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Need To Know.
Homeland Security Chief Steps Down.
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned from her post yesterday, following a late afternoon meeting with President Trump. The shake-up comes as the administration battles a surge in arrivals at the US-Mexico border, with officials estimating nearly 100,000 apprehensions or port-of-entry asylum seekers in the month of March, the most in over a decade. Nielsen, a protege of former chief of staff Gen. John Kelly, will be replaced on an interim basis by Kevin McAleenan, a career official who currently serves as the Customs and Border Protection Commissioner. Reports say that the administration is eyeing a shift towards a more aggressive stance to stem the flow of illegal immigration, led by White House aide Stephen Miller, who has advocated for bringing in more like-minded staff to fill key administration posts. Nielsen is expected to stay on through Wednesday. 
US Targets Iran Revolutionary Guard.
The United States is preparing to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization, according to reports over the weekend. The Guard is a branch of Iran's larger armed forces - the regular military defends the country's borders, and the Guard is meant to protect the government's Islamic Republic system (read more). While the group's elite Quds Force was designated as a terrorist organization in 2007, the move would be the first time the US has taken such an action against an entire foreign government entity. The administration pointed to the 125,000-large force's activities in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and more in making the decision. In Lebanon, the designation may restrict with whom US officials can interact due to the Guard's close ties with Hezbollah, a militant political group in the country. The designation comes with sanctions, freezing any assets the Guard has in US territories and prohibiting companies from doing business with the group. Iran said it would target US troops in the region if the designation became official. 
Baylor Takes Women's Crown.
The Baylor Lady Bears took home the women's NCAA basketball national championship last night, winning an 82-81 thriller over defending national champs Notre Dame. It was the program's third championship in school history, and came despite losing starting forward Lauren Cox to a knee injury in the third quarter. Notre Dame star Arike Ogunbowale, who hit two game-winning shots during last year's title run, missed a game-tying free throw in the final seconds of the game. On the men's side, #1 seed Virginia will face #3 seed Texas Tech in the final tonight (9:20 ET, CBS). It's the first title game appearance for either program - the last time both programs were newcomers was 40 years ago, when Magic Johnson led Michigan State to a win over Larry Bird's Indiana State team.

Check out Baylor coach Kim Mulkey's emotional post-game interview
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Come From Away wins Best New Musical at Olivier Awards, the British equivalent to the Tony Awards (More) | See complete list of 2019 Olivier Award winners (More)
> Netflix announces Beyoncé's 2018 Coachella documentary to be released April 17 (More) | Beyoncé's sister Solange cancels her performance at this year's Coachella due to production delays (More)
> Keith Urban named Entertainer of the Year at 54th Academy of Country Music Awards; Kasey Musgraves wins Album of the Year and Female Artist of the Year (More) | See full list of winners from country music's biggest night (More)
Science & Technology.
> Scotland study shows that program regularly administering HPV vaccine has led to 90% drop in cervical cancers over 10 years (More)
> Japanese spacecraft hits asteroid with small explosive, will study the debris and crater to learn about asteroid's interior (More) | See (grainy) photo from impact (More)
> 42-million-year-old fossil of four-legged whale found along the coast of Peru; scientists believe that ancient whale predecessors evolved from the land into the sea (More)
Business & Markets.
> US economy adds 196,000 jobs in March vs. estimates of 175,000, unemployment remains at 3.8% (More)
> Boeing to reduce 737 Max production, appoints new committee to examine airplane development (More)
> Rideshare giant Lyft threatens litigation against its IPO investment banker, alleges Morgan Stanley supported short-selling of its stock (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> On 25th anniversary of its beginning, French president Emmanuel Macron launches investigation into country's role in supporting the Rwandan genocide that killed over 800,000 people (More) | Read about France's history in the country (More)
> Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney signals White House will block House Committee request for past six years of Trump tax returns (More)
> US forces pulled from Libya as opposition group, the Libyan National Army, launches surprise offensive on the capital of Tripoli (More)
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