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Need To Know.
Nobel Peace Prize.
The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to activists Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege for their work on fighting sexual violence in underdeveloped countries - Murad was captured and suffered sexual assault at the hands of ISIS, while Mukwege founded a Congolese hospital to treat victims. Monday began with the Nobel Prize for medicine being awarded to two researchers who paved the way for immunotherapy - or using the body's own immune system to fight cancer. On Tuesday, a group of scientists won the Prize in physics for their work on using lasers to control and analyze single atoms and molecules. Wednesday's Prize in chemistry went to three scientists for speeding up evolution in the lab to produce chemicals used in industries from biofuels to medicine. Historically, the Prize in literature would've been awarded yesterday, but the committee pulled the award this year after the husband of Katarina Frostenson, a member of the Swedish Academy who awards the Prizes, was found to have leaked a number of winners in advance for gambling purposes (as well as numerous sexual assault allegations). The Nobel Prize in Economics will be awarded on Monday.

In other smart people news, the 2018 MacArthur Fellowships (or "genius" grants) were announced yesterday - see the list of winners
China's Spy Chips.
A bombshell report yesterday accused the Chinese government of infiltrating at least 30 top US companies by inserting microchips into servers whose components are made in China. The report claims that the chips - coordinated by a Chinese military unit - allowed unprecedented backdoor access to company's computers and data, including at Apple and Amazon. Both companies denied the report - which also said that a number of companies had known about the cyber-espionage effort but had kept silent in order to monitor it. While a number of recent high-profile hacks relied on malicious software, the report is an example of hardware hacking, where a physical component is inserted into an electronic device. The report highlights critical security flaws in industry supply chains - US-based companies often purchase hardware components from overseas, leaving them vulnerable to infiltration. In this case, the chips were inserted in motherboards made by Chinese supplier Super Micro Computers. 

Super Micro's stock fell 40% on the news.  
#MeToo Turns One Year Old.
Today marks one year since sexual assault allegations against former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein burst into the public eye. The explosive report accused Weinstein of assaulting almost 90 women over the course of four decades, often paying victims for their silence (see original report here). The revelations sparked what has become known as the #MeToo movement, with dozens of women coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against high-profile public figures. The movement has been felt most acutely in the entertainment industry, though it has also spilled over into other industries and across the country - Time's Up, a supporting movement, has established a $22M legal defense fund to help women outside of Hollywood who lack the financial means to bring charges. See a list of some of the biggest names accused of sexual misconduct over the past year here
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Former rap music mogul Suge Knight sentenced to 28 years in prison for hit-and-run manslaughter charge (More)
> Pulitzer Prize-winning sports columnist Dave Anderson dies at 89 (More)
> New England Patriots QB Tom Brady becomes third-ever to throw 500 career touchdown passes (More)
Science & Technology.
> Astronomers detect first-ever "exomoon" - a moon that orbits an Earth-like planet outside our solar system (More)
> Google-owned startup, Jigsaw, rolls out app that allows users to access government-censored websites (More)
> Virgin Atlantic completes first commercial flight using partly recycled fuel; flight used a blend of normal fuel and ethanol derived from industrial emissions (More)
Business & Markets.
> US stock markets tumbled ~1% yesterday as bond yield increases drag stocks (More)
> Costco beats sales expectations, but gross margins fall on higher costs - stock down 3% in after hours trading (More)
> Tesla CEO Elon Musk mocks SEC days after settlement removing him as chairman (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> US indicts 7 Russian intelligence officers for cyberattacks; charges include an attack against Westinghouse, which supplies nuclear power to Ukraine (More)
> Procedural vote to begin confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee set for 10:30am ET; final vote likely on Saturday (More) | Swing vote Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) express satisfaction from FBI supplemental probe (More)
> 6.5 million pounds of ground beef recalled after 57 people across 16 states become ill (More)
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Weekend Reads.
Secrets of the Brain. 
Popular Mechanics | Jacqueline Detwiler. How indefatigable researchers, heroic engineers, and champions of neuroscience are finally turning the corner in the effort to understand, heal, and improve the human brain. (Read)
The Elevator-Phobes of a Vertical City.
Topic | Amos Barshad. There are over 60,000 elevators in New York City - more than Miami, Chicago, LA, and DC combined. That means for New Yorkers with a phobia of elevators the struggle is very, very real. (Read)
A Mushroom Extract Might Save Bees.
Wired | Robbie Gonzalez. Bees continue to perish in pandemic proportions due to colony collapse disorder, but a recent discovery found that two types of mushrooms with powerful antiviral properties could be their saving grace. (Read)
The Only Hollywood Abuser I Want to Hear From is a Horse.
New York Times | Amanda Hess. One year ago, shock waves rippled through Hollywood as Harvey Weinstein was revealed to be a serial sexual abuser. Now TV writers are incorporating the #MeToo movement into their plots - and no one is doing it better (or funnier) than Netflix's satirical Bojack Horseman. (Read)
Which companies have the happiest employees.
...And one in five Americans say they have their dream job
A famous letter from Einstein about God is set to go to auction for over $1M
...Meanwhile a bottle of the "Holy Grail" of whiskey just sold for a world record $1.1M at auction
The number of witches in the US is booming.
Memphis beautician plans to retire this year...on her 100th birthday
Couple gets married years after meeting at a Children's hospital
This start up created the first farm run entirely by robots
Clickbait: Minnesota citizens call police on rowdy drunk birds
Historybook: Harry Truman makes first US presidential television address (1947); HBD astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (1958); PBS launches (1970); HBD Kate Winslet (1975); RIP Steve Jobs (2011).
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