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Need To Know.
Wahoos Win Thriller.
The #1-seeded Virginia men's basketball team won the NCAA title last night, outlasting #3 seed Texas Tech 85-77 in overtime. It was the program's first national championship and offered a large dose of redemption for Coach Tony Bennett, coming one year after his team became the first #1 seed to ever lose to a #16 seed, when they suffered a humiliating 74-54 loss to Maryland-Baltimore County in 2018's opening round. It was the first championship game to go to overtime in over a decade, and saw Virginia go 12-for-12 from the free throw line in extra time to seal the game. Star Virginia guard De'Andre Hunter scored 27 while Kyle Guy, who hit a string of last-second free throws after a controversial foul call to help seal Virginia's Final Four win over Auburn, added 24 points. See highlights from the celebration here

Virginia also opened as the way-too-early favorites to win the 2020 championship. 
Israelis Head to the Polls.
Israelis go to the polls today to vote in a pivotal election, with current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking his fifth term in office amid a corruption scandal. The country’s attorney general announced in March he would indict Netanyahu on multiple charges of bribery, fraud and other crimes, though the indictments aren’t expected to be handed out for months. The charges stem from two separate cases - in the first Netanyahu and his wife allegedly took improper gifts from a number of businessmen, while in the second he is accused of backing a law that would weaken a competitor of the country's largest newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, in exchange for favorable coverage. Final polls revealed Netanyahu’s conservative Likud party was in a virtual tie with the more liberal Blue and White alliance parties, led by former Israeli Defense Forces chief of staff Benny Gantz (see bio).

The election, originally scheduled for November, was pulled forward due to a dispute (paywall) over compulsory military service for the country’s ultra-orthodox youth.
College Fraud Case Nets Guilty Pleas.
Actress Felicity Huffman and 13 others pleaded guilty yesterday for their roles in a massive college admissions scandal that helped their children gain admission to elite schools based on fraudulent test scores and embellished resumes. Huffman, who starred in the hit television show Desperate Housewives, paid $15,000 to have someone take the SAT standardized test in place of her daughter. Huffman was one of the highest profile of the nearly 50 individuals charged in the sweeping sting (see list), which included actress Lori Loughlin of Full House fame - Loughlin has yet to decide to accept a plea deal or fight the charges (reports say her daughter was aware of the scam). Under the scheme, wealthy families paid mastermind William Singer, who then funneled the money to various athletic coaches, tutors, test stand-ins, and others to help boost the chances of the potential applicants. Though Huffman could face up to 20 years in prison, prosecutors recommended a $20,000 fine and 12 months supervised release. 

Read some of the stranger details of the case here
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Smallville actress Allison Mack pleads guilty in sex-trafficking case; faces sentencing on two racketeering counts on September 11 (More)
> Baltimore Orioles player Chris Davis sets all-time Major League Baseball futility record with 47 consecutive hitless at-bats in a row (More) | US overturns agreement which made it easier for Cuban players to play professionally in the US (More)
> Seymour Cassel, well-known character actor, dies at 84 of Alzheimer's disease (More)
Science & Technology.
> Study finds dogs correctly identify blood samples from patients with lung cancer 97% of the time; may lead to new non-invasive early detection methods (More)
> Deep brain stimulation in patients over 60 boosted short-term memory for up to an hour, making it comparable to an average 20-year-old (More)
> Study finds over 9 trillion tons of glacial ice melted globally between 1961 and 2016, raising global ocean levels by just over an inch (More)
Business & Markets.
> Automotive giant Fiat Chrysler to settle lawsuit alleging it misled investors over excess diesel emissions for $110M (More)
> Social media giant Pinterest sets IPO price range at $15-17/share, valuing the company at about $11B (More)
> Grab, the Uber of Asia, raises another $2B from Softbank's Vision Fund (More) | Vision Fund 101: The nearly $100B fund transforming technology investing (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Judge issues preliminary injunction halting White House policy of requiring some asylum seekers to remain in Mexico during their hearing (More) | President Trump asks US Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles to step down from position (More)
> US officially labels Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization (More) | What is role of the IRGC? (More)
> Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell (CA-15) declares 2020 presidential bid, becomes 16th major candidate to enter race (More)
In Depth.
The Golden Age of YouTube is Over.
The Verge | Julia Alexander. An increasing number of YouTube content creators claim that the video-sharing giant that they grew up with is dying, abandoning them in favor of more traditional content. Stuck between supporting quirky independent uploaders, policing harmful content, and positioning itself for advertisers, see inside YouTube's shift towards a corporate culture. (Read)
A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy.
New York Times | Matt Richtel and Andrew Jacobs. Doctors and public health experts have long warned the overuse of antibiotics could reduce their ability to fight drug-resistant bacteria. But as the fungus Candida auris bowls over antifungal medications, officials now have to contend with the rise of drug-resistant fungal infections as well. (Read, paywall)
If you live in one of these counties, you’re probably going to be audited.

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Clickbait: Doctors were shocked when they performed her autopsy!
Historybook: RIP Francis Bacon (1626); Gen. Robert E. Lee surrenders to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, ending the Civil War (1865); Hugh Hefner born (1926); RIP architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1959); HBD actress Cynthia Nixon (1966).
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