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Southwest Airlines Explosion.
One person died and seven were injured as a Southwest jet en route from New York to Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday. Harrowing reports detailed the scene that unfolded after one of the two engines exploded on the Boeing 737, which sent shrapnel against the fuselage and broke a cabin window (see photos). The interior cabin rapidly decompressed, nearly sucking a woman out of the broken window before passengers pulled her back in. The woman - Jennifer Riordan, a Wells Fargo bank executive and mother of two from Albuquerque, New Mexico - ultimately died from injuries sustained during the ordeal. She was the first passenger to die in an accident involving a US-based airline since 2009. Jet engines are built with protective casings meant to prevent shrapnel from hitting the fuselage in the even of an explosion - the failure will be a key focus of the post-accident analysis of the incident. 

Starbucks Makes Statement.

Starbucks announced it would close nearly all of its 8,000 company-owned retail stores on May 29th, 2018 to conduct racial bias training for employees. The move comes following heavy criticism after an incident at a Philadelphia location last week in which the store manager called police on two black men who were waiting to meet a friend. The employee who made the call has since departed the company. Following the arrests Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson released a statement calling the incident "reprehensible" and met with the two men in person to apologize. Starbucks has tied its brand to social messaging in recent years, including the not-so-well received "Race Together" campaign initiated by then-CEO Howard Schultz in 2015. The closure could cost the company around $16M in lost sales, with an estimated 175,000 employees taking part in the training. 

You can see video of the incident here

Secret US-North Korea Meeting.
Reports yesterday suggested that CIA director Mike Pompeo met secretly with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un over Easter weekend to lay the groundwork for a potential meeting with President Trump. Pompeo is currently under consideration to become Secretary of State, replacing former Secretary Rex Tillerson. The move is the latest in what appears to be a diplomatic thaw on the Korean peninsula - Kim has broached the possibility of denuclearizing the North, and President Trump raised the possibility of a meeting with Kim back in March. The meeting is tentatively being planned for June - if it happens, it would be the first meeting between leaders from the two countries since before the Korean War in 1950. The news came on the same day as reports suggested that North and South Korea may announce an end to their war, which has officially continued since 1950 as although there was a cease-fire, no peace treaty was ever signed. 

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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars lead 2018 Billboard Music Awards nominations with 15 apiece; full list here (More)  
Infowars host Alex Jones hit with $1M lawsuit by parents of Sandy Hook school massacre alleging defamation (More)
Carl Kasell, longtime NPR Morning Edition newscaster, dies at 84 (More)

Science & Technology.

Rare human outbreak of malaria strain found in monkeys reported in Malaysia, only one previous case ever reported (More)
2008 meteorite that fell in Sudan is full of iron and sulfur-studded diamonds, offering evidence into early planet formation in the first 10 million years of the Milky Way (More)
Former Federal Communications Commission broadband adviser arrested on charges of defrauding investors over $250M Alaskan fiber optic network project (More)

Business & Markets.

34 tech companies including Facebook & Microsoft sign Cybersecturiy Tech Accord - commit to protect customers from cyberattacks and not help governments advance cyber warfare efforts  (More) |  Read the accord 
Earnings Season: Goldman Sachs beats Wall Street expectations significantly as trading revenues surge (More) | IBM profit margins fall short of expectations, stock down 6% in after-hours trading (More)
> Campbell's, Nike, Bose top Forbes List of 2018 most reputable companies (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.

Conservative justice Neil Gorsuch tips balance in SCOTUS decision, rules against case that allows deportation of immigrants for crimes of violence for being "constitutionally vague" (More)
Moderate House Republican Charlie Dent (PA-15) to retire within weeks, may spark special election (More) | Dent drops bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller (More)
Former first lady Barbara Bush, wife of president George H.W. Bush, dies at 92 (More)
IRS website crashes on Tax Day, extension given until tonight at midnight

California is home to 8 of America's 10 most polluted cities.

How much the highest-earning hedge fund managers made in 2017

Mice in New York City are carrying antibiotic-resistant germs - and they don't discriminate between high and low-income neighborhoods.

See the most gorgeous sculpture parks in the US.

Bill Murray shows up on opening day of his Caddyshack-themed restaurant.

Ugh Millennials: Are shacking up under the stars.

Senator Tammy Duckworth proposes rule to let newborns on Senate floor

Scientists find bacteria that eats plastic - and accidentally make it stronger

Clickbait: Angry badger terrorizes Scottish Castle, forces closures

Historybook: Paul Revere’s famous ride during American Revolution (1775); HBD Yankee Stadium (1923); RIP Albert Einstein (1955); HBD Kourtney Kardashian (1979); RIP Dick Clark (2012).

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