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Need To Know
Vaping Analysis Reveals Chemical Burns
Samples from patients who fell sick or died after using electronic cigarettes revealed scar tissue from inside the lungs resembling chemical burns, health officials said yesterday. The study was the most detailed examination to date of a mysterious epidemic linked to vaping, responsible for over 800 reported illnesses and 16 deaths across 46 states. Researchers said the burns were similar to those observed in cases of chemical spills or the inhalation of toxic gases, but were not able to determine which specific chemicals caused the damage. Previous studies focused on lung inflammation caused by vaporized oils - often used in off-market cartridges containing THC - though researchers found no signs of oil accumulation in the samples. As officials struggle to identify a cause, states have taken to banning flavored cartridges, which are favored by underage users. More than 25% of high school seniors say they've vaped in the past month, largely using flavored products. 
Sanders's Surgery
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) underwent emergency surgery to clear a blocked artery late Tuesday, aides announced yesterday. The procedure, which caused Sanders to cancel all upcoming campaign events, required the insertion of two heart stents (see how they work). According to reports, the 78-year-old sought a medical evaluation after experiencing chest pains following a campaign event in Las Vegas. Sanders is currently polling in third place (around 17%) behind Joe Biden (26%) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (24%), but has put a wide margin between the rest of the pack (see poll averages). While Sanders is the Democratic field's oldest candidate, he still dominates fundraising, having just reported a $25M third-quarter haul supplied by over 1.4 million donors. 

He was said to be recovering and in good spirits following the procedure. 
Plácido Domingo Steps Down
Renowned opera star and director of the Los Angeles Opera Plácido Domingo stepped down from his position yesterday amid ongoing allegations of sexual harassment. The 78-year-old Grammy-winning singer, who helped found the LA opera house, came under heavy criticism after 11 women came forward this summer accusing Domingo of improper sexual advances, including verbal abuse and groping. Despite the #MeToo movement putting sexual misconduct under the spotlight in industries like cinema and politics, critics have argued the music world remained relatively unaffected - the mounting allegations eventually moved prominent arts organizations to cancel his performances. Domingo denies the charges, saying he will work to clear his name, and still has a number of European appearances on his schedule. 
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment & Culture
> Tampa Bay Rays top Oakland A's 5-1 to win American League Wild Card; will face Houston Astros in AL Division Series (More)
> Vice Media acquires Refinery29 in aim to grow and diversify its digital market; Refinery29 will continue to operate as an independent brand and cater to young female audiences (More)
> USA Swimming under investigation by federal government over allegedly discrediting sexual abuse claims by athletes (More)
Science & Technology
> Microsoft holds 2019 product event, unveils dual-screen foldable smartphone; see list of top new products (More)
> Scientists confirm interstellar object Comet 21/Borislav is emitting gases as it travels; represents the first-ever observation of gases from an object originating outside the Solar System (More)
> Some types of fungal species in the pancreas, part of the human "mycobiome", found to accelerate pancreatic cancer (More)
Business & Markets
> US stock markets continue second day of plunge (S&P 500 -1.8%, Dow -1.9%, Nasdaq -1.6%) after Tuesday’s report US manufacturing index dropped for second straight month to lowest level since 2009 (More) | Tesla shares fall ~4% in after-hours after delivering record 97k cars which still fell short of expectations (More)
> Apple files friend-of-the-court brief urging US Supreme Court to preserve DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (More)
> Owner of fantasy sports betting giant FanDuel to buy PokerStars for $6B to create online gambling behemoth (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years in murder of neighbor Botham Jean, becoming the first Dallas police officer sentenced for murder since 1973; Jean's brother offers emotional hug after trial (More)
> State Department inspector general meets with Senate, House staff on documents sent from unknown White House source regarding administration efforts in Ukraine (More) | Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirms he was on July 25th call (More)
> UK Prime Minister offers Brexit compromise to EU, includes complicated plan for border between Northern Ireland and Ireland that would require new vote every four years (More)
In Depth
Star Wars
Medium | Sophie Kleeman. Bouyed by Instagram and Facebook, astrology (along with other future-predicted psuedosciences) is experiencing a resurgence within mainstream pop culture. Once confined to back-room fortune tellers, apps like Co-Star and Pattern have been downloaded millions of times, mostly by young people. (Read)
Girls vs. Boys vs. Technology
Wall Street Journal | Julie Jargon. It's well known that boys tend to gravitate more towards video games, while girls spend more time on social media. Emerging research - including advanced brain imaging - now suggests the differences may be linked to how the brain's reward processing center differs in girls and boys. (Read, $$)
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UPS' drone delivery is set to go nationwide
Reporters scramble after mouse falls from White House ceiling
DC's storied Newseum to close its doors at the end of 2019
Bronx woman hops into zoo's lion den for social media fame. (Editor's note: As some astute 1440 readers pointed out, there is a small moat that is difficult to see...)
Clickbait: Canadian spy agency wins transparency award, refuses to confirm details
Historybook: HBD American singer/songwriter Chubby Checker (1941); HBD Gwen Stefani (1969); East and West Germany are unified (1990); OJ Simpson acquitted of murdering ex-wife and her friend (1995); RIP Psycho actress Janet Leigh (2004).
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