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Need To Know
Dallas Conviction
Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was convicted of murder yesterday in the 2018 shooting of neighbor Botham Jean, capping one of the region's most high-profile cases in recent memory. The case became the latest flashpoint on race and excessive police force in the US - Guyger is white, Jean was black - while also grabbing the national spotlight due to its unusual circumstances. Guyger was off-duty but in uniform when she claimed to have mistakenly entered Jean's apartment, located directly above her own, fatally shooting Jean whom she believed was an intruder. Her defense argued that exhaustion from a 13-and-a-half hour shift led to the deadly mistake, attempting to invoke the state's so-called "castle doctrine". The jury was tasked with deciding between charges of manslaughter or murder, with the sentencing phase continuing today.  

Watch as the verdict was read here.  
Iceberg Adrift
Researchers confirmed yesterday that a massive iceberg broke free from Antarctica into the Southern Ocean, the biggest calving event from an area known as the Amery Ice Shelf in over five decades. Much of the continent's coastline is covered by suspended layers of ice that overhang into the ocean (see diagram), where various stresses make them susceptible to breaking off over time. Scientists said they will track the block - roughly 630 square miles in size, or double New York City - over concerns it will drift into major shipping lanes. Named D28, scientists had been monitoring it and a neighboring chunk called the "Loose Tooth" since the early 2000's, predicting a break sometime between 2010-2015. Despite warming temperatures being linked to a range of changes at the North and South Poles, including shrinking ice mass, scientists say the break is part of the shelf's natural cycle of breaking and regrowth that occurs every 60-70 years. 

Check out before and after photos here (via Twitter). 
Democratic Debates, Round 4. 
The next Democratic presidential primary debate will be more crowded than the previous three after 12 candidates qualified for the October 15th appearance. The ten candidates who appeared in the third round automatically qualified for the fourth, and will be joined by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2) and billionaire activist Tom Steyer (see list here). The Democratic National Committee announced all 12 candidates will be squeezed into a single night, unlike the first two rounds which were split across two nights to avoid having over ten candidates on a single stage. The roster came as third-quarter fundraising numbers began trickling in, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) leading the pack with a sizable $25.3M. Meanwhile, President Trump and the Republican Party reported raising a whopping $300M in 2019 alone, almost double what former President Obama had raised in 2011 en route to his reelection campaign. 
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment & Culture
> Washington Nationals top Milwaukee Brewers 4-3 in late-game rally to win National League Wild Card game, will take on LA Dodgers in NL Division Series (More) | See preview of tonight's American League Wild Card matchup between A's and Rays (More)
> Federal judge rules that Harvard University's "race-conscious" admissions process is allowable despite impact on Asian American applicants (More)
> NHL 2019-2020 season begins today; here's a preview of all 31 teams competing for the Stanley Cup (More) | The National Women's Hockey League begins its 5th season on Friday; here's what you need to know about the league (More)
Science & Technology
> Appeals court upholds FCC repeal of net neutrality, but says federal government can't prohibit states from instituting their own rules (More) | Net Neutrality 101 (More)
> Scientists detail structure of protein that plays key role in human vision; receptor protein can amplify the signal from a single photon by 100,000x (More)
> Leaked audio reveals Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg railing against critics, government regulators, and competitors during extended Q&A sessions with employees (Listen)
Business & Markets
> US stock markets down (S&P 500 -1.2%, Dow -1.3%, Nasdaq -1.1%) as US manufacturing index drops for second straight month to lowest level since 2009 (More)
> Johnson & Johnson to settle with 2 Ohio counties for $20.4M for role in US opioid epidemic (More)
> United Auto Workers union rejects offer from General Motors (More) | ...$250/week strike pay kicks in as strike enters 3rd week (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> US and North Korea to resume denuclearization talks for first time since February summit led to stalemate (More)
> Protester shot by Hong Kong police during demonstrations on China's 70th anniversary; first protester reported to be hit by live fire during 17 weeks of unrest (More)
> Peru plunges into political crisis after President Martín Vizcarra dissolves parliament, while legislators attempt to suspend Vizcarra for a year and elevate Vice President Mercedes Araoz (More)
Media companies dominate America's most polarizing brands
Street artist Banksy opens a dystopian hardware store
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Camera captures the dramatic collapse of a bridge in Taiwan.
You can now tour the Palace of Versailles from the comfort of your home
The US now has its first cannabis cafe
Kids' allowances are rising faster than actual wages
Check out these contenders for Sony's 2020 World Photography Awards.
This is how you stop an out-of-control airplane cart
Clickbait: Pranksters distract drivers, run adult film on a Detroit billboard.
Historybook: Mahatma Gandhi born (1869); HBD fashion designer Donna Karan (1948); Thurgood Marshall sworn in as first African-American Supreme Court justice (1967); Rock Hudson is first major US celebrity to die from AIDS (1985); RIP Tom Petty (2017).
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