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Need To Know.
Hurricane Michael.
Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida panhandle, bringing nearly 155 mph winds that flattened trees, collapsed houses, and left almost 300,000 without power. It was the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Florida panhandle (see trajectory here), and the strongest October storm to make US landfall as measured by wind speed. Unlike many hurricanes that approach slowly across the Atlantic, Michael rapidly intensified as it moved up the Gulf of Mexico - warm water and humid conditions transformed the storm from a Category 1 to a Category 4 system in the span of a single day. Michael has now been downgraded to a tropical storm and is projected to drop about 6 to 10 inches of rainfall across parts of the Southeast as it moves across back towards the Atlantic Ocean. 

See photos of the destruction along the panhandle here
Stocks See Worst Drop in Two Years.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 800 points yesterday, its largest single-day drop since August 2016. Analysts say concerns over budding inflation, tariffs, and rising interest rates partly drove the 3% decline, with investors moving money into safer assets like bonds (read how bonds influence the stock market here). Tech stocks, which have been viewed as riskier following explosive growth over the past 18 months, were particularly hit hard. The S&P 500 was down almost 3.3%, and all of the 65 companies in its Information Technology Index dropped yesterday with the index itself dropping 4.8% - the most since 2011. The so-called FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) were all down t least 4%, with Netflix down 8.4%. 
Pentagon Fails Hacking Test.
A startling number of US military weapons systems could be taken over (paywall) by hackers, according to a new government report. The test, run by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), allowed authorized hackers to attempt to take control over military systems ranging from new generations of aircraft to delivery systems for nuclear weapons (see unclassified report here). In some cases the hackers were able to break into operator's control terminals to view real-time operations, undetected by the users; in other cases the team found that military officials had failed to change default passwords on newly acquired systems. The report comes at a time when the US has been increasingly targeted by foreign adversaries and is likely to stoke concerns on Capitol Hill over the military's cyberdefenses.  
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> 25 National Book Award finalists announced with bestsellers Florida, Heartland among finalists; see full list (More)
> Fred 'Tex' Winter, Hall of Fame basketball coach and triangle offense innovator, dies at 96 (More)
> Snapchat launches Snap Originals, debuts first two scripted shows; read more about its series of shows and format (More)
Science & Technology.
Brought to you by  
> Microsoft announces it will join the Open Innovation Network, making over 60,000 patents available to the Linux community (More)
> Scientists pinpoint elusive molecule that causes the body's immune cells to target the nervous system, leading to multiple sclerosis (More)
> Dutch court rules the Netherlands must accelerate the cutting of its carbon output; the country is just over halfway to its 2020 goal of a 23% drop in emissions from 1990 levels (More)

> Getting I.T. done with Jamf Now (More)
Business & Markets.
> Pharmacy giant CVS wins antitrust approval from Justice Department for $69B acquisition of health insurer Aetna (More)
> Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Apple, Disney top Forbes 2018 list of world's best employers (More)
> Aerospace parts manufacturer TransDigm to buy rival Esterline Technologies for $4B (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> FBI arrests Chinese national accused of recruiting employees from US aviation and aerospace firms to conduct industrial espionage (More)
> Man with 200 pounds of explosive arrested in New York; officials say he planned to detonate bomb on Washington DC's National Mall on Election Day (More)
> Kanye West to join President Trump today for signing of Music Modernization bill, will discuss prison reform over lunch (More)
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In Depth.
Programming Soldiers' Brains.
The Atlantic | Michael Joseph Gross. To the chagrin of military leaders throughout history, soldiers have been limited by the human body. Now, in what feels almost like science fiction, the Pentagon is pushing technology that allows the possibility of super-soldiers that remotely control robots with their brains. What could go wrong? (Read)
Chug, Run, Chug.
The Ringer | Molly McHugh. Even for well-conditioned runners, the beer mile is no easy feat. The outlandish challenge in which courageous participants have to chug four beers during their four laps was once a joke - but now it has grown into a hardcore competition. (Read)
Ever wonder what causes leaves to change colors in the fall?
Alaska's Katmai National Park wants you to vote on its fattest bear
The American suburbs are evenly divided politically
The best resorts around the world for 2018
New York City creates a gender neutral "X" option on birth certificates.  
Man stabbed at haunted house after taking a knife offered by a random stranger
Children over the age of 12 who trick-or-treat in this Virginia town can be sent to the slammer for up to six months
Harry Potter author JK Rowling reveals the deeper meaning behind Quidditch
Clickbait: Bank staff playing hide-and-seek sparks robbery scare
Historybook: Earthquake in Aleppo, Syria kills 230,000 (1138); HBD Eleanor Roosevelt (1884); Saturday Night Live premieres (1975); Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes first American woman to perform spacewalk (1984); HBD rapper Cardi B (1992).
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