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Migrants in Central American 'Caravan' Seek Asylum.
Hundreds of Central American migrants arrived at the San Ysidro border crossing outside San Diego, California, with many seeking asylum to escape gang violence in their home countries. The migrants are part of a 'caravan' that had spent a month traveling through Mexico - an annual effort by the advocacy group Pueblo sin Fronteras to help vulnerable populations escape violence in their home countries - attention was raised around the group after President Trump tweeted about the group in April. Officials said that as of yesterday, the ability to process them and determine eligibility for asylum had reached capacity. By seeking asylum, the migrants are attempting to make legal entry into the US - If granted asylum, the migrants can apply for a green card after one year, and citizenship four years later. In recent years, roughly 80% of Central American applicants pass initial screenings, less than 25% are eventually granted asylum (see data here).

In separate news, Nigerians are flooding to Canada to seek asylum - via the US

Sprint and T-Mobile to Merge.
In one of the largest telecommunications deals in recent memory, T-Mobile announced it would acquire Sprint for $26B yesterday. The all-stock deal caps nearly four years of on-and-off talks between the two companies - an initial deal fell apart in 2014 after the Obama administration expressed anti-trust concerns. The combination of the third and fourth-largest carriers would create a company with nearly 127 million wireless customers, rivaling top-ranked Verizon (150 million) and AT&T (141 million). US regulators will now examine the deal to determine if it is in the public interest, though the Federal Communications Commission declared the wireless market to be competitive last year - signaling they may be open to industry consolidation. Officials said the new company would focus on building out infrastructure for a new 5G wireless network. 

North Korea Offers to Give Up Nukes.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told South Korean president Moon Jae-in that his country will stop pursuing nuclear weapons, according to reports, if the US agrees to officially end the Korean war and promises not to invade the North. The news came after days of meetings between the two leaders - the first meeting of the North and South heads of state in over a decade. Kim will also reportedly invite US experts and journalists to a nuclear test site that will be shuttered in May. The dramatic diplomatic shift comes ahead of a tentative late-spring meeting with President Trump - the US has said 'irreversible' denuclearization is a precondition for relieving pressure on North Korea. Kim is expected to ask for further concessions, like a reduced American military presence in the South, during the May meeting. 
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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Avengers: Infinity War brings in $630M at global box office; biggest opening weekend of all time (More)
Lebron, Cavs pull out Game 7 against Pacers; full playoff picture here (More) | 2nd round of NHL playoffs underway, too (More)
Days of Our Lives is big winner at Daytime Emmy Awards; complete list of winners (More

Science & Technology.

Australia pledges $500M Aus ($400M USD) to protect Great Barrier Reef, damaged from coral bleaching from warmer waters and an invasive species boom from agricultural runoff (More)
Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser erupts for third time in six weeks - hasn't erupted three times in one year since 2003 - scientists say no other evidence that volcanic activity is imminent has been observed yet (More)
Study shows that adding immune system cells in combination with virotherapy - intentionally infecting cancer cells with viruses - boosts treatment of brain tumors in mice (More)

Business & Markets.

US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 2.3% in Q1, despite weaker consumer spending (More)
> "Big Oil" companies (Chevron, Exxon, among others) deliver most profitable quarter ever (More) | Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia's national oil company, which is prepping for an IPO - appoints first female to Board of Directors (More)
E-signature provider DocuSign soars 37% to $6B valuation on first day of trading (More

Politics & World Affairs.

ISIS affiliate group takes credit for dual suicide bombings in Kabul that killed at least 25, including 8 journalists (More)
France, Britain, and Germany reaffirm support for existing Iran nuclear deal, leave door open to broadening it to cover ballistic missile testing (More)
Alfie Evans, British toddler with degenerative brain condition, dies after UK High Court supports hospital's decision to end life support, prohibits family from traveling to Italy for further treatment (More)
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