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Need To Know.
Golan Heights.
President Trump said yesterday the US should recognize Israel’s authority over the disputed Golan Heights territory. The statement follows a State Department report released last week referring to the area as “Israeli-controlled” rather than “Israeli-occupied”. The distinction has legal meaning - an occupied territory taken by force would be considered to violate UN Security Council Resolution 242 (read more), adopted after the Six-Day War in 1967 in which Israel assumed control of the area from Syria. The announcement is the latest step in a strengthening of ties between the two countries, and follows the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem last May. The Golan Heights region is one of the most volatile in the Middle East, lying less than 50 miles from the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The area is also rich in natural resources - Golan Heights supplies about one-third of Israel’s drinking water.
Fentanyl Deaths Skyrocket.
The number of Americans dying from fentanyl overdoses rose by over 1000% between 2012 and 2016, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Experts are calling the drug, a synthetic opioid about 100x stronger than morphine, the "third wave" of the opioid epidemic following lesser strength prescription pain medications and heroin. The new report reinforces the danger of the potent drug, which accounted for 29% (or 18,355) of all overdose deaths in 2016. While whites accounted for the highest number of overall deaths, the epidemic has hit minority communities particularly hard - death rates from fentanyl overdoses for black Americans increased 140% annually, and 118% annually for Hispanics. 

You can read the report here
South Faces Historic Flooding.
An estimated 13 million people are at risk of severe flooding this spring, according to a new report yesterday. The projections, made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, estimated that 200 million people in total are at risk of some level of flooding, with high water levels concentrated around the Mississippi River basin (see report). 2018 was the third-wettest year ever recorded in the US, and the remnants of massive flooding that continues to plague towns across Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri are expected to pulse down the Mississippi River. Three people have been reported dead in the Midwest flooding, caused by heavy rainfall combined with rapid snowmelt. The high flood risk in the US South is expected to last through May. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, ex-MVP and 10-time MLB All-Star, retires from baseball while team is in Japan after an illustrious 28-year career (More)
> Global box office breaks record, tops $41.1B in 2018 (More) | But worldwide online streaming revenue defeated box office revenue for the first time (More)
> Murray State's Ja Morant records first triple-double in NCAA tournament since 2012 in upset of #5 seed Marquette (More) | See full First Round results and schedule (More)
Science & Technology.
> Parkinson’s patients found to have higher concentrations of hippuric acid and other compounds in skin oils, allowing some to “smell” the disease; biomarkers may provide a route for early detection (More)
> Facebook says it inadvertently stored up to 600M user passwords in readable format searchable by company employees (More)
> CalTech researchers create a reprogrammable computer system using DNA molecules (More)
Business & Markets.
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> Biotech giant Biogen shares fall 29% after ending trial of promising Alzheimer's drug (More)
> US stock markets up (S&P 500 +1.1%, Dow +0.8%, Nasdaq +1.4%) as tech stocks increase (More)
> Iconic jeans maker Levi Strauss shares up 31% after first day of trading post-IPO, company now valued at $8.7B (More)

Who says art has to be subjective? When it consistently outperforms the S&P 500, we’re feeling pretty objective about art as an investment. Want in? Masterworks.io lets you buy shares in high-end art - think Warhol and Monet (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> European Union leaders give United Kingdom until May 22nd to prepare to leave EU, on condition Parliament passes a twice-rejected exit package; if package is not approved, exit will occur on April 12th (More)
> Former Brazilian president Michael Temer arrested for allegedly receiving kickbacks in the funding of a nuclear power plant (More)
> New Zealand broadcasts Muslim call to prayer across country, holds national moment of silence in observance of deadly Mosque shootings that killed 50 (More)
Weekend Reads.
The Quest to Acquire the Oldest, Most Expensive Book on the Planet.
Literary Hub | Margaret Leslie Davis. When the delivery men dropped off the package at Estelle Doheny's house in Los Angeles in 1950, they had no idea they were completing a 40-year quest to find one of the world's most valuable books - a Gutenberg Bible. (Read)
The New Face of Black Conservatism.
Washington Post Magazine | Rebecca Nelson. The rising star of black conservatism is 29-year-old Candace Owens, the one leading a call for "Blexit", or a black exit from the Democratic Party. (Read, paywall)
The Trap House-Busting Vigilante of Pine Ridge Reservation.
Topic Magazine | Rebecca Bengal. When meth addiction destroyed Julie Richards' family, she decided to take matters into her own hands - by searching for trap houses and helping addicts - in order to defend families in the reservation community. (Read)
Death by a Thousand Clicks.
Fortune | Erika Fry and Fred Schulte. Turning medical charts into electronic records was meant to make the medical industry safer, cheaper, and more efficient. After $36 billion was spent, the digital revolution of medicine still hasn't arrived. (Read)
Mapping the origin of the nation’s 48 billion annual robocalls.

Pitchfork previews the best new albums coming in Spring 2019.

Screenwriter shares details of the never-made Forrest Gump sequel.

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Grandmother silently admires Tesla’s auto-park function.
Clickbait: Dad's adopted daughter turns out to be perfect kidney donor match
Historybook: HBD William Shatner (1931); HBD legendary musical theater composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (1948); HBD sports broadcaster Bob Costas (1952); HBD Reese Witherspoon (1976); Terrorist drives car into crowd in London, killing 5 and injuring 50 (2017).
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