Coup in Zimbabwe (Developing).
The Zimbabwe military has taken control of the capital city of Harare in what appears to be a coup against 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe's government. Military leaders appeared on state television last night denying a coup - but saying the military had seized control in order to purge "criminals around Mugabe" responsible for corruption. Zimbabwe's economy has been moving towards collapse since 2009 - and has a roughly 90% unemployment rate (see CIA factbook). Analysts see the move as a preemptive measure by the military to block Mugabe's wife Grace - who successfully ousted the former vice-president and power rival last week - from assuming power as Mugabe ages. 

Tillerson Meets With Myanmar Leaders.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson traveled to Myanmar to meet with the country's leaders today. The trip comes on the heels of President Trump's 12 day whirlwind trip to Asia - he did not stop in Myanmar - amid one of the largest human rights crises in recent memory. Tillerson called for a 'credible' probe into atrocities on the Muslim minority Rohingya in the western Rakhine state. Over 620,000 Rohingya refugees have fled into neighboring Burma amid a crackdown by the state military, with reports of wholesale massacres of villages, killing thousands. Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi - winner of a Nobel Peace Prize - has been able to do little as she looks to protect the country's fledgling democracy. 

Sessions Testifies Before Congress (Again).

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday, called to answer questions for the second time on his knowledge of potential Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Testimony focused on a roundtable meeting with campaign aide George Papadopoulos - who pled guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts he had with the Russian government - in which the aide discussed his connections to the Russian government and an opportunity for candidate Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin. Sessions, who previously said he wasn't aware of any campaign connections with Russia, said he had simply forgotten about the meeting. Separately, Sessions said he "had no reason to doubt" the women accusing senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct.
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Culture, Entertainment & Sports.

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> Rose McGowan is arrested on a felony drug charge (More)
> 3 UCLA basketball players arrested in China return home following Trump's intervention (More)

Science & Technology.

> China has 202 of the world's 500 fastest supercomputers in 2017, including top 2 most powerful (More)
> Apple reportedly working on laser-based 3D modeling capability for next iPhone (More)
> When learning, the brain tries out different cells, discards or reassigns underperforming ones (More)

Business & Markets.

> Meet the 2018 innovators - Forbes' annual 30 under 30 list (More)
> Famed Venture Capitalist Steve Jurvetson steps down from firm folowing sexual harassment allegations (More)
> Foxconn - the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer - sees Q3 profits slide 39% due to iPhone production issues, shares down 2.5% (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

> Fourth person killed in Tampa, reviving fears of serial killer (More)
> Senate to add Obamacare mandate repeal to tax overhaul (More)
> CT Supreme Court hears case on gun-maker liability for 2012 Newtown school massacre (More)
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Historybook: Continental Congress approves Articles of Confederation (1777); HBD Georgia O’Keeffe (1887); Shah of Iran visits President Carter (1977); RIP Margaret Mead (1978).
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