrate determined there was sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. The judge dismissed at least half of the historical charges - "historical" meaning they relate to incidents from decades ago, though details are held private per Australian law - after a four-week preliminary hearing. Pell, a Cardinal in the Catholic Church and third-ranking Vatican official, served as the Vatican treasurer and is the highest-ranking Catholic official to face such charges. He helped establish the Catholic Church's first formal system to handle child sex abuse claims in 1997, and was appointed in 2012 to an 8-member committee on church reform (see timeline). Pell was originally accused of mishandling sexual misconduct cases of other clergy members in 2016, before accusations against Pell himself surfaced in 2017. Officials said the actual trial may still be up to a year away. 

Detroit Released from Oversight.
The city of Detroit regained control over its finances yesterday for the first time in years after a nine-member financial review commission voted to release the city from oversight. The state-level commission was given authority to review all financial decisions over $750,000 following the city's 2013 bankruptcy. At the time it was the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history. The announcement by the commission comes three years after Detroit exited bankruptcy, and on the heels of news that the city projects a $36M surplus in 2018. It would mark the fourth straight year of fiscal surpluses for Detroit, buoyed by income tax revenues that have increased by 15% since 2014, from $254M to $292M. 

It is the first time in four decades the city has had full control over its operations.

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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Pamela Gidley, best known for her role on Twin Peaks, dies at 52 (More
13 Reasons Why, the controversial Netflix teen-suicide drama, gets May 18 release date for Season 2 (More)
Ashley Judd sues Harvey Weinstein claiming he blacklisted her from film roles (More) | Streep, Clooney, DiCaprio file objections in Weinstein Co. bankruptcy claiming they're owed money (More)

Science & Technology.

Study finds that chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and other brain diseases start an average of 13 years early for athletes who started playing football before the age of 12 (More) | What is CTE? (More)
Children from low-income families who are curious - as measured by behavioral tests - do as well on math and reading assessments as their higher-income peers (More)
Google, NBC partner to develop 10 multi-episode productions for virtual reality headsets that will run alongside core NBC programming (More)

Business & Markets.

Trump to postpone steel and aluminum tariffs until June 1 for EU, Canada, Mexico (More)
Marathon Oil to buy Andeavor for $23B creating largest US oil refinery (More) | Marriott Vacations to buy ILG for $4.7B to create the largest luxury timeshare brand (More)  
McDonald's new dollar value menu leads to earnings and sales above Wall Street expectations, shares up 5% (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Former George W. Bush ethics chief, Richard Painter, switches parties to run for Minnesota's vacated US Senate seat as a Democrat (More)
Stormy Daniels files lawsuit against President Trump for defamation (More)
Nearly four dozen questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump leaked, focus on Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, James Comey (More) | See full list (More, paywall)
In Depth.

How Do You Control 1.4 Billion People? 

The New Republic | Robert Foyle Hunwick. China's mandatory social credit system goes online in 2020, and will score citizens based on values like "commercial sincerity" and "judicial credibility". Along with the Orwellian nature of the surveillance, experts also worry about lack of transparency around the values themselves. What does it mean to align or not align with the Communist Party agenda?  

Chasing Warby Parker. 

Inc. | Robert Tom Foster. Professors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs from Wharton - one of the country's preeminent business schools - are fueling an entire generation of Warby Parkers. Now there are more than 400 startups tackling products from toothbrushes to bras. Will we end up missing middlemen
The most eco-friendly US states for 2018 (analysis by WalletHub). 

32% of US children live with an unmarried parent - up from 13% over the past 50 years.

Surfer breaks world record after catching 80-foot wave

Watch video of a massive high-rise in Brazil catch fire and collapse

French museum finds that half of its paintings are fakes.

France's gift to America has been placed in quarantine

Japanese artist obliterates an apartment with red flowers in latest installation

A squirrel mascot won a seat on the UC Berkeley student senate

Clickbait: Ohio woman arrested for stealing live butterfly

HBD Calamity Jane (1852); Dwarf planet Pluto is named (1930); Empire State Building opens in NYC (1931); The polio vaccine is first made available to the public (1956); HBD Tim McGraw (1967).
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