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Need To Know.
Ukraine Declares Marital Law.
Ukraine imposed martial law in eastern parts of the country bordering Russia, with President Petro Poroshenko warning of a threat of an invasion by its neighbor. The move follows the capture of three Ukrainian naval ships with 23 crew members by Russian naval forces as the ships were sailing through the Kerch Strait, off the coast of Crimea. The Crimean Peninsula, a strategically important region that connects the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea (see 101), was illegally annexed from Ukraine by Russia in 2014. Russia has also been accused of a shadow war in Ukraine, supporting dissidents and working to foment anti-government sentiment since the country nearly joined the European Union in 2013. The move dramatically heightened tensions between the two countries, with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley condemning the capture of Ukraine's ships.  
General Motors Makes Deep Cuts.
General Motors announced it would eliminate 14,000 positions and idle five plants in the US and Canada in an attempt to cut costs. The move represents about 8% of GM's global workforce, and would reduce the company's North American blue-collar workforce by 6,000 jobs and its executive ranks by 8,000 jobs. In idling the plants - spread across OH, MI, MD, and Ontario, Canada - the company said it would halt production of the Chevy Volt, Cruze, and Impala. US sales of the Cadillac XTS and CT6, and the Buick LaCrosse, will also end in 2019. GM said the cuts are part of a massive restructuring effort in response to shifting consumer preferences, and would save the company $6B per year by 2020. The decision comes amid shifting consumer preferences from passenger cars to trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, as well as all-electric vehicles - the company said it would double investment in electric and autonomous cars. The United Auto Workers vowed to fight the deal in court, while investors generally welcomed the news, with GM shares rising 4.8%. 
InSight Lands on Mars.
NASA's InSight probe successfully landed on the Red Planet yesterday, becoming the first spacecraft to make the 300-million-mile journey since NASA's Curiosity rover arrived in 2012. Unlike Curiosity - a car-sized vehicle that has been roaming around the Martian surface, studying its geology and geography - the InSight craft is a stationary probe designed to study beneath the planet's surface. Once set up, the lander will monitor seismic and tectonic activity of Mars using a series of probes and acoustic sensors (read more about the mission here). The craft also deployed two CubeSats - tiny satellites that followed the probe during landing and relayed back real-time images (see here). The mission, which cost $830M, will officially last two years once measurements begin. 

After a six-month-long journey, it was a joyous day in the control room
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Bernardo Bertolucci, 2-time Oscar Award-winning director, dies at 77 (More) | Oprah Winfrey announces the death of her mother, Vernita Lee, at age 83 (More)
> NCAA releases its first ever NET college basketball rankings with Ohio State as the surprise top team (More) | What is the NET? (More)
> Fox News launches Fox Nation, a new streaming service aimed at younger demographics (More) | Jerry Springer to make return to daytime TV with courtroom talk show Judge Jerry (More)
Science & Technology.
> Amazon makes the machine learning educational courses used to train its own engineers available to the public at no charge (More)
> Study suggests single season of youth football can disrupt brain development in teens and pre-teens (More)
> Promising new HIV vaccine strategy mounts parts of virus on nanoparticles to stimulate immune system response (More)
Business & Markets.
> Cyber Monday drives estimated $7.8B in sales, up 18% over last year - marks biggest online shopping day in US history (More)
> US stock market roller coaster continues - S&P 500 & Dow Jones indices up ~1.5%, tech-heavy Nasdaq up 2% (More)
> FDA to overhaul 40+ year-old clearance process for 510(k) medical device approval (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Robert Mueller says former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort broke plea deal by lying during questioning in Russia probe (More)
> Analysis shows 37,000 properties covered by the National Flood Insurance Program have been rebuilt multiple times, costing the program about $7.4B in claims; program was $20B in the hole entering 2018 (More)
> Incumbent Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) faces challenger Mike Epsy (D) in today's special election for Mississippi Senate seat (More)
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In Depth.
My Mother Taught Me to Kill.
Narratively | Kenneth Kimes. The tabloids called them “Mommy and Clyde.” In his own words, Kenneth Kimes discusses what it was like to be raised by a murderous sociopath - and to finally find a moral compass behind bars. (Read)
The Most Embattled Startup of 2018.
Fast Company | Ainsley Harris. This year, Juul Labs, creators of the popular Juul and Pax vaporizers, will likely surpass the $1 billion sales mark, following a year in which the young company sold 16 million vaporizers. Originally founded on the life-saving premise of vaping instead of smoking, the company now faces multiple class action lawsuits and a full-scale FDA investigation. (Read)
Global report on gender violence says women most likely to be killed by intimate partners or family members
National Geographic's 100 best images of the year
How imagining your own death could help your next career move.
Gymnast sets world record with 20-foot backflip (w/ video). 
Uh Millennials? More of you now live in the suburbs than in the city.

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Japan has so many vacant houses, they're giving them away for free
Pot is beginning to edge out alcohol, cigarettes as teenage drug of choice
Interactive map shows how many years breathing dirty air takes off your life
Clickbait: Koi evacuated from Vancouver parks as a lone otter goes on a rampage
Historybook: The Nobel Prize is established (1895); HBD Bruce Lee (1940); HBD Jimi Hendrix (1942); Mars 2, a Soviet space probe, is first manmade object to reach Mars (1971); Gay rights activist Harvey Milk is assassinated (1978).
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