First 'Digital Pill' Approved.
The Food and Drug Administration gave its first-ever approval to a 'digital' drug, allowing doctors to monitor whether patients are taking their prescribed medicine and how it's working. The pill, a version of the antipsychotic drug Abilify, links to a smartphone app that tracks the time and day it was ingested. Although more features could be added, this first pill is meant to address the problem of patients not taking doses on the prescribed schedules, which costs the medical system almost $300B in avoidable follow-up procedures each year. The ability to track individual doses from inside the body also raised privacy concerns among doctors (paywall). 

Accusations Mount Against AL Senate Candidate.
Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) was accused of sexual misconduct by Beverly Young Nelson, the fifth woman to come forward with similar allegations in recent days. Nelson accused Moore of forcing himself on her four decades ago, when Nelson was 16, after offering to give her a ride home in his car. On top of the allegations, the GOP establishment - which Moore has actively campaigned against - vocally disavowed Moore after the latest reports. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he "believed the women" and that Moore should drop out, while the GOP Senatorial Committee head Cory Gardner said that even if Moore wins, the Senate should expel him. While the Dec. 12th race has tightened, polls taken after the allegations still showed Moore with a sizable lead

New Details In Green Beret Murder.
In news that sent shockwaves through the special forces community, two Navy SEALs are under investigation for killing an Army Green Beret after they were suspected of funneling cash from an elite forces fund used to cultivate intelligence sources. Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar - who was with the Army's 3rd Special Forces Group - was found strangled in his hotel room in June. Officials immediately suspected foul play, with reports emerging that Navy investigators were looking at the SEALs for killing Melgar after he uncovered the theft of federal funds confirming the rumors. Melgar's death may have been accidental - the reports suggest Melgar was injured during a confrontation - but the cover up was deliberate, with the suspects blaming the death on an impromptu sparring session after Melgar had been drinking. 
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Culture, Entertainment & Sports.

> Colin Kaepernick is named GQ's Citizen of the Year (More)
> Mattel releases its first hijab-wearing Barbie in likeness of Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad (More)
> Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger unanimously win AL & NL Rookies of the Year (More)

Science & Technology.

> World's carbon emissions on track to rise by 2% in 2017 (More)
> Next-generation 'optogenetic' molecules allow control over single neuron firing in brain (More)
> An additional 14 percent of US adults will be classified as having high blood pressure as guidelines tighten (More)

Business & Markets.

> General Electric lays out turnaround plan, slashes dividend; shares fall 7% to lowest in 5 years (More)
> Buffalo Wild Wings receives $2.3B takeover bid from private equity firm; shares surge nearly 30% in after hours (More)
> Qualcomm rejects fellow chipmaker Broadcom's $100B+ takeover bid (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

> Report says Trump Jr. was in direct contact with Wikileaks during election (More)
> Department of Justice to consider Clinton Foundation, Uranium One probe (More)
> 12 more charged in Penn State fraternity hazing death after video surfaces, gave pledge 18 drinks in 82 minutes (More)

The Convert. 

Texas Monthly | Abigail Pesta. She used to be called the "First Lady of ISIS", Tania Joya left London as a girl to join Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East. After living like a nomad for a decade, she bailed when her husband tried to move the family to Syria. Joya now lives in Texas, hoping to help people by telling her story

Gangsters of the Mediterranean. 

The Atlantic | Sebastian Rotella. Dozens of high-level members of Russian organized crime settled in Spain in the late 1990s and early 2000s, establishing the country as a major node in a worldwide crime syndicate. This is the story of the detectives who tried to bring them down before it was too late
What the one county that voted in a landslide for both Obama and Trump can tell us about America.

LeBron James and team rides NYC subway to game with Knicks (w/ video).

10 of the best optical illusions, along with the science behind why they work

This teen girl has been posing as a man for years to write about baseball.

Pottery shards show oldest known evidence for wine-making industry, began 8,000 years ago.

Speaking of that, the world’s most expensive bottle of wine sold for $350K at auction

Abraham Lincoln's papers are now available online in full color

Living wallpaper uses bacteria to generate electricity

Clickbait: Scotland's happiest dog loses tail after wagging it too much

Historybook: Moby Dick published (1851); RIP Booker T. Washington (1915); HBD Prince Charles (1948); HBD Condoleezza Rice (1954); Apollo 12 launched (1969).
-Booker T. Washington

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