Twitter Deal Resumes, Loretta Lynn, and a Baseball Record Falls Everything you need to know for today in five minutes.

Good morning. It's Wednesday, Oct. 5, and we're covering Elon Musk's offer to proceed with buying Twitter, the death of an iconic country music star, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].


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Twitter Deal Resumes

Elon Musk is ready to buy Twitter at his original offer of $44B after a monthslong legal battle, according to a new legal filing. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX made the proposal in a letter to Twitter before an emergency meeting with a judge yesterday. The news comes a month after Twitter shareholders voted to approve the original deal and two weeks before the trial over Musk's previous attempt to terminate it. 


Twitter sued Musk in July after he declared his intention to withdraw from the April agreement. Musk alleged Twitter undercounted the number of fake accounts on its platform. Legal analysts say the billionaire entrepreneur faced an uphill battle in court, citing the judge frequently ruled in Twitter's favor on evidentiary matters. See a timeline of events here.


Twitter shares were halted for much of the day before closing up 22% at $52 per share, bringing the price closer to Musk's offer of $54.20 per share.

North Korea Fires Missile

North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan for the first time since 2017, according to Japanese officials yesterday. The missile flew approximately 2,800 miles—the longest traveled by a North Korean test missile—over the country before landing in the Pacific Ocean Tuesday morning local time, prompting Japan to issue shelter warnings and pause train operations.


The news comes after North Korea recently escalated its ballistic missile tests, including a test ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to the demilitarized zone last week. The country has conducted nearly two dozen missile tests this year, with five in the last 10 days. Only seven have ever flown over Japan. South Korean intelligence also reported last week North Korea is preparing for its seventh nuclear test. See a breakdown of North Korean missiles here.


The US and South Korea responded by launching fighter jets and practicing bombing runs in the Yellow Sea.

Loretta Lynn Dies

Loretta Lynn, one of country music's pioneering solo female artists and the first to release a certified gold album, died peacefully at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, yesterday. She was 90. 


Born during the Great Depression in the coal-mining community of Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, Lynn was celebrated for her original songs spotlighting the experience of poor and working-class women. Her breakthrough came in the late 1960s and 1970s with a string of number one country hits, including "Coal Miner's Daughter," which became the title for a 1976 autobiography as well as the Oscar-winning 1980 musical film about Lynn's life. Over six decades, Lynn recorded 50 studio albums and received numerous awards, including three Grammys and a 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom. See a list of all her awards here.


Several of Lynn's hits were banned for dealing directly with sensitive issues like marital infidelity, birth control, and alcoholism. See photos and a timeline of her life here

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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> New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge hits 62nd home run of the season, breaking Roger Maris' 1961 American League record (More) | MLB regular season wraps up today; see latest playoff projections (More)


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Science & Technology

> Meta (Facebook) to shut down Bulletin, its Substack rival that allowed users to build audiences and send email newsletter campaigns; the service had more than 120 writers at the time of announcement (More)


> Researchers identify protein that helps block cancer cells from infiltrating the liver; the organ, which helps filter the body's blood, is considered the most vulnerable to metastatic cancer (More)


> Scientists capture first-ever video of mosquito larvae capturing prey; study sheds light on the biomechanics of microscopic insects early in their development (More, w/videos)

Business & Markets

> US stock markets close higher (S&P 500 +3.0%, Dow +2.8%, Nasdaq +3.3%); S&P 500 posts best two-day gain since March 2020 (More) | US job openings fell to 10.1 million in August from 11.2 million in July, per the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) report (More)


> Micron Technology announces it will spend up to $100B over the next two decades to build a new computer chip factory in upstate New York (More) | 

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio transfers majority stake in his $150B hedge fund Bridgewater Associates to the board (More


> CVS CEO Karen Lynch, Accenture CEO Julie Sweet, and Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser top Fortune's annual list of the 50 most powerful women in business (More)

Politics & World Affairs

> Hurricane Ian US death toll rises to at least 106, with 101 victims in Florida and five in North Carolina; some areas expected to be without power through the week (More) | Visualizing Ian's impact (More)


> Ukrainian counteroffensive reportedly pushes to within 20 miles northwest of Kherson, the largest city in one of the four regions Russia is attempting to annex  (More) | The US commits additional $625M in military aid to Ukraine, bringing total aid provided during the war to near $17B (More)


> Former President Donald Trump appeals to Supreme Court to allow the appointed special master to review classified documents taken from Mar-a-Lago (More) | Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker (R) denies reports he paid for a woman's abortion in 2009, threatens defamation suit (More) | National debt passes $31T for the first time (More)



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