Charles Manson Dies in Jail.
One of the most notorious killers of the 20th century, Charles Manson, died in jail at age 83 over the weekend. Manson was best known for leading a nomadic band of drifters through California, who committed at least nine murders. Most notably, Manson's cult known as the "Manson Family" killed Sharon Tate - then married to director Roman Polanski - along with 4 other people in her California home. Tate was 8-and-a-half months pregnant at the time of her murder. Despite ordering the killings, Manson never participated - but was still sentenced to nine life terms and was denied parole 12 times (here's what happened to the other cult members). 

Mugabe Refuses to Give Up Power.

93-year-old Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president since 1987, gave a 20-minute interview in which he refused to give up power of the country. The interview came days after a de facto coup by the military placed Mugabe and his wife, Grace, under house arrest. Despite giving no indication he'd resign, though reports suggest he originally intended to resign during the interview before changing his mind, he still faces a deadline today to either give up power or be impeached by his own party. His recently deposed deputy, Emerson Mnangagwa, who was kicked out on suggestion by his wife and spurred the military to take action, is the leading candidate to replace him.  

German Government Coalition Falls Apart.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's fragile three-way coalition fell apart over the weekend, with the pro-business Free Democrat Party (FDP) unexpectedly pulling out of talks after weeks of negotiations. The move left Merkel's conservative bloc - who was attempting to form a coalition with the Green Party and FDP - with the option of trying to form a minority government or hold new elections. During last month's elections, Germany's far right party won a surprising 13% of seats leading many hesitant to hold new elections, fearing the party may increase its power. 

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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

> Bruno Mars wins Artist, Album of the Year at American Music Awards; Full list of winners (More)
> President Trump calls LaVar Ball ungrateful for helping his son and 2 other UCLA basketball players get out of China following shoplifting arrest (More)
> AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young dies at 64 (More)

Science & Technology.

Genetically modified banana shows promise against Fusarium wilt, most prevalent disease (More)
Engineered stem cells allow paraplegic rats to walk again (More)
Bonus for our science nerds: The beloved Axolotl is heading towards extinction  (More)

Business & Markets.

Personal stylist clothing biz Stitch Fix up 1% on first day of trading after $1.4B IPO valuation (More)
GE will cut 9 existing Board members & add 3 new industry experts in effort to align Board with new CEO's strategy (More)
Foot Locker & Abercrombie shares increase 20%+ on earnings news; breathe life into brick and mortar retail expectations (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

US bans alcohol for US service members in Japan after drunk driving case (More)
New Orleans elects first female mayor, leads city during 300th anniversary (More)
Large post-hurricane migration from Puerto Rico to Florida (More)
Germany unseats the US as the country with the best international image (says German firm).  

A thrilling video of 217 jumpers breaking a world record formation skydive

Doggos: You're likely to live longer with a great canine companion.

Gun owners are getting around legal restrictions by making their own 'ghost guns'.   

A Mario game made entirely of cardboard.

280-million-year-old fossil forest discovered in Antarctica

The science behind how a deep breath changes your mind.  

The 10 airports where you’re most likely to get stuck over Thanksgiving (w/ maps).

New study maps digital-skilled jobs across industries, metro areas, and demographic groups, revealing deep divides.

Clickbait: High school wrestling referee makes insane maneuver to watch pin.  

Historybook: HBD Edwin Hubble (1889); HBD Bobby Kennedy (1925); HBD Joe Biden (1942); Nuremberg Trials commence (1945); (Future) Queen Elizabeth II marries (future) Prince Philip (1947).
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