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Need To Know.
Kavanaugh Vote Moves Forward.
The Senate began the process that would allow the first vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to be held as early as Friday, with a final vote potentially coming Saturday. The news came as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced that the FBI's week-long probe into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh would be made available to senators for review beginning this morning at 8am. The probe is the result of a request by Sens. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) - Flake, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, had required the report in exchange for voting to advance Kavanaugh to the full Senate. While many believe Kavanaugh will be confirmed, prognosticators are watching those three senators as well as Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) - two swing state Democrats in the middle of tough reelection races
MLB Playoffs Begin.
The Major League Baseball postseason begins tonight, riding a wave of excitement after two divisional tiebreaker games and two wild card games in the span of three days. In Tuesday's wild-card game - which are single elimination play-in games - the Colorado Rockies beat the Chicago Cubs 2-1 in a thrilling 13-inning game, while last night the New York Yankees beat the Oakland Athletics 7-2 to take the American League wild-card. As a result, the Rockies will travel to the Milwaukee Brewers today (5pm ET, FS1) to begin a 5-game series, followed by the Atlanta Braves at the LA Dodgers (830pm ET, MLBN). Tomorrow the defending champs Houston Astros host the Cleveland Indians (2pm ET, TBS), and the Yankees start their series with the Boston Red Sox (730pm ET, TBS). Of the eight-team field, the favorites to win the World Series are the league-leading 108-win Boston Red Sex at 3/1 odds, followed by the Astros (13/4) and Dodgers (6/1). The past two postseasons have had dramatic narratives - the long-suffering Cubs won in 2016, and the Astros, a team galvanized by the effects of Hurricane Harvey, won in 2017. 
Fan Bingbing.
The Chinese government announced that it would fine one of the country's most famous actresses $70M for tax evasion, according to reports yesterday. Fan Bingbing had starred in a number of blockbuster movies, including the Iron Man and X-Men franchises - but had mysteriously dropped out of the public eye for the past three months. The move comes amid a broader effort by the Chinese government to crack down on corruption and fraud, and three months after it announced it would cap salaries for film stars. Fan, who is China's highest-paid actress, released a contrite statement yesterday, saying she "felt ashamed" of her actions. 

The actress had previously received a 0% rating for "social responsibility" by Chinese authorities.  
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Geoff Emerick, Grammy Award-winning sound engineer for The Beatles, dies at 72 (More)
> WNBA President Lisa Borders steps down to take first-ever CEO role at Time's Up, an organization formed around movement against workplace sexual harassment (More)
> Netflix to adapt The Chronicles of Narnia novels into films (More) | Filmmaker Jon Favreau releases details on new live-action Stars Wars TV series (More)
Science & Technology.
> Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to three scientists for advances in speeding up and controlling the evolution of bacteria that produce useful byproducts (More)
> Broadband industry trade group sues California to block state-level Net Neutrality law (More) | Net Neutrality 101 (More)
> Study shows mouse stem cells can self-organize into a pseudo-embryo with similar features to in utero embryos (More)
Business & Markets.
> Jeff Bezos ($160B), Bill Gates ($97B), Warren Buffett ($88B) top Forbes 400 annual list of wealthiest Americans (More)
> Honda invests $2.75B in General Motors' self-driving car unit, Cruise (More)
> Iconic luxury carmaker Aston Martin IPOs in London at $5.6B valuation, slides 6% in first day of trading (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Navy veteran from Utah arrested in connection with suspicious packages sent to White House, Pentagon (More)
> US makes symbolic withdraw from 1955 treaty with Iran after UN ruling that the US lift sanctions (More)
> US leads nine countries plus the European Union in banning commercial fishing in the Arctic for the next 16 years (More)
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In Depth.
Raised by YouTube.
The Atlantic | Alexis C. Madrigal. Since last year, ratings for children's television have dropped 20%, and the reason is simple - kids are being entertained online. Companies like ChuChu TV are making educational videos for kids to watch on YouTube at the expense of more traditional competitors like Disney and Nickelodeon, but a lot of the content is weirder than adults could have ever imagined. (Read)
Is Social Media Addiction in the NBA Out of Control?
Bleacher Report | Tom Haberstroh. More than 30 NBA players now have at least two million followers on social media - and while it's extremely lucrative for the NBA, it may not be healthy for the players. See why more and more players are choosing to abstain from social media use, and why others can't give it up. (Read)
In honor of National Taco Day, here is the history of the humble taco. 
...And new stats say over one-third of US adults eat fast food at least once a day
Vanity Fair's New Establishment list compiles the movers and shakers of 2018
Here are the 10 best up-and-coming cities to start a new company
When bonuses get cut, men slack off while women continue to work hard.
Watch scientists accidentally blow up their lab with a way-too-strong magnet
Bangkok beats out London and Paris for most-visited city in the world.
Study says kids who attend daycare behave better than those who stay at home
Clickbait: Jazz hands replace clapping at Manchester University to avoid triggering anxiety in students
Historybook: RIP Rembrandt (1669); Orient Express makes first run from Paris to Romania (1883); HBD Charlton Heston (1923); Sputnik 1 is first satellite to orbit Earth (1957); RIP Janis Joplin (1970).
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