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Good morning. It's Tuesday, Oct. 4 and we're covering an investigation into abuse within the National Women's Soccer League, the death of an extremist group leader, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].


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Breaking news: Congratulations to the international trio of scientists who won the Nobel Prize in Physics this morning for their work in quantum mechanics and entanglement. Read more here.

US Women's Soccer Probe

An investigation commissioned by the US Soccer Federation has found emotional abuse and sexual misconduct from coaches were systemic in the National Women's Soccer League, spanning multiple teams and often dismissed by governing bodies. The report (see here), released yesterday, comes a year after women's professional soccer players began speaking out about cases of harassment and abuse. 


The findings from the independent probe comprise information from over 200 interviews and highlight disturbing patterns of sexual misconduct within the league, including sexually charged comments and unwanted advances. The report largely focuses on former North Carolina Courage coach Paul Riley, former Chicago Red Stars coach Rory Dames, and former Racing Louisville head coach Christy Holly. The report also details a previously undisclosed encounter between then-player Erin Simon and Holly. 


The national soccer federation announced actions it plans to take, including forming a safety task force consisting of at least one-third membership of athletes.

Al-Shabab Leader Killed

A US air strike over the weekend in Somalia killed a leader of al-Qaida-linked Islamist militant group al-Shabab, the US military announced yesterday. Somalia's  government confirmed the death of Abdullahi Nadir, the group's head prosecutor who was expected to assume leadership from ailing leader Ahmed Diriye. The US had offered a $3M reward for information leading to Nadir's capture. 


Formed in the early 2000s, al-Shabab controls portions of southwestern Somalia  and has been responsible for carrying out deadly attacks throughout East Africa (see background). As Somali government forces have made advances against the group in recent weeks, al-Shabab launched a string of fresh attacks, including 

a triple car bombing yesterday that killed at least 20 people.


The US has provided counterterrorism assistance to Somali forces since 2003, conducting over 250 strikes (see numbers). In May, President Joe Biden redeployed 500 US troops to support Somalia's counterinsurgency against al-Shabab. 

SEC Charges Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian agreed to pay more than $1M yesterday to settle Securities and Exchange Commission charges for failing to disclose money she was paid for promoting cryptocurrency EthereumMax in an Instagram post last year.


The 41-year-old reality TV star and businesswoman was sued in January, along with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and former NBA star Paul Pierce, for allegedly leading her followers into a pump-and-dump scheme—inflating the price of an asset before selling to investors at a profit. The SEC found Kardashian was compensated $250K to promote the cryptocurrency to her more than 225 million Instagram followers at the time. Although she included #ad in her post, any paid promoter needs to disclose that they were paid, by whom, and how much under the Securities Act


Kardashian, worth $1.8B, will pay $260K in repayment of her promotional fee plus interest and a $1M fine. She has also agreed to not promote cryptocurrency assets for three years.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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> Apple Music passes 100 million song barrier, about 20 million more than competitor Spotify (More) | Apple announces Dec. 2 release date for Will Smith's "Emancipation" film (More)


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Science & Technology

> Russia-based hacker group releases 500GB of data from Los Angeles Unified School District after officials refused to pay ransom demand; believed to be one of the largest education-related cyberattacks on record (More)


> New study reveals genetic changes caused by Alzheimer's in different types of brain cells for the first time; results show many changes occur in cell types other than neurons (More)


> Engineers develop process to convert discarded polyethylene, the world's most common plastic, into polypropylene, the second most used plastic, for reuse in consumer goods (More)

Business & Markets

> US stock markets close higher (S&P 500 +2.6%, Dow +2.7%, Nasdaq +2.3%) in first trading day of the fourth quarter (More)


> South Korea's largest internet firm Naver Corp. agrees to acquire US fashion marketplace Poshmark for $1.2B in cash; the deal values publicly traded Poshmark’s shares at $17.90, a 15% premium over yesterday's closing price (More)


> District judge agrees to delay sentencing former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes for time to review whether federal prosecutors manipulated key witness testimony (More

Politics & World Affairs

> Ukrainian forces break through Russian lines on the west side of the Dnieper River in the southern Kherson region, one of the four areas Russia annexed last week (More


> UK government abolishes plans to cut 45% tax rate on earners making more than $167K, after receiving public pushback (More


> Former President Donald Trump sues CNN in federal court for defamation, seeking $475M in punitive damages (More



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Surviving the Golden Globe Race

Atavist | Cassidy Randall. In 2018, yachtswoman Susie Goodall was the lone woman to enter the Golden Globe race to sail around the globe, only to be rescued after being stranded on the high seas. (Read)



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