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Need To Know
A Nobel Week
Capping a week of selections, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed earlier this morning, the country's recipient of the prize. Ahmed was honored for his work in ending a two-decade war between neighboring Eritrea and pushing democratic reforms in Ethiopia. Yesterday Austrian author and playwright Peter Handke, who once delivered a eulogy at the funeral of controversial Serbian leader Slobodan Milošević, won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The 2018 prize was belatedly awarded to Polish author and activist Olga Tokarczuk - no literature award was given out last year due to scandals involving gambling and sexual assault allegations. Earlier in the week, the Academy recognized efforts to understand how cells process and respond to oxygen (Nobel Prize in Medicine), the discovery of exoplanets and the study of the cosmic microwave background (Physics), and the development of lithium-ion batteries (Chemistry). See a roundup here

The Nobel Prize in Economics will be announced Monday. 
Giuliani Associates Arrested
Two foreign nationals with ties to President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani were arrested late Wednesday for alleged interference in US politics on behalf of foreign officials. Federal prosecutors say the pair, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, used a shell company to funnel money from Ukrainian and Russian sources to support US political efforts and influence US-Ukraine relations, a violation of federal campaign finance laws. The spending included lobbying to remove the US ambassador to Ukraine and a donation of at least $325K to pro-Trump super PAC America First Action. Separate from the charges, Parnas and Fruman were also said to have connected Giuliani with various Ukrainian officials in pursuit of corruption rumors around former Vice President Joe Biden. The two were taken into custody while waiting on an international flight to Germany, one day before they were scheduled to testify to House lawmakers.
Iran Tanker Attack
An Iranian oil tanker was hit by two missiles while traveling through the Red Sea near the coast of Saudi Arabia, officials said yesterday. The incident is the latest in a series of back-and-forth attacks between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and their proxy groups in the region that began earlier this summer. Tensions escalated beginning in June when Iran shot down a US military drone which may have entered its airspace, followed by Iran-led drone attacks on ships traveling through the Strait of Hormuz, and the holding of Iranian and British oil tankers. Most recently, one of Saudi Arabia's major oil processing facilities was hit by a string of missiles, alleged to be coordinated by Iran, causing the country's oil production to temporarily drop by 50%. Oil prices were down 2% on the latest news.

Editor's note: It's a long weekend in the US - see you Tuesday!
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment & Culture
> Washington Mystics win first WNBA championship in their franchise history after defeating Connecticut Sun 89-78 in Game 5 of WNBA Finals; Emma Meeseman named Finals MVP (More)
> Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr trial begins on two misdemeanor sexual abuse charges; Gooding pleaded not guilty to the charges (More)
> Houston Astros advance to third straight AL Championship Series after winning decisive Game 5 over Tampa Bay Rays; will face-off against NY Yankees beginning tomorrow (More)
Science & Technology
> Doctors report a customized genetic treatment halted progress of 6-year-old's incurable neurodegenerative Batten disease; hailed as a striking example of personalized medicine (More)
> Apple pulls crowdsourcing app used by Hong Kong protesters to organize from App Store after pressure from Chinese government (More)
> Prototype cooling technology shows twisting of advanced rubber bands can have a cooling effect comparable to standard refrigerants (More)
Business & Markets
Brought to you by 
> Top negotiations from US and China finish first day of trade talks in 2+ months; President Trump to meet with China’s top trade negotiator today (More)
> Household appliance giant Dyson abandons plan to build electric cars after determining $3B project isn’t commercially viable (More)
> CEO of German software leader SAP to step down, will be replaced by co-CEOs (More)

What do Banksy's and Warhol's art have in common? Masterworks recently closed offerings with both of them, for over $1M each. Get in on the art investment world now and bypass Masterwork's 5,000+ waitlist today (More) #Ad
Politics & World Affairs
> Rare October snowstorm may drop 6-12 inches of snow in north central US over the weekend (More) | Nor'easter spins into Northeast, expected to cause flooding (More)
> Election 2020: Rep. Nita Lowey (D, NY-17), chair of powerful House Appropriations Committee, to step down after current term ends (More)
> At least six civilians killed, 70 injured, more than 200 fighters killed as Turkey presses into Syria in effort to remove former US-allied Kurds from the region (More) | Sens. Graham (R-SC), Cheney (R-WY), Van Hollen (D-MD) push bills sanctioning Turkey (More
Weekend Reads
The Missing Middle on Campus
Hechinger Report | Jon Marcus. A look at how the spiraling cost of education has hit middle-class students particularly hard, and universities' attempts to reverse the dwindling numbers. (Read)
Can a Machine Write for the New Yorker?
New Yorker | John Seabrook. Predictive text used to be simply a convenient tool, something to save time when composing a text or email. With advances in AI, what happens when the algorithm becomes more thoughtful than the writer? (Read)
The Missing Cryptoqueen
BBC Sounds | Jamie Bartlett. We're hooked on this podcast exploring how one scammer made off with close to $4B in the early days of the crypto craze. (Read)
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The 11 best national parks to visit this fall
Penguin who trekked 1,500 miles released back into the ocean
Sesame Street tackles the opioid epidemic
Why you keep getting blown over walking through street canyons
Mayor gets dragged through town after failing to live up to campaign promise
Deep-learning AIs are actually pretty easy to fool (for now). 
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When squirrels use your car to prep for hibernation
Cruise ship passengers revolt after "holiday from hell"
Clickbait: City (literally) flags unattended dog droppings
Historybook: Earthquake in Aleppo, Syria kills 230,000 (1138); Eleanor Roosevelt born (1884); Saturday Night Live premieres (1975); Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes first American woman to perform spacewalk (1984); HBD rapper Cardi B (1992).
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