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Need To Know
Turkey Launches Kuridsh Offensive
At least 7 people were killed as Turkey began sweeping Kurdish fighters from northeastern Syria yesterday, just two days after the US said it would pull its forces from the region. Officials from the Kurdish militia vowed to fight back, though warned the situation was at risk of spiraling into a humanitarian crisis. The decision to remove remaining US forces - effectively paving the way for the Turkish invasion - drew widespread criticism at home, as the Kurdish-led Syrian Defense Forces had been a key US ally in countering ISIS in the region. Turkey, a NATO ally, considers the Kurdish fighters terrorists and is intent on preventing the region's fourth-largest ethnic group from gaining a larger foothold along its southern border. President Trump defended the move, noting it furthered a campaign pledge to end US involvement in "endless" wars in the Middle East. 

Not entirely sure who the Kurdish people are? Brush up here.
Synagogue Attack
A heavily-armed gunman killed two people after attempting to storm a synagogue in the German city of Halle yesterday, an attack coinciding with the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. The 27-year-old assailant attempted to force his way into a locked synagogue where 80 people were attending a service, ultimately shooting a passerby and a man in a nearby food shop before being arrested. According to reports, the suspect live-streamed at least 35 minutes of the attack to the online media platform Twitch, mimicking a March attack on two mosques in New Zealand that left 51 dead and 49 injured. It was the third high-profile attack on a Jewish place of worship in about a year, following an April attack in Poway, CA, and a 2018 attack in Pittsburgh, PA. Officials have yet to release details on the shooter but say it was motivated by anti-Semitic beliefs. 

Live-streaming has become a favorite tool for mass shooters to spread their attacks as rapidly as possible, with companies struggling to catch up. 
Lights Out in California
Utility company Pacific Gas and Electric shut off power to nearly one million customers across northern California yesterday in a measure meant to prevent deadly wildfires. The decision, the largest planned blackout of its kind in US history, could last through the week as the company waits out a forecast of low humidity and high winds. 2018 was the deadliest wildfire season in the state's history, causing 103 deaths and nearly $12B in damage - a number of the most destructive blazes were attributed to faulty power transmission equipment owned by PG&E. The company, already found liable for the Camp fire that killed 85 and ravaged the town of Paradise, decided turning off equipment was the surest way to avoid new fires. Meanwhile, SoCal Edison said it is considering shutting off power to 100,000 customers across eight counties in southern California with strong Santa Ana winds expected to roll in Thursday. 
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment & Culture
> Former Today show host Matt Lauer accused of raping NBC colleague during 2014 Sochi Olympics; Lauer denies allegations (More)
> WNBA to crown champion tonight (8 ET, ESPN2) as Connecticut Sun and Washington Mystics face off in Game 5 of Finals (More) | ...and catch up on latest NBA-China saga (More)
> St. Louis Cardinals cruise to 13-1 victory over Atlanta to advance to NL Championship Series (More) | Washington Nationals shock top-seeded Los Angeles Dodgers 7-3 with 10th inning grand slam, will face St. Louis (More)
Science & Technology
> Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to three scientists who laid foundation for lithium-ion batteries, critical to the spread of affordable, portable electronic devices (More)
> Study finds prehistoric humans stored and delayed consumption of animal bone marrow, similar to "canned soup" (More)
> US STD rates increased for 5th consecutive year in 2018, with number of reported cases hitting all-time high at close to 2.5 million (More)
Business & Markets
> Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before House Financial Services Committee in late October to discuss planned Libra digital currency (More) | Libra 101 (More)
> Shares of home retail giant Bed Bath & Beyond surge ~20% after announcing new CEO hired from Target’s C-suite (More)
> Singapore tops the US as world’s most competitive economy in World Economic Forum's annual competitiveness report (More)

With average annual returns of 10.6%, art is one asset class that’s been on everyone’s radar. Masterworks, an exclusive members-only platform, provides direct exposure to the white-hot art market (More) #Ad
Politics & World Affairs
> Defense Intelligence Agency employee arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to two reporters; 30-year-old Henry Kyle Freese said to be in a relationship with one of the journalists (More)
> Florida law passed in the wake of 2018 Parkland school shooting allowing teachers to carry guns in classrooms kicks in today (More)
> Super Typhoon Hagibis set to pound Japan this weekend; storm is equivalent of Category 5 hurricane (More)
In Depth
The Cheating Scandal Rocking the Poker World
The Ringer | David Hill. Mike Postle was known as a loose and unpredictable no-limit hold 'em poker player, one whose gut was often correct. Too often, according to many poker experts who say the numbers virtually guarantee Postle is cheating, but haven't yet been able to prove it. (Read)
Iceland's Notorious Case of Memory Implantation
BJP | Marigold Warner. After a pair of disappearances in 1974, Reykjavik officials faced such intense pressure to make a conviction they resorted to solitary confinement and torture to wrench confessions from six suspects. 55 years later, the country's highest court exonerated five of the six, citing a phenomenon known as memory distrust syndrome. (Read)
Observing Yom Kippur in Jerusalem (in photos). 

US adults' knowledge on tech issues is... underwhelming

The 50 investors making the biggest impact on society

Great white shark leaves giant teeth behind after kayak attack

Uggh Millennials: Investors want to keep tabs on you

Want to live longer? Get yourself a dog

Frequent travelers rank the world's best hotels for 2019

Hundreds lose drivers licenses after Oktoberfest e-scooter mayhem
Clickbait: It's not possible to do a worse job of parallel parking (w/ video).
Historybook: United States Naval Academy opens (1845); American actress Helen Hayes born (1900); RIP Orson Welles (1985); Hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship ends (1985); RIP Superman actor Christopher Reeve (2004).
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