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Senate Reaches Budget Deal.
Senate leaders announced a budget deal that would raise spending limits over the next two years while avoiding another government shutdown yesterday. Here's how it works - budget bills set overall limits on spending while so-called appropriations bills provide the actual funding. The House passed a short-term appropriations bill on Tuesday to keep the government running until March 23rd. The Senate's budget bill, which raises federal spending by $300M (55% will be on defense) will be tacked on to the House appropriations bill, and sent back to the House for approval. At this point, it will face a tough test from both conservative budget hawks and democrats who want action on immigration (see what else is in the deal) - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-12) gave a marathon 8-hour speech against the bill. In effect, Senate leaders jammed the House by giving them one day to deal with concerns on both sides, and make a final decision on the spending package. 

CA Stymies Offshore Drilling.
California officials pushed the Trump administration to exempt the state from its recent expansion of offshore drilling, citing its unpopularity with residents. Ahead of a key public hearing on the topic today, the state's Lands Commission - whose members include Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome - said it would block any pipelines carrying offshore oil to the state. Such a move would most likely hobble the development of offshore sites due to the cost of transporting the oil around California, either by ship or extended pipeline. The Department of the Interior announced in early January it would dramatically expand the availability of offshore drilling, opening over 90% of the potential sites for oil and gas exploration - but eventually exempted Florida after state officials cited the effect on its tourism industry in the event of a spill. California officials are seeking a similar exemption. 

North Korea Heads South For The Games.
North Korea announced that Leader Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo-jong, will visit South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics - the first immediate member of the North’s ruling family to ever set foot in the South. The move continues the rapid thaw in relations between the two over the past few months, which included a joint agreement to march under a single flag during the opening ceremony tomorrow in Pyeongchang. While Vice President Mike Pence is currently visiting the South, there are no current official meetings between the North and the US, and Pence signaled that the US is set to unveil the "toughest and most aggressive" sanctions on North Korea to date. The opening ceremony kicks off tomorrow night at 8pm local time (6am ET in the US).
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Historybook: Peter the Great dies (1725); HBD Jules Verne (1828); Boy Scouts of America is founded (1910); HBD James Dean (1931); HBD John Grisham (1955).
- James Dean
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