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Need To Know.
Boeing Crashes Linked.
An analysis of the flight data and cockpit voice recorders from the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash last week showed striking similarities to a deadly October crash in Indonesia, officials said Sunday. The initial findings supported early suspicions, as both crashes involved new Boeing 737 Max 8 planes. The data reportedly showed the plane's stabilizers were out of balance, causing the nose of the plane to point sharply downward (see a pilot's explanation), a condition caused by faulty sensors on the tail of the aircraft. The flight's pilot also reported problems to air traffic control just one minute after takeoff, requesting a return to the airport. All 157 people aboard were killed in last week's crash, while all 189 died on the Lion Air flight in October - over 50 countries have grounded the planes until further notice. The US Department of Transportation launched a probe into the Federal Aviation Administration's approval of the plane. 

The two recorders, popularly known as the plane's "black boxes", can withstand up to 3,400x the force of gravity and over 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit - here's how they work
March Madness.
The 68-team field for the 2019 NCAA men's college tournament was revealed yesterday, with the ACC dominating the top seeds. Conference tournament champion Duke (29-5) was the field's top seed, with conference colleagues North Carolina (27-6) and Virginia (29-3) also snagging #1 seeds - WCC champs Gonzaga (30-3) landed in the other #1 seed. Surprise SEC conference tournament champs Auburn (26-9) vaulted to a #5 seed, while Big 10 champion Michigan State (28-6) grabbed a #2 seed. Indiana (17-15) and Alabama (18-15) were among the first four out of the field, while Belmont (26-5) was the last team in (let us help you make sense of the selections). It should be a top-heavy tournament, with Vegas favoring Duke and star Zion Williamson at 11/5 odds, followed by Gonzaga (5/1), North Carolina (6/1), and Virginia (8/1). The play-in games start on Tuesday (TruTV, 6:40pm ET), with the first round kicking off on Thursday (CBS, 12:15pm ET) when #10 Minnesota (21-13) takes on #7 Louisville (20-13). 

Get your printable bracket here and make sure to catch the announcement of the women's field tonight at 7pm ET.
New Zealand Mourns.
The death toll from Friday's deadly shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand rose to 50 as officials pieced together a timeline of the attack. 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant reportedly spent over 30 minutes carrying out a shooting rampage in two separate mosques, eventually being captured after one worshiper frantically chased him away, throwing a credit card scanner at him and grabbing one of Tarrant's discarded guns. An avowed white supremacist, Tarrant live-streamed to Facebook via a helmet-mounted camera - the company pulled down over 1.5 million copies of the attack over the weekend. Officials vowed to examine the country's gun laws after learning the Tarrant purchased the weapons online from a local seller
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> YouTube star and comedian Lilly Singh will be first woman to host a network late night show in 30+ years; Singh's NBC show Little Late with Lilly Singh to replace Carson Daly's program in September (More)
> HBO releases Game of Thrones final season episode dates and runtimes (More)
> Dick Dale, 'King of the Surf Guitar', dies at 81 (More) | Mike Thalassitis, reality show star of Love Island, dies at 26 (More)
Science & Technology.
> New study rekindles debate about eggs and heart health, finds 17% increased risk of cardiovascular disease per 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol consumed each day (More)
> Japan set to approve use of "reprogrammable" induced pluripotent stem cells to treat cornea damage; approach has restored vision in animal tests (More)
> Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency reportedly working on an open-source, secure voting system that will allow voters to verify their choices (More) | What is DARPA? (More)
Business & Markets.
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> Virginia officials approve financial package for Amazon's second headquarters, worth an estimated $51M (More)
> Rideshare giant Lyft to launch IPO road show today seeking to raise $2B at $20B valuation (More)
> Median pay for S&P500 CEOs up 6.4% in 2018 to $12.4M/year (More)

Who says art has to be subjective? When it consistently outperforms the S&P 500, we’re feeling pretty objective about art as an investment. Want in? Masterworks.io lets you buy shares in high-end art - think Warhol and Monet (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) officially enters 2020 presidential race, becomes 6th female Democratic candidate (More) | Lesser known candidate Andrew Yang passes signature mark needed to qualify for first Democratic debate after appearance on popular Joe Rogan podcast (More)
> Midwest flooding kills two, forces evacuations in Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa (More) | See before and after pictures (More)
> France's ongoing "Yellow Vest" protests over high taxes and high cost of living turn violent, with 192 arrested in Paris amid riots (More)
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At its core, the Jasper Wool Eco Chukka will be sure to make you enjoy a midsole made of recycled cork, and insulation from bison hair which'll regulate temperature to keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. And don't worry, it's hypoallergenic, just like the ethically sourced merino wool that surrounds it. What's more, it's not just the primary materials behind these shoes that make their quality so premier. The footbed is treated with Polygiene anti-odor technology to ensure you never have to throw them away because of stink.

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Historybook: President Grover Cleveland born (1837); Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov becomes first person to walk in space (1965); HBD Queen Latifah (1970); RIP rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry (2017).
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